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32 Powertrac tractors are listed on Tractorkarvan. Powertrac tractor price in India ranges from INR 5.80 lakhs* to INR 10.60 lakhs* and the HP ranges between 25 to 60 HP.

Powertrac is a famous tractor brand and a sub-brand of Escort group. The other two sub-brands are Digitrac and Farmtrac tractors. Escort group is the parent company of all these three brands. It is popular worldwide because of its future-proof technology and reliable engines. In addition, it has amazed the world with its superior engineering technology. Escort group is an internationally famous brand, producing tractors with exclusive features under three different brand names. The founders are Har Prasad Nanda and Yudi Nanda.

Escort Powertrac tractor is one of the top-quality tractor manufacturers that has gained the whole tractor industry's trust. These tractors offer the best performance and come in six different series, making them perfect for farmers for various farming operations.

The first one in the series is the most potent Euro series. The second is the highly efficient and economical DS series. The third is the ALT series, which is the best-in-class haulage working tractor. The other three are the Euro Next series, Powerhouse series, and RDX series.

The brand comes with innovative ideas and keeps on updating its models with the latest technology. In addition, the price of these tractors is within the budget of farmers. You can easily find the Powertrac mini tractor price details and other information on Tractorkarvan.

A Brief History in India

You can find 32 different models of Powertrac tractors in India. All of them are the best in the market in terms of performance and functionality. Escort brand, also known as Escort Agri Machinery, launched the brand in the year 1960 in India. The motive behind launching one of the best tractors in the world is to maximize farm field uses, ultimately resulting in fewer labour costs and more outputs for the farmers.

Regarding engine efficiency, the tractor models range from 25 HP to 60 HP. Moreover, the Powertrac tractor price range starts from INR 5.80 lakhs*, which is cheaper than other tractor brands and makes it a cost-effective and reasonably priced tractor brand in India.

Unique Features of Powertrac Tractors

Powertrac tractors are manufactured by considering the budget and requirements of Indian farmers. That is the reason their sales report was incredible in 2019. Here, we have mentioned some of the unique selling points. Kindly have a look:

  • They are fully Indian-made tractors designed according to the farmers' needs.
  • They are constructed using best-in-class engineering technology.
  • They are cost-effective and suit the farmer's budget.
  • It has a respectful and ethical business in India.
  • The company follows a customer-centric approach.

Popular Powertrac Tractor Series in India

Escort company considers its sub-brand Powertrac tractor the best tractor manufacturing brand in India. Their tractors have always been excellent in terms of build quality, efficiency, and performance. In addition, the brand's approach has always been customer-centric, which has helped them manufacture tractors that fulfil the farmers' demands. Some popular series from the brand are mentioned below:

Euro Series

The Euro series is the most innovative series, which makes cropping and farming very easy for the farmers. The engine's horsepower ranges from 28 HP to 60 HP.

  • Widely preferred due to its lifting capabilities, speed, and roomy infrastructure.
  • These tractors are available in 2WD and 4WD variants.
  • Some popular models are Euro 45 Plus SupermaxxPowertrac Euro 47Powertrac Euro 55, etc.
  • The estimated price range of the Euro series lies between INR 7.30 lakhs* to INR 10.60 lakhs*.

DS (Diesel Saver) Series

The DS series tractors are mini tractors suitable for all field puddling and paddy uses. Farmers love small tractors, and the brand is widely famous for producing mini tractors, which are ideal for all farming needs.

  • The DS series tractors' unique features and functionality make them perfect for performing operations even in difficult farming conditions.
  • The engine's horsepower in the DS series ranges from 25 HP to 39 HP.
  • Powertrac mini tractor price range lies between INR 6.40 lakhs* to INR 7.00 lakhs*.

ALT Series

The ALT series is the newest addition to the family. It also showcases a yellow tractor revolution. Since ALT series tractors are modern tractors, they are most suitable for all types of farming and commercial tasks.

