Top 10 Tractors with high resale value in India

Updated On 08 Feb 2024

Swaraj 744 FE

It comes with 45 - 50 HP engine and a transmission system comprising of Single, Dual and Double clutch options.

Mahindra 575 DI

One of the most popular tractors in India, it comes with 45 HP engine and advanced and high precision hydraulics.

Swaraj 735 FE

It has a 35-40 HP engine which is fuel-efficient and laced with features like neutral safety switch, and ADDC, among others.

New Holland 3630 TX Plus

It is a rugged tractor with 55 HP engine and comes with features like tow hook bracket, fibre fuel tank, and Skywatch.

Farmtrac 45 Classic Valuemaxx

It has a robust 45-48 HP liquid-cooling engine and offers a host of valuable features like Constant Mesh Gearbox and Adjustable Front Axle

John Deere 5310 Trem III

With its powerful 55 HP turbocharged engine, advanced features, and durable build, this tractor has a high resale value.

Massey Ferguson 241 DI

It is 42 HP tractor with dual clutch and sliding mesh or partial constant mesh gearbox.

Eicher 380

It is a compact powerful tractor that is equipped with 40 HP liquid cooled engine and partial constant mesh gearbox.

Massey Ferguson 1035 DI

It is a compact tractor with 36 HP, 2400 cc engine. It is easy to manoeuvre on small farms and has a lifting capacity of 1100 kg.

Sonalika DI 35

It comes with 39 HP HDM engine and high backup torque. Its maximum lifting capacity is 2000 kg.