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28 Swaraj tractors are listed on Tractorkarvan. Swaraj tractor price in India ranges from INR 2.60 lakhs* to INR 15.60 lakhs* and the HP ranges from 11 to 75 HP.

Whenever you hear the word farming, one name that always clicks in your mind is "tractor." There are numerous tractor models of different brands available in the market, but Swaraj is a name you may have heard a lot while talking about tractors. Swaraj is one of those brands which is quite famous among farmers all over the country for manufacturing popular tractors.

A Brief History

Established in 1974, the company was named after Mahatma Gandhi's dream of Swaraj, which means self-governance. The brand was invented by Chandra Mohan, who was also known as the 'Father of Tractor' in India. Later in 2007, Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd acquired the company and Harish Chavan is the present CEO. Swaraj tractors are manufactured and designed in India. It is now the second-highest tractor brand in India and has won the Deming prize award. It is so because the brand understood the market better than others. The primary part of its success story is the variety of tractor models available for every customer base.

The company produces tractors using modern technology. All the tractors manufactured by the company come with superior features ensuring excellent, guaranteed performance. They come with all the features that a farmer wants in a tractor. These include a stylish look, the latest and innovative technology, a fuel-efficient engine, and affordable cost. Therefore, the Swaraj tractor price in India is reasonable and easily fits the farmers' budget. The price in India ranges between INR 2.60 – 15.60 lakhs*. Moreover, Swaraj 4 by 4 tractor price ranges from INR 5 lakhs* to 15 lakhs*.

The company always works to fulfil its customers' needs and ensure that its customers are treated like family. The price and mileage are economical, and competitive, which is best suited for the farmers. Along with that, the specification of every model is something that makes it stand out from the market.

Unlike other brands, it offers different customer support engagement activities such as free service camps, Swast Tractor Swast Chalak, and Swaraj Aabhar. They also organize various other activities to connect with the customers, such as Swaraj Satkar, where the company's senior officials complement farmers.

Unique Features of Swaraj Tractors

The company has not only focused on manufacturing the best tractors equipped with the latest technologies, but they also believe in creating an exceptional customer relationship. That is the reason customers have blind faith in the company. But additionally, many more qualities are there that make it the most popular tractor brand in India. They are:

  • Always consider the comfort of customers.
  • All models possess an efficient aerodynamic design.
  • They come with a powerful engine with low maintenance costs.
  • Planned and manufactured using modern technology to provide comfort to the farmers.
  • Offers some unique benefits to its customers, such as Swaraj Aabhar, doorstep service, free service camp, etc.
  • Massive network of more than 800 customer touchpoints.
  • Best features, such as Durability, fuel consumption, and lifting capacity.
  • Suitable price range in the Indian market.
  • Swaraj 744 FE is the best tractor model in the brand.
  • Swaraj tractor price in India is reasonable for the farmers.
  • All models offer efficient and valuable performance on the field.

Popular Swaraj Tractor Series in India

In India, the company offers three tractor series. Each tractor series is better than the other because all the models come with extra power and the latest features. Let's discuss each series one by one.

FE Tractor Series

  • FE Series is the oldest and best-known tractor series of the company.
  • The tractors under this series are highly durable and offer exceptional performance.
  • The tractors of this series have a 35 to 75 horsepower range.
  • This series of tractors comprises more than 10 tractor models.
  • The price of this tractor series is budget-friendly for Indian farmers.
  • Some popular models in the Swaraj FE series are Swaraj 963 FESwaraj 744 FESwaraj 735 FE, and many more.

XM Tractor Series

  • XM Series consists of both micro tractors and versatile tractors.
  • The tractors in this series have advanced and extraordinary features that make them more efficient in farming operations.
  • This series tractors have a 24 to 50 horsepower range.
  • The price of this series ranges between INR 4.75 to 7.10 lakhs*.
  • Some popular models in this series are Swaraj 744 XMSwaraj 735 XMSwaraj 841 XM, and many others.

XT Tractor Series

  • XT Series of tractors includes a range of lucrative and functional tractors.
  • The tractors of this series have a 40 to 50 horsepower range.
  • These tractors are manufactured using advanced technologies for a broader range of commercial and agricultural operations.
  • This tractor series features an exceptional design, a small fuel tank, high fuel efficiency, and a trustworthy safety system.
  • The price in India of XT series lies between INR 7.10 to 8.50 lakhs*.
  • Some popular tractor models in the Swaraj XT series are Swaraj 742 XTSwaraj 735 XT, and Swaraj 744 XT.

Swaraj Tractors Price list in India 2023

Swaraj tractor price in India is highly affordable, making it the first choice of Indian farmers. You can explore the Swaraj tractor price list 2023 on Tractorkarvan to know the cost of different Swaraj tractor in India and new models.

