India's Top 10 Almond Varieties

Updated On 06 Mar 2024

They are not native to India but are very popular in India due to their large size, silky texture and sweet taste.

Cultivated in the arid regions of Jammu & Kashmir, Gurbandi almonds are known for their smaller size and great taste.

Native to the hilly terrains of Himachal Pradesh, Pranyaj Almomnds are celebrated for their distinct taste and nutritional benefits.

Translated as "Sweet Almonds," these almonds are characterized by their sweetness and pleasant aroma.

They are known for their long size and thin shell and are cultivated in parts of India.

Hailing from the valleys of Kashmir, Shalimar Almonds are known for their unique oval shape and light brown smooth skin.

These almonds are rich in essential vitamins and minerals and have the most oil content, making them a powerhouse of nutrition.

These almonds are a regional speciality and known for their distinct taste and appearance.

They are appreciated for their size and plumpness. These almonds are commonly found in markets across India.

They are cultivated in various regions of India and are known for their delicate flavour and compact size.

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