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28 top tractor brands in India are listed on Tractorkarvan. The top three tractor manufacturers in India include Mahindra, TAFE, and Sonalika. The other popular ones are John Deere, New Holland, Eicher, Escorts, and Swaraj.
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More About Tractor Brands

There are more than 20 tractor brands in India. Some popular ones are listed below:

Mahindra Tractor

Mahindra tractor brand is the most popular tractor manufacturer in India. It produces tractors with a 15 to 75 HP range. Mahindra is considered the best tractor company in India.

Swaraj Tractor

Swaraj tractor brand is another famous name in the tractor industry, manufacturing tractors with a horsepower range of 11 to 75 HP.

Sonalika Tractor

Sonalika tractor brand is a Made-in-India tractor company highly popular among farmers. Sonalika tractor produces 18 to 120 HP tractors in India.

Eicher Tractor

Eicher tractor brand is one of the oldest brands in India, producing tractors with an HP range of 18 to 60 HP.

Kubota Tractor

Kubota tractor brand has gained popularity in a very less time, and it is widely preferred by Indian farmers because of its heavy-duty tractors and mini tractors. Kubota tractors manufactures tractors in a horsepower range of 21 HP to 55 HP.

Massey Ferguson Tractor

Massey Ferguson tractor brand is another famous name in the farming section. The company produces tractors in the 20 to 75 HP range.

John Deere Tractor

John Deere tractors is one of the most famous brands in the world. The brand produces tractors in an HP range of 28 to 120 HP.

New Holland Tractor

New Holland tractor brand is popular for manufacturing top-quality tractors suited to Indian farmlands. New Holland tractors are available in an HP range of 29 to 90 HP.

Farmtrac Tractor

Farmtrac tractors tractor brand is a part of the Escorts group in India. The company produces tractors in the 26 to 65 HP range in India.

Powertrac Tractor

Powertrac is another sub-brand of Escorts group and produces powerful tractors ideal for farming and commercial works. Powertrac tractors have an HP range of 25 to 60 HP.

Apart from all the above brands, many more trusted brands of tractors have accurate and complete information. There are more than 25 brands of tractors in India, and Tractorkarvan contains information about all of them.

Top 5 Tractor Company in India

The top 5 and best tractor company in India are:

  • Mahindra tractors
  • Swaraj tractors
  • Sonalika tractors
  • Eicher tractors
  • John Deere tractors

You can visit the brand page to check the tractor list of top 5 brands in India.

Latest Tractor Brands Price in India 2024

Tractorkarvan provides all the details of top tractor brands in India that are budget friendly for Indian farmers. Customers can quickly get the latest tractor models that are within their budget at Tractorkarvan. They need to select their favourite tractor company from the tractor company list.

The portal offers tractors with a starting price of 2 lakhs*, which can go up to 40 lakhs*. The price is totally based on specifications, advanced features, and customer requirements.

Top Tractor Brands at Tractorkarvan

Tractorkarvan is among the best portals that offer all the essential information about upcoming and latest tractor models. Farmers can easily access information about any tractor model specifications and prices with a few clicks. For instance, Mahindra 575 DI is the number one tractor in India, and users can easily access its details on Tractorkarvan.

The portal also offers a compare tractor feature. Customers can use it to compare their preferred tractor model with other tractors in India. For instance, they can use it to compare the strongest tractor in India  John Deere 6120B with another strong tractor in India.

Popular Tractor Brands that Customers Can Select From

Tractorkarvan offers a list of all tractor manufacturers in India. Customers can easily access all tractor names from top brands such as Mahindra, Swaraj, New Holland, Massey Ferguson, etc.

Each tractor company name listed on Tractorkarvan is equipped to do high farming tasks, has a reasonable price range, and comes with excellent features. This portal provides every detail of all tractor companies in India along with the latest on-road price to specifications.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for your next purchase?

With 25+ brands, Tractorkarvan provides a list of around 700 tractors. You can find all tractor company name list on the portal. The customers need to enter their desired tractor names to see all the specifications in a single place.

Tractorkarvan brings the opportunity to select amongst the list of tractor companies in India. It also provides the best equipment needed for the growth of the agricultural industry. The portal is developed to make the process of tractor purchase efficient and simple. Here, users can easily find all tractor company name lists in one place. 

Besides guidance, customers can also familiarise themselves with the latest updates from the biggest tractor manufacturers in India. For instance, Mahindra, Escorts, John Deere, New Holland, Sonalika, and more. Mahindra tractor company is the number one tractor company in the world.

Users can visit Tractorkarvan to access information on the topmost and new tractor companies in India. Customers can also check the list of fair condition secondhand tractors and the latest tractor brand on Tractorkarvan.

Frequently Asked Questions on All Brands

1. How many tractor companies are there in India?

There are 25+ tractor companies in India. Some of them listed on Tractorkarvan are Indo Farm Tractors, Same Deutz Fahr Tractors, Solis Tractors and Trakstar Tractors.

Kartar tractor and Agri King tractor are the new tractor companies in India.

Mahindra, Swaraj, John Deere, Sonalika, Kubota, Escorts, Farmtrac, Powertrac, New Holland, and Eicher are the top 10 tractor companies in India.

Mahindra is the best-selling tractor brand in India.

Sonalika and John Deere produce the strongest tractors in India.


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