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30 Same Deutz Fahr tractors are listed on Tractorkarvan. Same Deutz Fahr tractor price in India ranges from INR 6 lakhs* to INR 15 lakhs*. Deutz Fahr tractor offers power output in the range of 35 – 80 HP.

Same Deutz-Fahr (SDF) is a well-known tractor brand in innovative farm equipment. The company is an establishment of three brands, Same, Deutz, and Fahr. SDF is famous for many features, including farming technology, diesel engines, and advanced engineering worldwide.

Lamborghini Trattori, Hürlimann, and Grégoire share the SDF brand platform. Hence it is quite a groundbreaker in the agriculture industry.

With the launch of SDF in the Indian market in 1996, the brand aimed to establish itself as a premium range of tractor manufacturers across the country. The Same Deutz Fahr India journey began in 2008 with the promise of high-quality products and good profits.

Over the years, the brand's product line has evolved to meet the needs of Indian consumers. It is now one of India's leading brands producing popular tractors for agricultural activities, with steady growth among its customers.

Origin of Same Deutz Fahr Tractors

The company's origins trace back to the 1800s when Nicolaus August founded Deutz, the world's first engine manufacturer. With a surge in technology and industrialization, the agricultural sector also saw a modification. Nicolaus decided to step up the game by introducing the first threshing machine. The petrol-powered tractor came next in 1894.

Later, in 1968, Deutz acquired a bulk share of the Fahr group, which was already leading in agricultural instrumentation. Thus, Deutz-Fahr came into the picture. The brand's success skyrocketed; later, the Same group joined in 1995 with their ideas and innovation. Thus, the SDF brand of tractors was born.

Same Deutz Fahr Tractors: The ideal choice

The farmers' productivity and well-being are essential to the company. Thanks to its highly skilled personnel, the company is fast-growing and building a name for itself in the global agriculture market. Similarly, the corporation has carved out a niche in the Indian tractor market. Majority of Indian farmers prefer the tractors of this brand.

These tractors are versatile and deliver high performance. They are an excellent choice for any farmer purchasing an advanced farming machine. The Same Deutz Fahr tractor price in India is affordable for farmers who can effortlessly carry out farming.

Same Deutz Fahr Tractor USPs

  • Same tractor is known for standing up for consumers' beliefs.
  • Duze farm tractors have modern facilities.
  • Duz far tractors are affordable.
  • Deutz tractors come with high-quality engines and features.
  • SDF brand gives the best production outcome.
  • Duze farm tractor ranges from 36- 80 HP engines and is available in 25+ models.
  • Farmers can use it for a variety of crops.
  • Deutz tractor parts are readily available at all Deutz Fahr services centre.
  • It is known for manufacturing affordable tractors. For instance, Same 503 tractor price in India was highly economical.

Popular Same Deutz Fahr Tractor Series in India

SDF tractors are categorized into various series according to the budget and requirements of Indian farmers. Some popular tractor series of this brand are:

3E Series

The tractors of SDF 3E Series are available in 2WD variant, and they largely come under 40 HP category.

Agrolux Profiline Series

The tractors of SDF Agrolux Profiline Series offer power output in the range of 75 – 80 HP. This series is mainly comprised of 4WD tractors.

Agrolux Series

The tractors of SDF Agrolux Series come in both 2WD and 4WD variants. They are designed to generate power in the range of 45 – 70 HP.

Agromaxx Series

The SDF Agromaxx Series comprises of 2WD and 4WD tractors, and they are meant to give power in the range of 45 – 60 HP.

Best Same Deutz Fahr Tractor Models in 2023

SDF Agrolux 45

  • It is a 2WD tractor with 45 HP engine.
  • It has a lifting capacity of 1900 kg.
  • Same Deutz Fahr Agrolux 45 tractor is equipped with 3 cylinders.
  • This Deutz Fahr tractor 45 hp price is affordable.

SDF Agrolux 50

  • SDF Agrolux 50 is a 2WD tractor.
  • It is a 50 HP tractor with 3 cylinders.
  • It comes with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears.
  • Same Deutz Fahr Agrolux 50 has a lifting capacity of 1900 kg.
  • It comes with a great liquid cooling system.
  • Same Deutz Fahr tractor price in India ranges between INR 8 lakhs* to INR 9 lakhs*.

SDF Agrolux 55

  • It is a 50 HP tractor with 60 litres of fuel capacity.
  • It comes with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears.
  • Same Deutz Fahr Agrolux 55 has a 2000 kg hydraulic lifting capacity.
  • It comes with a mechanical steering feature.
  • Its price ranges from Rs. 8.5 Lakh - 9.15 Lakh.

SDF Agrolux 60 4WD

  • It is equipped with 60 HP with 3 cylinders and 70 litres fuel capacity.
  • It comes with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears.
  • Same Deutz Fahr Agrolux 60 4WD is suitable for heavy work.
  • It is affordable and easy maintenance.
  • Same Deutz Fahr tractor India price lies between INR 9 lakhs to INR 11 lakhs*.

