AC Cabin Tractors in India

AC Tractor price in India ranges from INR 14.55 lakhs* to INR 33.97 lakhs*. These tractors are designed to offer power output in the HP range of 75 – 120. 7 AC tractors are available on Tractorkarvan. The popular AC Cabin tractors available are New Holland TD5.90 and John Deere 6120B, among others.
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AC Cabin Tractors

AC Cabin Tractors – Powerhouse with Comfort 

AC Cabin tractors are considered the most advanced and innovative type of tractors. The average weight of these tractors ranges from 2400-kg to 4500-kg. Besides, they are meant to give very good mileage along with comfort and power.

The demand for AC cabin tractors has recently increased because they come with all the necessary features at a reasonable price. The average price of these tractors in India ranges from INR 14.55 lakhs* to INR 33.97 lakhs*.

Customers get all the features of air-conditioned tractors, such as long working hours, comfort, extra mileage, higher productivity, affordable AC tractor price in India 2024 and many more.

The tractors of this category are produced using the latest and innovative technology that inspires the young generation of India and unites people with soil.

Tractorkarvan has listed all top brands of AC tractors in India, along with their specifications, features, and prices. Some of the top brands manufacturing AC cabin tractors in India includes New Holland Tractors, Preet Tractors and John Deere AC tractors.

The popular tractor models in this segment include John Deere 6120 B, Preet 9049 AC 4WD, and Holland TD 5.90, among others.

Top Reason to Choose AC Cabin Tractors

  • These tractors are manufactured with high-power and heavy-duty engines, making them suitable for all types of farmers.
  • They offer sweat and dust-free environment along with an open and comfortable workspace.
  • These tractors usually fall in the above 70 HP tractors category with HP ranging from 75 to 120 HP, making them suitable for all farming and commercial works.
  • With interest in agriculture witnessing a decline amongst young farmers, these tractors come as a boon as they encourage the farmers of the new generation to adopt farming.
  • A farmer can easily work up to 12 hours with an AC Cabin tractor as compared to a non-AC tractor.
  • The different tractor brands manufacture AC Cabin tractors with the newest technology to offer high productivity in farming. The popular brands are John Deere and New Holland.
  • They come with toggle hook, air tank, large fuel tank capacity, lock ring type wheel rim, and advanced engine that offers high fuel efficiency.

The AC tractor price in India of some popular models is affordable as per the features it offers. So, farmers may think of buying a tractor of this segment for extra comfort.

Most Famous AC Tractors in India 2024

Preet 9049 AC 4WD

This tractor model from Preet comes with 2200 powerful engine-rated RPM, four cylinders, 90 HP power, and 4087 CC water-cooled engine capacity. Preet AC cabin tractor price in India ranges from INR 21.24 lakhs to INR 23.16 lakhs.

New Holland TD 5.90

It is equipped with 76.5 PTO HP, four cylinders, 90 HP, and a Dry Type air filter. The price of New Holland TD 5.90 tractor ranges from INR 14.55 lakhs to 15.64 lakhs.

John Deere 6120 B

The John Deere 6120 B comes with 102 PTO HP, four cylinders, 120 HP, and Dual Element with an additional pre-cleaner air filter. This John Deere tractor AC cabin price in India is between INR 32.54 lakhs* to INR 33.97 lakhs*.

John Deere 6110 B

John Deere 6110 B is a 110 HP tractor. It consists of 4 cylinders, 93.5 PTO HP, and a turbocharged Powertech engine. The price of this model ranges from INR 30.33 lakhs* to INR 32.48 lakhs*.

AC Cabin Tractor Price in India 2024

The AC tractor price in India ranges from INR 14.55 lakhs* to INR 33.97 lakhs*. The price of these tractors varies from brand to brand. AC Cabin tractor price in India is reasonable.

All the tractor brands in India keep customer requirements as their priority. That’s why different brands have kept these tractor costs according to the farmer’s budget. For instance, John Deere 5310 ac cabin price in India is usually above INR 14 lakhs*.

Tractorkarvan is the ideal platform for farmers searching for their favourite air-conditioned tractor brand and its price in India. The users can access the AC cabin tractor price list with a few clicks.

Moreover, users also get the option to filter the tractors brand-wise according to HP and price to get the best result. For example, users can search for John Deere AC tractor prices, Sonalika AC cabin tractor prices, etc.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for AC Cabin Tractor India?

The users who want to upgrade their tractor with an air-conditioned cabin have reached the right place. Tractorkarvan is well-known for providing authentic information on different AC tractor models.

The AC tractor section is available in other native languages for customers’ convenience. Users facing any issue can contact Tractorkarvan to resolve their queries instantly.

Here, users can find various brands that manufacture these tractors, such as New Holland, Preet, John Deere, etc., along with their specifications and price in India.

Moreover, users can also compare various models in this segment to get better clarity for their choice.

The platform also guides farmers according to their land and crop and provides affordable tractor loans. Besides, you can also visit the portal to get information on tractor dealers, tractor implements, and second-hand tractors.

Visit Tractorkarvan today to get the best deal along with all the relevant information regarding AC Cabin tractor models and watch tractor videos of your favourite tractor models.

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Frequently Asked Questions on AC Cabin Tractors

1. What is the price of an AC Tractor in India 2024?

The price in 2024 ranges from INR 14.55 lakhs* to INR 33.97 lakhs*.

The AC tractors fall in the HP range of 75 – 120 HP.

The lowest AC cabin tractor price in India 2024 usually starts around INR 10 lakhs*.

John Deere 6120 B is the highest-selling tractor in this segment in India.

John Deere is the best brand in this segment in India.

Preet 9049 AC 4WD, John Deere 6120 B, and John Deere 6110 B are some of the available models in India.

John Deere 6110 B, John Deere 5075 Gear Pro Trem IV, John Deere 5075 Gear Pro 4WD Trem IV, etc., are some of the most fuel-efficient ones in India.

Most powerful tractors in this segment in India includes John Deere 6120B and John Deere 6110B.

The best AC tractors under 60 HP include Mahindra Arjun Novo 605 DI-i and John Deere 5310 AC cabin, among others.

The starting price of an air-conditioned tractor is around INR 14.55 lakhs*.


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