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AutoNxt tractor price in India 2024 is within a reasonable range. AutoNxt tractor HP ranges from 20 HP to 45 HP. 3 AutoNxt tractors are available on Tractorkarvan. Some of the popular models are Autonxt X45H2, Autonxt X20H4 and Autonxt X35H2, among others.
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Tractors in India HP Ex-Showroom Price
Autonxt X45H2 45 HP Get More Details
Autonxt X35H2 35 HP Get More Details
Autonxt X20H4 20 HP Get More Details
Data Last Updated On: 22-May-2024

Popular Autonxt Tractors

Autonxt X45H2 Tractor
45 HP 2WD
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Autonxt X35H2 Tractor
35 HP 2WD
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Autonxt X20H4 Tractor
20 HP 4WD
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Autonxt Mini Tractors

Autonxt X20H4 Tractor
20 HP 4WD
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About AutoNxt Tractors

AutoNxt is a leading tractor manufacturing company in India that is employing technology to revolutionise how farmers farm. There is an upward trend of adopting electric tractors because of the benefits they offer, including lower emissions, reduced operating costs and environmental benefits. Autonext tractors are gaining traction because of growing interest towards sustainable solutions.

The company aims to modernise farming to impact society significantly. It critically understands the need for electric tractors before moving to the development stage. The brand has the toughest challenge of ensuring seamless operations considering the unreliable power supply in Indian villages. However, AutoNxt has worked on improving its charging technology and battery to suit the varying conditions.

A Brief History of AutoNxt Tractors

AutoNxt Automation Pvt Ltd is working to provide efficient electric, autonomous tractors to farmers worldwide. It aims to reduce operating expenses via its cost-saving technology, making AutoNxt tractors more economical than conventional tractors.

In addition, the brand considers the health risks farmers face and thus focuses on silent electric tractors that prevent hearing loss and spinal injuries.

Kaustubh Dhonde founded the company in 2016 along with a talented team of engineers coming from different engineering fields, including Electronics Engineering, Embedded Systems, Automation Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. The headquarter of the company is in Thane, Maharashtra.

USP of AutoNxt Tractors

AutoNxt is a leading name in the field of autonomous agriculture. It plans to revolutionise farming practices while reducing the environmental impact of farming applications. Following are some attributes that make the brand stand out in the market.

  • AutoNxt has an experience of over 35 man-years in research and testing technologies like off-road automation technologies and high-torque electric powertrains.
  • The brand is committed to offering tractors that are also effective and efficient, along with being socially responsible and eco-friendly.
  • It is working on providing driverless features in its electric tractors so that farmers can carry out challenging farm tasks without exposing themselves to extreme field conditions.
  • It promises five times lower operational expenses than a fossil fuel-powered tractor.
  • In the normal temperature range, the battery can operate for 3000 cycles in total. It means an estimated life of around 8-10 years for the battery.
  • AutoNxt tractors can perform all operations that a similar HP traditional tractor can do. In addition, all tractor implements compatible with a diesel tractor can work with AutoNxt tractors.
  • Based on the task it is performing, its tractors can work for 4-8 hours. Also, the charging time is 6 hours with a slow charger and 2 hours 30 minutes with a fast charger.

Advantages of AutoNxt Tractors

AutoNxt Electric tractors have a range of key advantages over conventional diesel tractors:

  • Unlike diesel tractors that emit harmful pollutants like carbon dioxide and particulate matter, AutoNxt tractors operate without producing any such emissions. As a result, its tractors are a significantly more environmentally friendly choice.
  • Its tractors offer a significant advantage in terms of noise levels compared to diesel tractors. This feature becomes particularly valuable in residential areas or locations close to livestock, where reduced noise can have a positive impact.
  • AutoNxt tractors excel in certain situations due to their instant acceleration and high torque, outperforming diesel tractors in some scenarios. Also, they do not lose power at lower speeds, which makes them exceptionally suitable for precision farming applications.
  • Its tractors boast lower operating costs when compared to their diesel counterparts. This advantage arises from reduced maintenance requirements and lower fuel expenses.
  • Moreover, the simplicity of their design with fewer moving parts results in decreased chances of breakdowns, minimising the need for repairs.
  • These tractors offer both a reduced carbon footprint and lower operating costs.

In summary, AutoNxt tractors present numerous advantages, establishing themselves as a more economically viable and sustainable choice for our farmers.

Popular AutoNxt Tractor Models in India

The brand offers both 2WD and 4WD tractor models. The popular tractors of AutoNxt are as follows:

  • AutoNxt X20H4: One of the best mini tractors in the tractors under 20 HP category. It has a lifting capacity of 750 kg and a battery of 15 kWh. This AutoNxt 4WD tractor is best suited for a variety of small haulage, horticulture, backyard and garden activities.
  • Autonxt X45H2: Belonging to the tractors under 50 HP category, it produces a power output of 45 horsepower. It has top-notch features like a 35 kWh battery, crop health analysis and data collection for more efficient output analysis.
  • Autonxt X35H2: It is a high-quality tractor under 40 HP with a power output of 35 HP. Its key features include high lifting capacity, power steering and a 25 kWh battery.

AutoNxt Tractor Price List 2024

The AutoNxt tractor India price 2024 is highly reasonable as it is known for offering excellent value for money. At Tractorkarvan, you will get price details of all the models on the market. Thus, every farmer has the option to choose the tractor of their choice according to their budget and requirements.

Also, you can use the Compare Tractors feature on our platform to compare the specs and prices of different tractor models.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for AutoNxt tractors?

Tractorkarvan serves as a comprehensive resource for all AutoNxt tractors, offering up-to-date details such as the latest AutoNxt mini tractor price in India, specifications, and benefits. Stay informed about upcoming tractors and the latest tractors on our portal.

If you are in the market for an AutoNxt tractor or any other brand, Tractorkarvan is your go-to platform. We facilitate tractor loans to help customers purchase their desired tractors hassle-free. Rest assured; our AutoNxt tractor price list is regularly updated to provide the most current prices for all tractor models.

Not only that, Tractorkarvan goes beyond just AutoNxt tractors. Explore information on various tractor brands, tractor implements, tractor tyres, tractor videos and more, all conveniently accessible in a user-friendly manner. At Tractorkarvan, finding the information you need is a breeze at your fingertips.

Frequently Asked Questions on Autonxt Tractors

1. What is the AutoNxt tractor price range in India 2024?

The AutoNxt tractor price in India 2024 has been set within a reasonable range.

AutoNxt tractors are available in the HP range of 20 HP to 45 HP.

Tractorkarvan is the perfect place to get the latest and updated information about AutoNxt tractors.

The popular models of AutoNxt tractors include X45H2, X20H4 and X35H2.

Tractorkarvan is the best platform to get financing options for purchasing AutoNxt tractors.

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