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About TractorKarvan Blog

Blog is a digital medium to deliver helpful content to the right audience in conversational style with accompanying images, links, and videos. They are part of a larger website with long form of content and the objective is to drive organic traffic. 

We at Tractorkarvan have also created a separate blog page comprising relevant and interesting long articles on topics covering tractors category, implements category, and agriculture category, among others. The page design is kept simple and is divided into relevant sections and broad categories.

A Simple Design

For the ease of users, the Tractorkarvan blog page has a simple design and easily accessible from navigation bar on desktop and from hamburger bar on mobisite. To further enhance the user experience, we have divided the blog page into different sections, viz., featured blog, latest blogs, popular blogs, and related blogs.

Besides, we have categorised the different topics into broad categories. These are tractors, implements, agriculture, crop cultivation, agri-business, and animal husbandry. Each category covers wide range of topics ranging from basic topic like History of Farm Tractors to technical topics like Tractor Transmission System in tractors category.

Similarly, in the agriculture category, you can find basic topic like Agriculture in India to specific topics like Plantation Agriculture in India. In the implements category like Top 10 Agricultural Tools Used in India and Cultivator: Meaning and Types.

Further, we have provided the pagination to blog page for better user experience. You are not required to scroll through pages to find the topic of your interest. Just click page-by-page to find the topic that interests you.

The blog detailed page of Tractorkarvan covers each topic holistically and in its entirety without compromising on quality. The topic has been divided into relevant sub-topics covering all aspects of the topic such as meaning, types, characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. All the topics are created keeping in mind the Indian context. Moreover, blogs are updated daily not allowing your interest to wane. So, visit Tractorkarvan today and read a topic of your interest.


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