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Bull Agro Implements price in India is affordable. They are compatible with 15 to 100 HP range tractors. 40 Bull Agro Implements are listed on Tractorkarvan. The popular implements manufactured by the Bull Agro Implements brand are Rotavators, Puddlers, Post Hole Diggers, and more.

Bull Agro Implements is a leading provider of high-quality agricultural implements dedicated to revolutionising farming practices and empowering farmers with innovative solutions. The company was founded in 1998 and is situated in Coimbatore.

Bull Agro is the most popular brand in producing reversible ploughs and rotary tillers and is a part of the AV group of companies. Bull Agro is the first brand to manufacture rotavator blades, and it is the largest producer of tillage tools worldwide.

Bull Agro Implements – Key Features

Some USPs of Bull Agro Implements are listed below:

  • Bull Agro implements are manufactured using advanced technology and top-class materials.
  • The brand offers customised agricultural tools so that farmers can tailor the equipment as per their requirements.
  • The implements produced under the Bull Agro brand are premium quality products with longevity and reliability.
  • Bull Agro manufactures a wide range of agricultural implements, including a Rotavator, Puddler, Baler, Post Hole Digger, and Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough.
  • The Bull Agro Implements price in India falls in the affordable range, making it suitable for low-budget farmers.

Popular Bull Agro Implements in India

The brand offers a wide range of implements. Some of them are discussed below:

Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough

The Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough comes with special wear-resistant steel tines, widely used to plough hard soil. The Bull Agro Hydraulic Reversible MB Ploughs are compatible to work with 20 to 65+ HP tractors. Some popular models of this implement type are Bullagro BPP 380, Bullagro BPP 450 Heavy Duty, and many others.


A rotavator is a primary tillage equipment preferably used to prepare the land before the plantation of seeds. The Bull Agro rotavators are compatible to work with tractors ranging from 15 to 75 HP tractors. Some popular rotavator models are Bullagro Power 42 MSC/G, Bullagro Power 30 MSC/G, and many others.


A puddler is one of the popular implements in India, widely used for rice cultivation. The Bull Agro puddlers are compatible to work with tractors ranging from 35 to 40 HP. Some popular puddler models are Bullagro Power 66/72 Paddy Twister and more.

Post Hole Digger

As the name suggests, a post hole digger is used to dig holes in the soil. It is one of the most important sowing and planting tools in agriculture. The Bull Agro post hole diggers are compatible to work with tractors ranging from 35 to 100 HP. Some popular post hole digger models are Bullagro Post Hole Digger and many others.


A baler is a famous crop residue management tool used to compress the cut and raked crops and form a compact bale shape, making them easy to carry, store, and transport. The Bull Agro balers are compatible to work with tractors ranging from 35 to 55 HP. Some popular baler models of this brand are Bullagro BRB-540 and many others.

Bull Agro Implements Price in India 2023

The Bull Agro Implements price in India is in the affordable range as the company has kept in mind the budget of small farmers in India. To know the price of various Bull Agro implements, you can contact Tractorkarvan anytime. The portal also provides affordable loan options to buy your favourite farm implements without worrying about your budget.

Moreover, the portal also offers a compare implements tool, where you can compare two implements models and learn the difference between their prices and specifications.

Why Choose Tractorkarvan for Bull Agro Implements?

Tractorkarvan is a platform specially designed to help farmers get all the details of Bull Agro Implements in one place. With the portal’s wide range of catalogues, you can choose your preferred Bull Agro Implements and experience the difference that superior implements can make in transforming your farming operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Bull Agro Implements

1. What is the price of Bull Agro Implements in India?

The Bull Agro Implements price in India is in the affordable range for Indian farmers.

The company provides a wide range of agricultural implements, such as Rotavators, Puddlers, Balers, Post Hole Diggers, and Hydraulic Reversible MB Ploughs.

Yes, you can buy Bull Agro Implements on EMIs from Tractorkarvan.

Tractorkarvan provides complete information about Bull Agro Implements in India.

Some popular Bull Agro Implements listed on Tractorkarvan are Bullagro Power 66/72 Paddy Twister, Bullagro Jumbo 36 MSG, Bullagro BPP 250, and more.

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