Tractor Implements in India

The agricultural machine price in India 2024 is between INR 11,000* and INR 20 lakhs*. More than 2000 tractor implements are listed on Tractorkarvan. These agriculture tools are compatible with 12 HP tractors and even 235 HP tractors.
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Implements By Brand

Popular Implement Types

Popular Implements

Shaktiman SCMF 50L Cutter Mixer Feeder Implement
Cutter Mixer Feeder
40+ HP
Price starts ₹12.04 Lakh
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Shaktiman U Series UL 48 Rotavator Implement
U Series UL 48
4 feet Rotavator
20-35 HP
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Fieldking Tandem Light FKTDHL 7.5-16 Disc Harrow Implement
Tandem Light FKTDHL 7.5-16
Disc Harrow
35-45 HP
Price starts ₹99,900
Buy on Installments
Shaktiman U Series UM 60 Rotavator Implement
U Series UM 60
5 feet Rotavator
30-45 HP
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Popular Implement Comparisons

Maschio Gaspardo H 185 Rotavator Implement
Shaktiman Regular Smart RS 160 Rotavator Implement
H 185
45-60 HP
Regular Smart RS 160
35-50 HP
Fieldking Mini FKRTMSG 082 Rotavator Implement
Shaktiman Mini 80 Rotavator Implement
Mini FKRTMSG 082
25-30 HP
Mini 80
12-22 HP
Lemken Opal 090 E - 2MB Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough Implement
Shaktiman SMP-2AX Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough Implement
Opal 090 E - 2MB
Jadhao Layland
50-75 HP
45-90 HP

Other Implement Types

Tractor Implements - Key to Enhance Farm Productivity

Tractors are incomplete without farm implements. They are needed for an efficient & effective farming. Agricultural implements complement each other in increasing farm productivity and doubling farmers’ income. Popular tractor drawn implements are rotavators, cultivators, disc ploughs, power harrows, hydraulic reversible MB ploughs, MB ploughs and more.

Now, the question is, ‘From where to choose the best and most economical tractor implements for your farming needs?’ The answer is - Tractorkarvan. Here, we have listed 2000+ agriculture tractor equipment with proper categories, detailed specifications, and price.

Besides, the 50+ tractor agri equipment types have been categorised into 10 categories of agricultural implements. These include Tillage, Sowing & Planting, Crop Protection, Harvest, Land Preparation, and so on. 

Also, more than 55 popular brands of tractor accessories such as ShaktimanMaschio Gaspardo, Fieldking, Swan Agro, Rotoking and Lemken are available on our website. The agriculture machine price list in India and all other required details are given below.

What is a Tractor Implement?

Tractor machines or tractor accessories are necessary agricultural tools that help reduce labour costs and time, increasing the overall farm output. It is also called tractor-mount equipment or agricultural implements.

Tractor machines are defined as the collection of agricultural equipment attached to tractors. They are attached to perform various farm tasks like livestock raising, and gardening. These agricultural machines can handle multiple functions like ploughing, sowing, cultivating, harvesting, digging, etc.

Benefits of Tractor Implements

Agriculture tractor equipment offers many benefits to farmers. These are

  • Tractor farm equipment help increase the crop yield and make the farming a profitable economic activity.
  • Tractor attachments are of immense benefit to farmers and people involved in construction projects, road projects, etc.
  • Agri equipment make farming and related activities simple, faster, and cost efficient.
  • Tractor farm equipment reduce production time and labour costs, increase farmers’ productivity, and increase farm output. 

Types of Tractors Implements

50 farm implement types are available on the portal. These tractor agri equipment also includes mini tractor attachments. The farm implements covered are rotavator, including mini rotavators, cultivator, seed drill, seed drill, baler, shredder, tractor-trailer, and so on. We have given the popular tractor implements list below which you can consider buying:

Water Tanker: A tractor water tanker is an effective means of carrying water from one place to another, especially in remote areas.

Cultivator: Cultivator machine is a tillage implement designed to break the soil clods at the upper level of soil. In addition to this is, it is also used to destroy weeds.

Baler: A baler is used to compress a cut and raked crop into compact bales that are easy to store, handle, and transport.

Rotavator: A rotavator is a tractor-drawn agricultural tillage machine that performs different soil functions such as puddling, mixing, and levelling.

Shredder: This tractor accessory belongs to crop residue management. It is used to cut agricultural wastes like small branches into small fine pieces. As a result, agricultural residues become easier to decompose and turn into organic manure.

Seed Drill: A seed drill implement is sowing & planting machine used to sow seeds at a uniform spacing and depth. It is used to implant all grain seed types (barley, rye, wheat, etc.). 

Disc Plough: It is a tillage implement designed for soil functions like breaking, raising, turning, and mixing of soil.

Ripper: A tillage implement, the ripper machine is used to aerate and soften the soil for cultivation.

