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Jagatjit Implements’ price in India is affordable. They are compatible with 25 to 75 HP range tractors. The popular implements manufactured by the Jagatjit Implements brand are Cultivator, Disc Plough, Disc Harrow, and more. 34 Jagatjit Implements are listed on Tractorkarvan.

When it comes to farm implements, Jagatjit needs no introduction. It is one of the popular implements’ brands in India. The company was started in 1983 with a vision to fulfil the needs of the farming sector in India. The brand’s vision is the one that sets it apart from its competitors, as it manufactures several agricultural implements that reduce the labour cost, money, and time of the farmers in India and increases their productivity.

Jagatjit offers a wide range of tractor implements which are used on a daily basis to fulling the needs of farmers. From cultivator, MB Plough, and Disc Harrow to Rotary Slasher, Post Hole Digger, and Tractor Trailer, the brand produces all and offers a top-notch farming experience.

What are the USPs of Jagatjit Implements?

Jagatjit Implements is a leading manufacturer of agricultural implements. Some USPs of Jagatjit Implements are listed below:

  • The company has a strong focus on research and development, which allows it to stay ahead of its competitors in terms of innovation.
  • They have a nationwide network of distributors, which makes it easy for farmers to purchase their products.
  • They offer a variety of financing options, which makes it easier for farmers to afford their products.
  • They have a strong commitment to customer service, which ensures that farmers are satisfied with their products and services.
  • The company follows a customer-centric approach. Its vision is to build a long-term relationship with its customers.

Popular Jagatjit Implements in India

The brand manufactures a wide range of implements. Some popular tractor implements produced by the brand are:


A cultivator is one of the primary tractor implements used to prepare the seedbed for a crop that needs to be sown. Jagatjit cultivators can be used with 35 to 75 HP tractors. The popular Cultivator model produced by the brand is Jagatjit Heavy Duty Cultivator.

Disc Harrow

A Disc Harrow is another popular secondary tillage implement produced by the brand. It is widely used to till the soil and not plough the uncultivated agricultural land. It can be used with 30 to 135 HP tractors. Some popular Disc Harrows produced by the brand are Jagatjit Mounted Offset JGMODH-12, Jagatjit Mounted Offset JGMODH-14, etc.

MB Plough

MB Plough is another primary tillage implement widely used for soil preparation. Jagatjit MB Plough can be used with 35 to 90 HP tractors. Some popular Jagatjit MB Plough models available in India are Jagatjit JGMBP-2, Jagatjit JGMBP-3, and more.

Disc Plough

Disc Plough is one of the popular primary tillage implements manufactured by the Jagatjit brand. Disc Plough is widely used for various soil functions, such as breaking, raising, turning, and mixing the soil. It can be used with 50 to 125 HP tractors. Some popular Disc Ploughs produced by the brand are Jagatjit JGMDP-2, Jagatjit JGMDP-3, etc.


The brand also manufactures land preparation equipment. A ridger is used to create ridges for row crops by cutting and turning the soil in reverse directions. Jagatjit ridgers can be used with 40 to 90 HP tractors. Some popular models are Jagatjit JGTR-3, Jagatjit JGDR-1, and more.

Rotary Slasher

It is one of the most popular implements in the crop residue management implements category. A rotary slasher is used for grass cutting, therefore, widely used for the maintenance of roads, verges, lawns, and grasslands. The Jagatjit rotary slashers can work with 25 to 60+ HP tractors. Some popular models of this implement type are Jagatjit JGRS-60, Jagatjit JGRS-72, and more.

Post Hole Digger

A post hole digger is a sowing and planting implement widely used to dig holes in different soil. The Jagatjit Post Hold Diggers can be used with 30 to 75 HP tractors. Some popular models of this implement type are Jagatjit Post Hole Digger, etc.

Tractor Trailer

A tractor trailer is the most common implement used with tractors. It is a haulage implement used to load and unload agricultural products from the field to the store. The brand manufactures both tipping and non-tipping type tractor trailers. Jagatjit tractor trailers can be used with 50 to 85 HP tractors. Some popular implements produced by the brand under this category are Jagatjit Tipping Trailer, Jagatjit JGAT4WNT-5, etc.

Jagatjit Implements Price in India 2023

The Jagatjit Implements price in India falls in the affordable range. However, the price range may be out of the budget of some farmers. Those who cannot afford Jagatjit implements can contact Tractorkarvan anytime for an implements loan. The users must note that the price provided on this portal may vary from one state to another.

Moreover, the portal also offers a compare implements features, using which customers can compare two implement models with ease.

Why Choose Tractorkarvan for Jagatjit Implements?

Tractorkarvan is a one-stop portal for those looking to buy Jagatjit implements. The portal offers complete information regarding various Jagatjit Implements, such as specifications, prices, and more. Moreover, we are a one-stop solution for all those customers looking for a loan to buy their favourite Jagatjit implement. So, contact Tractorkarvan now and get the Jagatjit implements of your choice at your fingertips.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Jagatjit Implements

1. What is the price of Jagatjit Implements in India?

The Jagatjit Implements price in India is in the affordable range.

The brand offers different farm implements, including Cultivators, Disc Ploughs, Disc Harrows, MB Ploughs, Tractor Trailers, and more.

Yes, you can buy Jagatjit Implements on EMIs from Tractorkarvan.

Tractorkarvan provides complete information about Jagatjit Implements in India.

Some popular Jagatjit Implements listed on Tractorkarvan are Jagatjit Tipping Trailer, Jagatjit Post Hole Digger, Jagatjit Compact Disc Harrow, and more.

Disclaimer: The product information and other details provided on this page is as made available by the Jagatjit and otherwise available in the public domain. Users should contact the nearest agriculture implement dealer to know about the latest features and prices. Prices and EMI shown by TractorKarvan are generic in nature – Exact price and EMI will depend on variants, discounts, interest rate, duration, frequency, and other factors. Please click Get On Road Price or Buy on Installments or visit your desired product's brand dealer for more information on Price and EMI. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.


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