SDF Agrolux 80 Profiline

  • It is an 80 HP tractor with 4 cylinders for high efficiency.
  • It has a 2250 kg hydraulic lifting capacity.
  • It has 10 forward and 10 reverse gears.
  • Same Deutz Fahr Agrolux 80 Profiline has the best cooling system.
  • It is fully equipped with a forced-feed lubrication system.
  • Its price ranges between INR 12 lakhs* to INR 13 lakhs*.

Same Deutz Fahr Agromaxx 55

  • It is a 55 HP tractor with 60 litres of fuel capacity and 3 cylinders.
  • Same Deutz Fahr Agromaxx 55 E has a 2000 kg of lifting capacity.
  • It comes in two variants: 8 forward and 2 reverse gears or 12 forward and 3 reverse gears.
  • It is good for quick work and speed.
  • It can be operated for many hours.
  • Same Deutz Fahr India price of this model ranges between INR 8 lakhs* to INR 9 lakhs*.

Same Deutz Fahr Tractor Sales

SDF is one of India's fastest-growing tractor brands, and the brand stands 9th in the Indian sales market with over 4000 sold units. SDF India holds a 0.5% market share, and the figures are expected to rise in the coming years.

Same Deutz Fahr Tractors Price List

Deutz tractors are one of the most well-known agricultural tractors, and they are inexpensive and come with all of the necessary specifications and features. The price of a Deutz Fahr tractor starts from INR 6 lakhs*. In India, the SDF prices are determined by taxes, on-road costs, and various other factors. SDF tractors are the most cost-effective tractors on the market.

The costliest tractor is the Same Deutz Fahr Agrolux 80 Profiline, which costs INR 12 lakhs* and the cheapest tractor is the Same Deutz Fahr 3035 E, which costs INR 6 lakhs*. The users may search for the price of various SDF tractor models HP wise, such as Same Deutz Fahr tractor 45 HP price, Same Deutz Fahr 45 HP 4WD tractor price in India, etc. Moreover, users may also compare the price and specifications of two tractor models using the compare tractor feature on Tractorkarvan.

Same Deutz Fahr Dealers and Service Centers

SDF has its plant location in Chennai. Deutz Fahr has 80 dealer distribution networks across India, and consumers can find SDF tractor dealerships in major Indian cities. SDF provides service centres in over 100 locations. SDF tractors have good service and maintenance costs and are simple to maintain.

Enter your information on tractorkarvan to locate your nearest Same Deutz Fahr tractor dealer and service centre. You can easily access information about the nearest service centre or dealer in your area on Tractorkarvan.

Same Deutz Fahr Tractors Resale Value

SDF tractors have a fantastic resale value, making them worth buying. Second-hand SDF tractors are a great choice for consumers facing budget problems. With a few clicks, you can get an excellent second-hand SDF tractor on Tractorkarvan and the best resale value if you plan to sell your tractor. The current condition of a used tractor determines its cost.

Tractorkarvan aims to provide you with the best deals on your SDF tractor and assist you if you face any problems.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for Same Deutz Fahr tractors?

Nothing could be better than Tractorkarvan if you want to read about SDF tractors from a reliable source. We are India's first online tractor platform, bringing together all relevant data regarding tractor implements, tractor tyres, all tractor brands and models, etc., in one spot.

We've assisted millions of consumers in finding their ideal tractors and information. Tractorkarvan brings you all the essentials to make you choose your tractor wisely. So, if you're interested in learning more about SDF tractors, such as latest tractors, upcoming tractor models, the latest SDF tractor price list, used SDF tractors, photographs, reviews, specifications, news, updates, etc., explore Tractorkarvan.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Same Deutz Fahr Tractors

1. What is the Price of Same Deutz Fahr Tractor in India 2023?

Same Deutz Fahr tractor price in India 2023 ranges from INR 6 lakhs* to 15 lakhs*.

Tractorkarvan is the best place to get information about the nearest Same Deutz Fahr dealership.

Same Deutz Fahr tractor is a German company, and SDF Group is the owner of Same Deutz Fahr tractor.

The Same Deutz Fahr tractor HP ranges from 35 to 80 HP.

Same Deutz Fahr Agromaxx 4045 E is the best Same Deutz Fahr tractor.

Same Deutz Fahr 3035 E is the best mileage tractor in Same Deutz Fahr.

Same Deutz Fahr Agrolux 80 Profiline has the best hydraulic lifting capacity of 2250 to 3000 kg.

Same Deutz Fahr Agromaxx 4055 E, Same Deutz Fahr Agromaxx 40 E, and Same Deutz Fahr Agromaxx 50 E are the latest models of Same Deutz Fahr tractors.

Tractorkarvan is the perfect portal to get the latest information on Same Deutz Fahr tractors.

Same Deutz Fahr Agromaxx 4045 E 4WD is the best 4WD Same Deutz Fahr tractor in India.

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