  • Widely used for cropping, planting, sowing, and many other jobs.
  • The engine's horsepower of this series ranges from 37 - 41 HP.
  • The ALT series price range lies between INR 6.60 lakhs* to INR 7.40 lakhs*.

Euro Next Series

The Euro Next series is specially designed for young farmers who prefer feature-loaded tractors with powerful engines. These tractors possess a new design, appearance, performance calibre, and feel, and they are furnished with the latest functionalities and specifications.

  • These series tractors are manufactured to fulfil the requirements of today's farmers.
  • Equipped with comfortable seats, cutting-edge technology, precision hydraulics, and a powerful engine.
  • Since they have a powerful engine, their horsepower ranges from 50 to 60 HP.
  • The price of this series lies between INR 8.90 lakhs* to INR 10.60 lakhs*.

Powerhouse Series

The Powerhouse series consists of advanced tractor models with the best built structures and strong engines. In addition, these tractors are equipped with comfortable seats, innovative features, a stylish and huge workplace, and many more.

  • The Powerhouse series tractors are available in a 39 HP to 55 HP range.
  • The Powerhouse series price range starts from INR 6.20 lakhs*.

Powertrac Tractor Price List 2023

The Powertrac tractor price starts at INR 5.80 lakhs*, and the topmost price is INR 10.60 lakhs*. The cheapest tractor model is Powertrac 425 N which is available for INR 5.80 lakhs* and has a horsepower capacity of 25 HP. The costliest tractor model is Powertrac Euro 60 Next 4WD, which is available for INR 10.60 lakhs* and has a horsepower capacity of 75 HP.

Users can search for any Powertrac tractor model and their prices on Tractorkarvan, such as Powertrac 434 Plus price, Powertrac 439 Plus Loadmaxx price, etc. Using the compare tractors tool, they can also compare the specifications of two tractor models.

The mini tractor price range of the brand lies between INR 3.15 lakhs* to 5.65 lakhs*. The price is quite reasonable and easily fits in with the budget of farmers. So, farmers can totally depend on this tractor brand in terms of price.

Second-Hand Powertrac Tractors in India

Powertrac tractors are very cost-effective and reliable, so their demands are very high in the Indian market. However, if your budget is less and you are still looking to buy a tractor for your farming needs, you can go for a second-hand Powertrac tractor. Tractorkarvan has provided the list of all used tractors of this with all the necessary details that can assist you in choosing the right tractor for your budget. We offer the best deal on the market and take care of your credit needs.

Powertrac Tractor Dealers in India

There are over 1000 certified Powertrac tractor dealers and more than 1200 sales outlets all over the country. So, contact your nearest dealer if you want to buy a brand-new Powertrac tractor. To get the details of your nearest tractor dealer, enter your state and city, and we will give you the list of all the dealers in your area.

Powertrac Tractor Loans

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Tractorkarvan offers several loan options that help you choose the best deal to purchase your Powertrac tractor. So, visit the finance section and get started with your credit process.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Powertrac Tractors

1. What is the price of Powertrac tractors in India 2023?

Powertrac tractor price in India 2023 ranges from INR 5.80 lakhs* to INR 10.60 lakhs*.

Powertrac tractor HP ranges between 25 HP to 75 HP.

Powertrac Euro 425 is the best Powertrac tractor in India.

Powertrac Euro G28 is the best mini Powertrac tractor in India.

Powertrac Euro G28 is the best 4WD Powertrac tractor in India.

The average lifting capacity ranges between 1300 kg to 2000 kg.

Powertrac tractors are developed by keeping in mind the farmer's requirements and weather conditions in India. So, Farmtrac tractors are best suited for Indian farmers.

Powertrac Euro series is the best Powertrac tractor series in India.

You can visit Tractorkarvan to get all the details and latest information about different Powertrac tractor models.

Yes, all the Powertrac tractors are ideal for different farming implements.

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