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The used tractor price on Tractorkarvan starts at INR 30,000*. We have listed 934 good condition second-hand tractors verified by tractor experts. They are available in the 20 – 75 HP range.
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Models Year of Registration Price
Farmtrac Champion 42 Valuemaxx 2021 ₹4.01 Lakh
Mahindra 265 DI Power Plus 2019 ₹3.30 Lakh
Mahindra 585 DI 2019 ₹3.72 Lakh
Massey Ferguson 7250 DI Powerup 2020 ₹4.19 Lakh
Farmtrac Champion XP 41 Valuemaxx 2019 ₹4.01 Lakh
Mahindra Arjun Ultra - 1 605 DI 2023 ₹5.66 Lakh
Farmtrac 50 Powermaxx 2022 ₹5.55 Lakh
Massey Ferguson 241 DI 2018 ₹3.84 Lakh
Mahindra Yuvo 415 DI 2017 ₹3.19 Lakh

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Used Tractors In India

Used tractors are the best bet for farmers in India as the income is limited and they cannot afford pricey new tractors every time. There is a huge demand for used tractors in India. Second tractors come with many advantages ranging from being cost-effective, hassle-free purchase to easy availability. Even the second hand tractor price is less than the new tractor price. If you are looking for a used tractor for sale near you, then Tractorkarvan is the perfect place.

The foremost question while deciding to buy a used tractor is the working condition. Be assured, we at Tractorkarvan have verified all the used tractors for sale near you. Only those old tractors for sale have been made available which are in good working condition. Moreover, the list includes popular brands like Mahindra tractors second hand and Swaraj used tractors, among others.

Second-hand tractors under 1 lakh

There are more than 40 second-hand tractors under 1 lakh that is available for sale on Tractorkarvan. Some of them are:

  • Powertrac 434 DS Super Saver Valuemaxx: The 2014 model is a 34 HP tractor and is available at INR 34,196.
  • Mahindra 575 DI: The 2006 model is available at a price of INR 50,000. It is a 45 HP tractor.
  • Mahindra 475 DI: The 2009 model, 49 HP tractor is available at INR 1 lakh.

Second-hand tractors under 2 lakhs

There are more than 60 used tractors under 2 lakh that is available for sale on Tractorkarvan. Some of them are:

  • Massey Ferguson 9000 Planetary Plus – Available in Nagpur, Maharashtra, at INR 1.5 lakhs, it is a 50 HP category tractor.
  • Sonalika Sikandar RX 47 – The 2014 Sonalika Sikandar RX 47 tractor model is available at INR 2 lakhs and is a 50 HP category tractor.
  • Swaraj 735 FE: This Swaraj 735 old model is an under 40 HP old tractor available at INR 1.10 lakh in Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh.

Why Old Tractors Are Better?

To buy a used tractor for sale near me or not is a question that keeps worrying the farmers. But do you know old tractors like used vehicles have many benefits? In fact, they are better than new tractors as they come with many advantages.

Price within budget: The used farm tractors are affordable and cost-effective. The second hand tractor price will be obviously less than a new tractor as it is used.  

Easy Availability: You can go to any second hand tractor showroom near you or a tractor dealer in your area to buy a used tractor. You can even try hands on bank auction tractor for sale. If you want to save time, then you can visit Tractorkarvan as we have a sperate page on tractor dealers.

Good resale value: A second tractor unlike used car has less depreciation rate. It will always have a better resale value as this specialized agricultural machine has been developed to provide service for longer period.

Many options available: There are many options of used farm tractors, including bank auction tractor for sale, are available at Tractorkarvan. You can choose as per your requirement and budget after thoroughly satisfying yourself.

Buy Second-hand Tractors on Tractorkarvan

Tractorkarvan lists all possible second-hand tractors from all brands and of all types available for sale in India. In addition, we have also provided the details of all verified sellers, dealers, and second hand tractor showroom offering to sell old tractors in India.

On our website, you will get good-condition old tractors for sale of all brands such as Sonalika used tractors, used tractor Eicher and old New Holland tractors. Moreover, we have also listed tractor used for sale of all types, be it second-hand mini tractors, second-hand tractors under 3 lakhs, 50 HP used tractors, 60 HP used tractors, and so on.

Second-hand Mini tractor in India

On Tractorkarvan, you can find the most popular second-hand mini tractors. All the old mini tractors listed on our website are from popular used tractor brands like Mahindra tractors, Massey Ferguson tractors, Sonalika tractors, Swaraj tractors, and many more. The old mini tractor price starts from INR 1 lakh, and the mini tractor second-hand price goes up to INR 4.85 lakhs.

