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25+ combine harvesters are available on Tractorkarvan. The combine harvester price in India 2023 is affordable for farmers. The power required ranges from 60 - 110 HP.

There are various models of harvesters available on our platform. These are from top brands like Preet, Claas, Malkit, John Deere, etc. Combine harvesters are widely used farm machines in India. These machines are known for their multiple use and versatility. They have been designed to reduce the manual efforts of farmers during harvesting season. As a result, the farmers can increase productivity and profitability. Some popular models of combine harvesters are Preet 987, Fieldking MCH88, Kartar 4000 Multi-crop AC Cabin and Preet 7049 AC Cabin.

Key Features of Combine Harvesters

The combine harvesters are the number 1 choice for farmers when it comes to harvesting crops during harvesting season. This is because they can be used for harvesting multiple crops and can perform four functions: cutting, threshing, cleaning, and bagging in one single operation. Besides, they come with key features which cannot be overlooked. These are:

  • They are available in self-propelled type.
  • They can be used for multiple crops like wheat, paddy, soyabean, etc.
  • They are available in the HP range of 60 – 110.
  • They are heavy as their weight ranges from as low as 3000 kg and as high as 10500 kg.
  • They have a high ground clearance of 350 mm to 470 mm.
  • The wheel structure is of both types, viz., wheel and track.
  • They come with the option of an AC Cabin and Sunshade.

Popular Models of Combine Harvesters

Following are some popular models that farmers can rely on for their diverse farming operations. Check out their details from the list mentioned below:

  • Preet 987: It is a self-propelled combine harvester, and the required power is 101 HP.
  • Kartar 4000 Multi-crop: It comes in both AC Cabin and Sunshade models. The required power is 101 HP.
  • Claas Crop Tiger 30 Terra TRAC: It is of a self-propelled type. The required HP is 60 horsepower.
  • John Deere W70: It is self-propelled, and the required HP is 100 horsepower.
  • Malkit 997: This self-propelled combine harvester requires 101 HP to operate.
  • Yanmar AW70V: It requires 70 HP power to operate and is a self-propelled harvester machine.
  • Fieldking MCH88: This multi-crop harvester requires a horsepower of 88 HP.

Combine Harvester Price in India 2023

The combine machine price in India falls within an affordable range. The price depends upon your location and the features of the equipment. The better the features, the higher will be the price. On Tractorkarvan, you can check the combine harvester price list in India 2023. In addition, you can find the prices of all the popular harvesters models. You can even buy the combine harvester with easy EMI options.

Besides, you can use the compare harvesters feature to compare the prices and specifications of different combine harvester models brand-wise and category-wise.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for Combine Harvesters?

In this digital age, everyone wants information at their fingertips. The more you are aware, the better you will be able to decide. This is what we at Tractorkarvan try to solve. We have provided a huge catalogue of combine harvester models with complete specifications and prices. Moreover, the information is from authentic sources. So, the chances of you being misinformed are close to zero. Further, the combine harvester page has been designed in a way that you can find popular harvesters and related information easily. Visit Tractorkarvan and get the best deal on popular combine harvesters of top brands like Preet, Fieldking, John Deere, Class, Malkit, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Combine Harvester

1. What is the HP range of a Combine Harvester?

The power required to run Combine harvesters is 60 - 110 HP.

You can get updated information on Combine Harvesters at Tractorkarvan.

The top Combine Harvesters brands include Preet, Fieldking, John Deere, Claas and Malkit.

Some popular models of combine harvesters are Preet 987, Fieldking MCH88, Kartar 4000 Multi-crop AC Cabin and Preet 7049 AC Cabin.

Tractorkarvan is the best platform to get financing options for purchasing Combine Harvesters.

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