Fieldking Harvesters

Fieldking harvesters are one of the best agricultural equipment in India. Fieldking harvesters are widely used in India because of their build quality and efficiency in the fields. It reduces the workload of farmers by doing multiple works. Farmers have many types of work to do in their farmlands, and Fieldking harvesters help them complete most of the work, thereby reducing their workload and increasing productivity.
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Fieldking Harvesters

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Fieldking MCH100 Combine Harvester
Combine Harvester
Self Propelled | 100 HP
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Fieldking MCH88 Combine Harvester
Combine Harvester
Self Propelled | 88 HP
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More Harvester Brands

Fieldking Tractor Implements

Fieldking FKAT4WNT-E-5T Tractor Trailer Implement
Tractor Trailer
50-70 HP
Price starts ₹2.32 Lakh
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Fieldking Multi Row FKMRDCT 19 Cultivator Implement
Multi Row FKMRDCT 19
90-120 HP
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Fieldking High Speed FKMDHC-22-16 Disc Harrow Implement
High Speed FKMDHC-22-16
Disc Harrow
55-65 HP
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Fieldking Mounted FKMDP-5 Disc Plough Implement
Mounted FKMDP-5
Disc Plough
105-125 HP
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About Fieldking

Fieldking harvesters are specially designed according to the Indian crop conditions and by keeping the requirements and budget of Indian farmers in mind. These combine harvesters are majorly used in most field operations and reduce the workload of farmers. This agricultural machinery has been a great help for Indian farmers because of its effectiveness and efficiency, which is unmatchable.

The Fieldking harvesters can perform cultivation, plantation, and crop rooting, which reduces the time and labour costs, thereby increasing the profits.

How does Fieldking Harvester help in agriculture or farming in India?

Fieldking harvesters have always been the first choice of Indian farmers because of their build quality and effectiveness in the field. The major advantage of having a Fieldking harvester is getting the utmost productivity. Crop production is the primary aim of every Indian farmer, and the multi-crop harvesters from Fieldking help the farmers achieve the same in less time and cost.

The Fieldking harvesters are primarily used to enhance productivity and simplify the time taking and complex field operations. They offload the farm operations and help farmers generate high profits with the help of modern and advanced technologies.

What is the Fieldking Harvester price in India?

The Fieldking Harvester price in India is affordable compared to its features, latest design, and modern features. Farmers find it an easy-to-buy option as it will not put a big hole in their pockets. The starting price of the Fieldking harvester in India is INR 20 lakhs*.

Moreover, the price may differ from one state to another because of the difference in government taxes and subsidiaries. The Fieldking Harvester price in India is another reason for its popularity, and that’s why farmers prefer it the most among other brands. To know the latest Fieldking Harvester price, contact Tractorkarvan.

Popular Fieldking Harvesters in India

Some popular harvesters from the Fieldking brand are listed below:

Fieldking MCH100

The Fieldking MCH100 is a self-propelled harvester available with a 100 HP engine. This Combine Harvester comes with features like wider and longer rubber tracks for smoother operations in all types of farmlands.

Fieldking MCH88

The Fieldking MCH88 is also a self-propelled harvester that comes with an 88 HP engine. It is widely used in farming to reap, thresh, and winnow crops in a single process.

Why Choose Tractorkarvan for Fieldking Harvesters?

At Tractorkarvan, users may easily get the latest information about Fieldking harvesters, such as Fieldking harvester price list 2023, specifications, warranty, benefits, and more. The final price of Fieldking harvesters might be on the higher side for small and mid-range farmers, and that’s where Tractorkarvan comes into the picture.

Tractorkarvan helps users get affordable loans to purchase the Fieldking harvester of their choice. The interest rate of Tractorkarvan is the best in the market. Moreover, the portal also provides compare harvester option to compare two harvesters’ prices and specifications. To resolve your Fieldking Harvester-related queries, contact Tractorkarvan now!

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Frequently Asked Questions on Fieldking Harvesters

1. What is Fieldking Harvester price in India?

Explore Tractorkarvan to know the Fieldking Harvester price in India.

Fieldking Harvester HP ranges from 88 HP to 100 HP.

2 Fieldking Harvesters are listed on Tractorkarvan.

Tractorkarvan provides updated details about Fieldking Harvesters in India.

Subsidy on Fieldking Harvesters differs from one place to another. To know more, contact Tractorkarvan.

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