  • The price starts at INR 2.60 lakhs*.
  • Swaraj mini tractor price in India ranges between INR 2.60 – 3.60 lakhs*.
  • The cost of a fully organized tractor of the company ranges between INR 5 – 15.60 lakhs*.

The company has set the prices according to the requirement and budgets of farmers.  Check out Tractorkarvan to get the latest updates and Swaraj tractor on-road prices of all the states in one place.

Best Swaraj Tractors Price List

You can get the best on-road price below and then decide what's in your budget. Don't forget to read the review of the brand once before finalizing the model you like. After that, check out the company’s all models price list.

  • Swaraj tractor 855 FE price list ranges between INR 8.90 – 9.80 lakhs*.
  • The 735 FE tractor price list ranges between INR 7.10 – 8.00 lakhs*.
  • The 744 FE tractor price list ranges between INR 8.00 – 9.50 lakhs*.
  • Swaraj tractor 717 price list ranges between INR 3.80– 3.90 lakhs*.

Moreover, you may also compare the specifications and prices of two tractor models from the same brand or different brands on Tractorkarvan using the compare tractor tool.

New Model Swaraj Tractors

The company produces tractors using modern technology. All the tractors manufactured by the company come with superior features ensuring excellent, guaranteed performance. However, you must ensure which one you would like to purchase according to your budget and needs. Some latest tractors from the brand are given below:

  • The 963 FE tractor price ranges between INR 7.90 – 8.40 lakhs*.
  • The 742 FE tractor price ranges between INR 5.95 – 6.30 lakhs*.
  • Swaraj Code price in India ranges between INR 2.60 – 3.50 lakhs*.

Swaraj Tractor Dealers

The company has a 4000-crore empire, making it the broadest tractor dealer network in the country. The company has more than 800 showrooms across the country. If you want to learn about your nearest showroom, check out the Swaraj tractor dealers list on Tractorkarvan. You can find all the details about the company’s dealer at Tractorkarvan right at your fingertips.

Swaraj Service Centers

The company provides an excellent after-sale service. It has service centres in every part of the country. The spare parts of these tractors are easily available at its service centres, and the price is also reasonable. If you want to learn about the nearest service centre of the brand, check out Tractorkarvan. We have a complete list of all the service centres of the company available in our country.

Swaraj Tractors Resale Value

The resale value of Swaraj tractors is the best on the market. It has been farmers' first choice for a long time, whether in brand new or used condition. Purchasing an old tractor is better than a new one if you have a money problem.

At Tractorkarvan, we have provided the list of all second-hand tractors of the brand in top-notch condition. If we talk about quality and price, then no one can beat us in the market. If you want to purchase a second-hand Swaraj tractor, then you have reached the correct place.

Selling your old Swaraj tractor is relatively easy. You need to enter a few details about your tractor, such as model, purchase year, current condition, asking price, etc., and we will help you get the best deal.

At Tractorkarvan, we have a group of people who sell and purchase tractors at the best rate. So, the price you will get here for your old tractor will be the best on the market.

Swaraj Tractor Loan

If you want to buy a brand-new tractor but are facing budget issues, then contact Tractorkarvan. Here, you will get the best interest rate on tractor loans. We have a growing customer base of more than a million who are completely satisfied with our service.

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Why choose Tractorkarvan for Swaraj Tractor?

Tractorkarvan is the best portal where you get a separate section for Swaraj tractor models. We provide all the quality information regarding all tractor brands and models in a single place for our customers' convenience. Customers can easily learn about different brands of tractors, farming equipment, tractor implementstractor tyres, and more.

We keep updating the Swaraj tractor price list in India to keep our customers up to date with the latest price. We also provide genuine information regarding the upcoming tractors from the company in India. If you want more information regarding Swaraj 50 HP tractor price, Swaraj 45 HP tractor price, etc., then Tractorkarvan is the best.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Swaraj Tractors

1. What is the mileage of a Swaraj tractor per liter?

It offers efficient mileage. However, the per litre mileage may vary from one model to the other according to their hp and engine.

The road price ranges from INR 1.75 lakhs* to INR 15 lakhs*.

The new models are Swaraj Code, Swaraj 724 FE 4WD, Swaraj 969 FE, and Swaraj 744 FE 4WD.

Most of the Swaraj tractor models come equipped with low and high gear patterns consisting of 8 forward and 2 reverse gear speeds.

Swaraj tractor head office is located in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Swaraj tractor HP ranges between 11 to 75 HP.

Swaraj 744 FE is the best tractor in Swaraj.

Swaraj Code, Swaraj 724, Swaraj 724 4WD, and Swaraj 717 are the best Swaraj mini tractors in India.

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