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Getting a Tractor Loan has never been easier! At TractorKarvan, we strive to simplify your farm tractor financing needs with best rate of interest, quick approvals, and minimum documentation. In combination with your purchase of implements, our loan for a new tractor entitles you to loan-to-value financing of up to 90%.

Our tractor loan covers all significant OEMs, ensuring you have the best possible tractor for your farmland. In case you are looking for a second-hand tractor, look no more, we have our used tractor loan for the same. It is a flexible and an inexpensive method to finance your tractor purchase with reasonable rates of interest. With our tractor loan you can enjoy funding of not only the tractor but also its insurance. This way you can be assured of the life of your tractor without any worries. Our fluid eligibility criteria and flexible repayment options marked to crop cycle ensures that we deliver the best tractor financing services for you. Not only this, you can also easily repay your EMI by availing options like ECS, post-dated cheques or online payment, as per your convenience. So, what are you waiting for? Apply for our tractor loan online or at your nearest dealer location and get ready to harvest prosperity.

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Features And Benefits of Loan

loan approved Up to 90% funding on the selected brands
interest rates Attractive rate of interest
flexible emi tenure Flexible repayment options marked to crop cycle

Reasons To Choose Our Loan

loan-payment img
Flexible loan repayments
tractor-loan img
Loan for wide range of tractors
documentation img
Minimum documentation
disbrusal img
Quick disbursal
hassle-free-verification img
Hassle free online verification
existing-customer img
Pre-approval for existing customers

Loan Eligibility Details

Farmers with Agri land in their own name (MAX LTV 80%)
Non Farmers with Agri and commercial usage (MAX LTV 80%)
Farmers / Non Farmers with high equity - express loans (MAX LTV 60%)

Documents Required For Tractor Loan

red arrow icon Duly filled application form with borrower's, co borrower's and guarantor's photographs
tick-icon img ID proof, address proof and signature verification of the borrower as well as guarantor
tick-icon img Land documents as applicable and records of past loans availed if any

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About Tractorkarvan Loan

Tractor has become the most important investment which a farmer does in India today. It helps increase farm productivity along with saving time and labour. But given the income condition of Indian farmers, often many are not able to afford to buy tractors. Therefore, when it comes to purchasing a tractor, many farmers prefer a tractor loan to finance their investment.

A tractor loan facility at Tractorkarvan provides the necessary funds to acquire a new tractor on loan and also an old tractor loan. The tractor loan offered comes with flexible repayment options marked to crop cycles.

Tractorkarvan Loan is a special facility designed to make your process of applying loan online quick and simple. The aim of this facility is to enable and empower you to fulfill all your farming needs without facing the financial burden upfront.

Why choose Tractorkarvan Loan?

What sets the Tractorkarvan Loan facility apart from others is, we not only offer best tractor loan for wide range of tractors but also loan for buying wide range of implements. We also offer old tractor loan and even refinance tractor loan on the portal. However, we do not offer loan for buying old machinery or implements as of now.

The tractor loan is the best for farmers and the facility available on Tractorkarvan is laden with host of features and benefits. These include up to 90% loan-to-value financing, minimum documentation, hassle-free online verification, and competitive tractor loan interest rates along with flexible repayment options marked to crop cycles. It is tailormade to meet your diverse requirements. 

You can use a tractor loan EMI calculator and tractor loan interest rate to know the exact monthly EMI you would be paying.

Besides, you can also apply for online personal loan with attractive personal loan interest rates and fulfil all your money needs. The online personal loan facility on Tractorkarvan is essentially a Track Based Personal Loan (TBPL). Under this those persons are not eligible for personal loan who have a CIBIL score of less than 700 over the past 12 months.

By availing Tractorkarvan Loan, farmers can enhance their productivity, improve efficiency, and optimize their agricultural operations by utilizing modern and efficient tractor equipment. In all, we offer a comprehensive loan facility for differing needs of farmers at the best rate of interest.

Tractor Loan for All Your Farming Needs

Tractorkarvan is the best platform for taking a tractor loan, which is a secured loan wherein the tractor is kept as a collateral. Taking a tractor loan from Tractorkarvan brings immense benefits to farmers that includes flexible repayment options, and attractive interest rates, among others.

Furthermore, you can get the maximum loan amount of up to 90% of tractor cost but only on selected brands.

Eligibility for Taking a Tractor Loan

The eligibility norms for taking a tractor loan on the platform is not stringent and also there is no age limit for taking a tractor loan. You need to fulfil any of the two conditions and depending upon your eligibility the loan-to-value (LTV) varies. The conditions for eligibility are:

  • An average CIBIL score ranging between 500 – 900.
  • Farmers with Agri land in their own name (Max LTV 80%).
  • Non-Farmers with Agri and commercial usage (Max LTV 80%).
  • Farmers / Non-Farmers with high equity - express loans (Max LTV 60%).

How to Apply for a Tractor Loan?

You can take a tractor on loan by filling a loan application available on the platform. The application process is streamlined and user-friendly, enabling individuals to apply online with ease. The loan application is carefully evaluated by banks, and once approved, the loan amount is disbursed instantly. You can follow similar loan application procedure for taking a loan on an old tractor.

We not only simplify the financing process but also provide farmers with the necessary support to fuel their agricultural growth. With this loan facility, farmers can unlock the potential of their land and expand their farming capabilities.

Tractorkarvan Loan is a comprehensive financial facility that empowers farmers to embrace modern farming practices and maximise their yields, ultimately leading to their success and prosperity.

Frequently Asked Questions on Loan

1. How do I apply for tractor loan?

You can visit Tractorkarvan platform and fill your minimum basic details on the loan page.

Eligibility for a tractor loan includes a minimum CIBIL score and an agriculture land on the name of person seeking a loan.

You can get the hassle-free used tractor and implements loan on Tractorkarvan.

The documents required for a tractor loan includes (i) duly filled application form with borrower's, co borrower's and guarantor's photographs, (ii) ID proof, address proof and signature verification of the borrower as well as guarantor, and (iii) land documents as applicable and records of past loans availed if any.

The overall process of approving a tractor loan takes not more than 48 hours subject to fulfilment of document and verification requirements.

You can foreclose your loan as per the foreclosure terms mentioned in your loan agreement.

Yes, Tractorkarvan facilitates online personal loan.

The minimum credit score required to take a tractor loan is seen in combination with the landholding a farmer has.

You can get tractor loan, used tractor loan, implement loan and personal loan on Tractorkarvan.

The minimum and maximum amount of used tractor loan depends upon the condition of your used tractor.

The interest rate on implement loan varies from person to person depending on the credit score, amount of loan needed, and minimum landholding a farmer has.

The minimum age required for personal loan is 18 years.

The documents required for personal loan includes PAN card, Aadhar card and address proof.


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