Top 10 Maize Producing States in India in 2023: A Complete List

21 Jul 2023
Top 10 Maize Producing States in India in 2023: A Complete List
Among major maize producing nations, India ranks 7th in production and 4th in area. In terms of percentage share, India's maize production represents 2% of world maize production and 4% of total maize area. The top maize producing state of India is Karnataka, followed by Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Andhra Pradesh has the highest maize productivity.

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What is Maize – An Overview

Maize, also known as corn, is one of the most important cereal crops cultivated in India. It is the 3rd most important crop grown in India after rice and wheat. It is widely used in various industries as a staple food, animal feed, and raw material.

India has a diverse agro-climatic condition that favours the cultivation of maize across different states. It is both – a Kharif crop and a Rabi crop. 83% of the total maize area in India comprises Kharif maize, whereas 17% area is under Rabi crops. Moreover, rainfed farming method is used to grow corn in more than 70% of kharif maize area.

Now let us discuss the top 10 maize-producing states in India in 2023, highlighting their contributions to the country's agricultural landscape.

Top Maize Producing States in India 2023

Karnataka is the top maize producing state in India, followed by Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. These three states together account for over 40% of India's total maize production. All the other states, apart from the ones mentioned above, combined produce around 18% of maize.


Top Maize Producing States - Karnataka

Karnataka takes the lead as the largest producer of maize in India. It is responsible for around 15% of the total maize production in India. The state's favourable climatic conditions, such as moderate rainfall and rich soil, contribute to the high maize production.

Farmers in Karnataka have adopted modern agricultural practices, including the use of high-yielding hybrid varieties, advanced irrigation techniques, and efficient crop management methods.

Madhya Pradesh

Top Maize Producing States - Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh has witnessed a remarkable increase in maize production in recent years. The contribution of MP is also around 15% of the total maize production in India.

The state's diverse agro-climatic conditions and extensive agricultural infrastructure support maize cultivation on a large scale.

Additionally, the government's initiatives to promote the use of hybrid seeds and modern farming techniques have further boosted maize production in Madhya Pradesh.


Top Maize Producing States -Maharashtra

With its vast agricultural lands and favourable climate, Maharashtra secures a prominent position in maize production. It is responsible for around 12% of the total maize produced in India.

The state's progressive agricultural policies, coupled with the adoption of innovative farming techniques, have led to significant growth in maize cultivation. Maharashtra's commitment to research and development in maize farming has also played a crucial role in its success.


Top Maize Producing States - Rajasthan

Despite its arid climate, Rajasthan has emerged as a notable maize-producing state. The production is around 9% of the total production.

The state's sandy loam soil, availability of irrigation facilities, and farmers' resilience have contributed to the success of maize cultivation in Rajasthan.

With the adoption of advanced irrigation techniques, including drip and sprinkler irrigation, farmers have been able to overcome the challenges posed by water scarcity.

Uttar Pradesh

Top Maize Producing States - Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh, India's most populous state, is also a significant maize producer. It produces 8% of the total maize in India. The state's fertile soil, well-irrigated plains, and favourable climatic conditions provide a conducive environment for maize cultivation.

Uttar Pradesh's extensive network of agricultural extension services has helped farmers adopt improved agricultural practices, resulting in increased maize yields.


Top Maize Producing States - Bihar

Bihar, known for its fertile Gangetic plains, is a significant contributor to maize production in India. It contributes around 7% of the total maize production in India. The agricultural sector of Bihar receives benefits from the state's fertile alluvial soil, suitable climate, and availability of irrigation facilities.

The adoption of hybrid maize varieties and improved agricultural practices has resulted in increased yields and enhanced maize production in Bihar.


Top Maize Producing States - Telangana

Telangana is responsible for around 6% of the total maize production. The state's fertile soil, well-distributed rainfall, and extensive irrigation facilities contribute to its maize cultivation success.

Farmers in Telangana have embraced modern farming practices, resulting in increased productivity and overall maize production.


Top Maize Producing States - Gujarat

Gujarat also secures a position in the top 10 maize-producing states in India, as its contribution is around 5%. The state's coastal location, fertile soil, and well-distributed rainfall facilitate maize cultivation.

Gujarat's focus on modern farming techniques, improved seed varieties, and efficient water management practices have contributed to the growth of maize production in the state.

Tamil Nadu

Top Maize Producing States - Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu's diverse agro-climatic zones make it suitable for maize cultivation, and it produces around 3% of maize in India. The state's favourable rainfall patterns, availability of irrigation facilities, and proactive government policies have helped in increasing maize production.

Farmers in Tamil Nadu have also embraced sustainable agricultural practices, including organic farming, to ensure high-quality maize yields.

Jammu & Kashmir

Top Maize Producing States - J&K

J&K also finds a place in the top maize producing states with a contribution of 3%. The state's abundant availability of water resources and suitable agro-climatic conditions make it an ideal region for maize cultivation. The adoption of advanced farming techniques has significantly boosted maize production in Jammu & Kashmir.


Maize cultivation in India plays a vital role in meeting the country's food and feed requirements. Modern farming techniques, improved infrastructure, and supportive policies on agriculture equipment like tractors have helped the top 10 maize producing states become dominant in maize production. It is essential to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of farmers and policymakers in promoting maize cultivation, as it remains a crucial component of India's agricultural landscape in 2023 and beyond. 

To learn more about the top states producing various crops in India, stay tuned with Tractorkarvan.

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