Tractor-trailer: This haulage implement is used to carry loads and freight from one place to another. It is primarily used to transport goods at a short distance.

Disc Harrow: It is tillage equipment used for superficial ploughing, breaking roots, big clods, and removing weeds.

Subsoiler: It resembles the shape of a chisel plough. It is used to dig and loosen the soil below a tillage depth of 100 – 200 mm. It is made with a stronger leg or shank because, at greater depths, it requires higher force to till the soil.

Zero Till: The zero till machine is a sowing and planting device used to sow directly after paddy harvest. This implement does not require prior seedbed preparation. Moreover, it saves time and labour costs giving a higher yield.

Super Seeder: A sowing and planting machine, the super seeder machine is a one-stop solution to prevent crop residue burning. It is widely used for sowing grass, soyabean, and wheat seeds and helps remove stubble and roots of sugarcane, maize, paddy, etc.

Puddler: It is a tillage machine used for ploughing and harrowing the soil under submerged conditions. It makes the soil soft for cropping and less permeable to water.

MB Plough: The Mould Board (MB) plough is a tillage machine that helps to break the hard pan of the soil.

Happy Seeder: It is a tractor-mounted machine used for sowing and planting. It sows wheat into the soil, cuts the rice straw, lifts the rice straw, and deposits the straw as mulch over the planted area.

Rice Transplanters: A rice transplanter is dedicated sowing and planting machine to transplant rice seedlings into a paddy field.

Laser Land Leveler: A land preparation tool used in farming to level the land equally in all the field corners.

Mulcher: It is a simple and reliable tool for cutting gardens, paddy, bushes, and trees. This agricultural instrument helps maintain the fertility of the soil.

Boom Sprayer: It is used to spray every type of herbicide, insecticide, pesticide, and fertilizer to protect the crop.

Post-Hole Digger: It is used as a sowing and planting machine and is applied in digging holes for planting trees, fencing, etc.

Land Leveler: The land leveler is the ideal attachment to tractors for levelling, grading, grooming the soil. It belongs to the land preparation category.

Ridger: It is primarily used for making ridges for row crops like potatoes, chillies, bananas, sugarcane and so on. It is also used for opening furrows.

The tractor implements names of other types listed on the website are Mist Blower, Power Harrow, Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough, and Rotary Slasher.

Tractor Implement Price in India 2024

The agriculture equipment machine price in India 2024 starts from INR 11,000* and can go up to INR 20 lakhs*. The agriculture machine price in India depends on the type of implement, model, and brand you prefer. For example, Shaktiman rotavator price will be different from the price of Fieldking rotavator and Maschio Gaspardo rotavator.

You can also utilise the financing facility available on the platform to buy the tractor machine of your choice without overstretching your budget. You can also check other agriculture equipment price in India 2024 on the portal.

You can use the compare implements feature to compare the price and specification of two different models of same implement type to decide the best buy for you. For example, Fieldking Regular Single Speed FKRTSG 175 rotavator can be compared with Shaktiman Champion CH 160 rotavator.

Importance of Tractor Implements in Agriculture

The importance of tractor implements in Indian farming context is immense. Some of them are:

  • Agriculture has become heavily mechanised in line with the adoption of modern farming methods by Indian farmers.
  • It has become a boon for farmers as it saves costs on labour and time but increases overall farm productivity.
  • Only through adopting modern agricultural machines can the government realise the dream of doubling the farmers’ income.

Why buy Tractor Implements on Tractorkarvan?

Tractorkarvan seeks to provide every detail on tractor implements, including popular implements, to you. It becomes easier for you to make an informed decision while buying the best implement model. We have provided information on all types of tools, different categories, and brands of implements. In addition, the implement models listed on the portal are available at the most compelling price and per your requirement.

We have the largest network of dealers in implements and vast experience in selling all tractor accessories and tractors. Besides, we are always with you before and after the sale. We also run free 24X7 customer care support to address your queries related to any farm implement.

Contact us for more information on tractor machine types, agricultural machine price lists, different models, and brands in India. Visit Tractorkarvan and get the tractor implement of your choice!

Implements By Category

Frequently Asked Questions on Tractor Implements

1. Which all famous tractor implement brands are available on Tractorkarvan?

58 tractor implement brands are available on Tractorkarvan. These include Kubota, Mahindra, SwarajSonalika, New Holland, Sai Agro, Rotoking, and John Deere, among others.

There are 50 types of tractor implements listed on Tractorkarvan.

The listed implement types have been categorized into 10 categories of implements.

2000+ different models of tractor accessories are available on Tractorkarvan.

Implement types like rotavator, disc harrow and plough are most popular among farmers.

The listed implement models are compatible with 12 HP – 235 HP range category tractors.

The listed tractor machines listed on Tractorkarvan are available in the price range of INR 11,000* to INR 20 lakhs*.


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