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49 John Deere tractor models are listed on Tractorkarvan. John Deere tractor price in India ranges from INR 4 lakhs* to INR 40 lakhs* and the HP ranges from 28 to 120 HP.

The company is a Fortune 500 company founded in 1837. Operations began in India in 1998 with the production of tractors for domestic and international sales. Their tractor models come with diesel engines, making them durable, efficient and dependable. These tractors come with a level of dependability, quality, and power that their customers have grown to expect from them.

Besides, the engine is strong, large, and capable of providing excellent performance under demanding circumstances.

A Brief History

Deere & Company, based in the United States of America, has a branch called the John Deere India firm. The Company aims to create the best and most fantastic vehicle to level crop fields and other agricultural lands, greatly benefiting farmers in growing high-yield crops. Over 40 nations in Asia currently import these tractors. The business introduced modern technology in the 2000s, including power steering, oil-immersed brakes, dry air cleaners, collar shift, and side shift gears. John C. May is the global head of the company. The current managing director and CEO of India branch is Satish Nadiger.

The tractor models from the company are original, beautiful, and better than other brands in terms of toughness and long-lasting performance. They come with top-notch features and standards. Due to its cutting-edge features and excellent services, a variety of models have an impact on consumers.

The company offers the most affordable and cost-effective tractor models in India. They are inexpensive and a good investment in the eyes of farmers. The on-road price makes them popular among Indian consumers, making the brand a leading manufacturer.

USP of John Deere India

"Nothing Runs Like A Deere" is a catchphrase of the company. The tractor models from the company are excellent for heavy duty and long fieldwork. They are known to deliver quality products to their consumers. Let's check out some unique features of John Deere India:

  • Provides high-quality tractors.
  • Available in wide HP ranges.
  • Deliver high performance.
  • Attractive and versatile.
  • Affordable and budget friendly.
  • Implements various CSR programs.

Popular John Deere Tractors in India

Trem IV Series

Trem IV Series is the latest series of tractors to gain popularity in no time. It has following features:

  • It has an increased lifting capacity of 2500 kg.
  • It has 12 forward and 4 reverse gears.
  • It is equipped with stylish LED headlamps.
  • It has dual torque mode.
  • It comes with a new stylish hood with louvres.
  • The price is affordable for farmers.

Some popular tractors in the Trem IV series are 5405 Gear Pro Trem IV PowrReverser5310 Gear Pro Trem IV PowrReverser 4WD5405 Gear Pro Trem IV 4WD, and more.

D series

  • D-Series is the highest-selling tractor line the Company offers.
  • It comes in two variants: John Deere 4WD tractor and the John Deere 2WD tractor.
  • The D series is India's most powerful, affordable tractor line brought by the company.
  • The D series offer tractors ranging from 36 HP to 55 HP.
  • The John Deere 50HP price starts from INR 5 lakhs* to INR 10 lakhs*.
  • The most popular tractor models in the D series are John Deere 5050 DJohn Deere 5050 D 4WDJohn Deere 5036 D, and many more.

E series

  • E-Series is the best tractor series from the company.
  • It offers long-lasting and multipurpose work.
  • The E series has tractors ranging from 50 to 75 HP.
  • It is best for farming solutions and sustainable work throughout the year.
  • The E Series tractors come with durable and power-efficient torque engines for the best productivity.
  • The E series John Deere price ranges from INR 8 lakhs* to INR 20 lakhs*.
  • The most popular models in the E series are John Deere 5060 EJohn Deere 5210 EJohn Deere 5065 E 4WD, and 5075 E PowrReverser 4WD Trem III.

EN Series

  • EN Series is specially designed for farming operations.
  • The EN series tractors have an HP range of 28 to 36 HP.
  • The EN series tractors come with powerful engines that can work in any soil condition.
  • The EN series John Deere tractor price ranges from INR 6 lakhs* to INR 8 lakhs*.
  • The popular models in the EN series are John Deere 3028 EN and John Deere 3036 EN.

Power-Pro series

  • The Power Pro series is ideal for hauling and heavy agricultural work.
  • These series come with intuitive designs and a powerful engine that promises excellent work output.
  • The collection contains the newest and best-in-class tractors for all farming and hauling tasks.
  • The Power Pro series offer tractors in a 41-46 HP range.
  • The Power Pro series John Deere price ranges from INR 5 lakhs* to 7 lakhs*.
  • The most popular models are 5042 D Power Pro5039 D Power Pro5045 D Power Pro and more.

Popular John Deere Tractors

The power delivered is between 28 HP and 120 HP. The 3028 EN tractor, with a 28 HP output, is the lowest HP tractor in the John Deere India lineup. The John Deere 6120B tractor, with a 120 HP output, is the most potent model in the lineup.

The John Deere mini tractors include the John Deere 3028 EN, 3036E Puddling Special, and John Deere 3036 EN.

The most well-known and frequently bought John Deere tractor models are 5310, 5105, 5050D, 5405, and 5045. Among all the models, John Deere 5310 is the best and most popular tractor model of the company.

John Deere Tractor Price in India 2023

The John Deere mini tractor price in India starts at INR 5.50 lakhs, which is quite reasonable for consumers. A John Deere 4x4 with a 55 HP engine begins at INR 10.32-11.50 lakhs*. These tractors are reasonably priced and offer great value-for-money.

The diversity in HP and price have raised the bar for the industry. John Deere tractor on road price starts from as minimum as INR 4 lakhs* and goes up to as high as INR 40 lakhs*.

The most expensive model is the John Deere 6120 B, starting at INR 30 lakhs*. The least expensive model is the John Deere 5036 D, with a price rate of INR 5.10 lakh* to INR 6.50 lakhs*. The price of small tractors from the company starts at INR 7 lakhs* with varied HP ranges.

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John Deere India Dealership

John Deere is the number 1 tractor brand known for its extensive and spread-out dealership network. The network is spread over more than 110 nations.

There are now eight production and service facilities of the company in India. Their facilities are spread throughout several cities in Punjab and Maharashtra. With over 900 dealers across the country, the Indian branch aims to provide excellent service and deals to farmers on every corner.

Tractorkarvan provides the best deals on all the tractor models, including mini tractors in just one click. Input your necessary information to learn the location of the closest John Deere tractor dealer and service facilities. For any additional help, you can contact Tractorkarvan.

John Deere India Resale Value

Due to their consistent performance and long-lasting feature, John Deere tractors have a great resale value. One thing to consider is how well-maintained the tractor is and how long it has been used to determine the best value. You can get an excellent resale value for your tractor model on Tractorkarvan, where we connect customers with others looking to buy a second-hand John Deere tractor.

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Frequently Asked Questions on John Deere Tractors

1. Who owns john deere?

It is owned by an American corporation Deere & Company, that produces heavy equipment, agricultural machinery, diesel engines, forestry machinery, and many more.

It weighs around 1444 lbs and 655 kg.

The serial number is located right above the tractor engine on the frame or beneath the engine.

The price starts from INR 4 lakhs*. The costliest is John Deere 6120 B, priced between INR 30.10 lakhs* to 30.30 lakhs*.

The engines are manufactured by the company itself and Yanmar.

The oil change should take place after every 250-500 hours, depending on the model.

John Deere tractors use approximately 3 to 10 litres of fuel an hour. The value may vary according to the type of farming task the tractor performs.

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