Used Tractor Price

The used tractor second hand price in India is usually less than the new tractor price. It is affordable and economical. The second hand tractor price depends on the working condition, year of purchase, number of hours spent on farm, tyre conditions, engine conditions, etc. On Tractorkarvan, the used tractor price starts at INR 30,000 and can go above 5 lakh rupees.

The lowest priced used tractor available for sale on Tractorkarvan is Powertrac 434 DS Super Saver Valuemaxx. On the other hand, the best tractor with resale value is Eicher 380 and Eicher 485.

Used Farm Tractors for Sale Near Me

You need to visit Tractorkarvan to get the second-hand tractor of your choice available in all the Indian states. For instance, you can find second hand tractor in Karnataka, used tractor in Tamil Nadu, second hand tractor in UP, and second-hand tractor in Maharashtra.  viz.,

Besides, you can also visit used tractors district pages to find an old tractor near you. For instance, you can find second-hand tractor in Madhepura, Bihar and used tractor in Amravati, Maharashtra.

What You Need to Check Before Buying Used Tractor?

Purchasing a second-hand tractor is never easy. You must be cautious while buying an old tractor. Before purchasing, you must keep these things in mind:

Engine Condition: You must ensure that the engine conditions are good. It is the engine that transmits the power. A powerful engine means high-performance on field.

Brand: You must always go with a popular brand like Mahindra, Swaraj, New Holland, Eicher, etc. A renowned brand is a seal of trust and chances of being cheated is less.

Number of Hours on Farm: A tractor that has worked for longer hours on farm before available for sale, then its engine will have less power, less fuel-efficient, and worn-out tyre conditions. So, look for a tractor that has work for lesser number of hours on field.

Documents: Before purchasing a used tractor always check the documents for its originality. We at Tractorkarvan verify the document to ensure that you get the best deal on used tractor.

Try it yourself: Always test and drive a second-hand tractor to check the working condition and its authenticity.

Why Tractorkarvan for Used tractors?

Do you think owning a tractor can burden your finances? To ease out this burden, Tractorkarvan, offers you an opportunity to buy a used tractor online that will be your farming companion.

Tractorkarvan's offer of fair prices for tractors makes the deal even better for you. We further extend customer support to ease the process of research & finalization of the right second-hand tractor suitable to your farming requirements.

Moreover, if you cannot afford to buy even the used tractor, then no worries. Because Tractorkarvan also finance tractor sale of used tractors.

Tractorkarvan helps you find and buy used tractors in India. You can narrow down your search with filters such as used tractor price, condition, year of purchase, brand, etc. Tractorkarvan is your one-stop platform for buying and selling used tractors in India. Here you can also find used mini tractors from India.

Visit Tractorkarvan to sell used tractor to get the best deal on your used farm tractor.

Frequently Asked Questions on Second hand tractor for sell

1. How many second-hand tractors for sale are listed on Tractorkarvan?

934 second-hand tractors for sale are available on Tractorkarvan.

67 old tractors under 2 lakhs are listed for sale on Tractorkarvan.

The used tractor price starts at INR 30,000* and can go up to INR 6.50 lakhs*.

Mahindra, Sonalika, Swaraj, Massey Ferguson, and many more are the most used tractor popular brands available for sale in India.

The horsepower of second-hand tractors listed on Tractorkarvan ranges from less than 20 HP to above 75 HP.

Visit Tractorkarvan and apply the filter of the location to find an old tractor available for sale near you.

1 old mini tractor is for sale on Tractorkarvan.

Used Eicher 188 mini tractor of 2020 model is available at INR 1.40 lakhs in Satna, Madhya Pradesh.

Visit Tractorkarvan to buy a second-hand tractor easily, as we have provided all the necessary filters to let you decide and buy the tractor of your dreams.

The best second tractor for farming is Eicher 380 and Eicher 485.

You can buy a second-hand tractor on EMI option at Tractorkarvan.

Before buying a used tractor check the engine condition, tyre condition, original documents, and more.

Disclaimer: Second-hand tractors Buy and Sell is a Peer-to-Peer information service. Tractorkarvan provides a digital platform to enable and support farmers and owners to buy / sell used second-hand tractors. Tractorkarvan makes all reasonable efforts to ensure that all information on second-hand tractors is accurate but is not responsible for information provided by Sellers/Dealers. Buyers should verify tractor condition, documents, and other information physically before making payment. Prices shown on Tractorkarvan are provided by sellers and does not include transportation, yard charges, document charges etc.


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