Swaraj Harvesters

Swaraj has always been the first choice of Indian farmers in terms of tractors and other farm equipment. However, it is also famous for manufacturing one of the first harvesters in India. The combine harvesters from the Swaraj brand are designed for different farming tasks that can harvest multiple crops with ease.
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Swaraj 8200 Combine Harvester
Combine Harvester
Self Propelled | 100 HP
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Swaraj 8100 EX Combine Harvester
8100 EX
Combine Harvester
Self Propelled | 101 HP
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Swaraj Pro combine 7060 track Combine Harvester
Pro combine 7060 track
Combine Harvester
Self Propelled | 72 HP
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Swaraj B525 Tractor Combine Harvester
Tractor Combine Harvester
Tractor Mounted | 50-60 HP
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Other Harvester Brands

Popular Swaraj Tractors

Swaraj 744 FE Potato Xpert Tractor
744 FE Potato Xpert
45 - 50 HP 2WD
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Swaraj 744 XT Tractor
744 XT
41-50 HP 2WD
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Swaraj Code Tractor
11.1 HP 2WD
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Swaraj 834 XM Tractor
834 XM
30 - 35 HP 2WD
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Popular Swaraj Implements

Swaraj Gyrovator SLX-200 Rotavator Implement
Gyrovator SLX-200
7 Feet Rotavator
55-60 HP
Price starts ₹1.28 Lakh
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Swaraj P-550 Thresher Implement
40 HP
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Swaraj 22 P Potato Planter Implement
22 P
Potato Planter
45-55 HP
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Swaraj Gyrovator SLX-175 Rotavator Implement
Gyrovator SLX-175
6 Feet Rotavator
50-55 HP
Price starts ₹1.19 Lakh
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About Swaraj Harvesters

Swaraj has been one of the topmost harvester brands in the Indian market since the day it stepped into the harvester market. From the very beginning, this brand has achieved many milestones and empowered the lives of many people in the country. It is widely preferred by Indian farmers because of its excellent build quality, modern features, and affordable price.

Swaraj tractor brand came into existence in 1974. It manufactured the first domestic tractor in India. It has held the top position in manufacturing tractors and other farm machinery for a long time.

Swaraj harvesters are widely used in different parts of India due to the presence of modern features and cutting-edge technology. The brand is widely known for producing top-class self-propelled harvesters and tractor-mounted harvesters.

Swaraj Combine Harvester Price 2023

Swaraj combine harvester price in India is economical for mid-range and high-range farmers. Harvesters have become an integral part of the Indian farming community because of smart and productive farming. Indian farmers prefer Swaraj harvesters, among other brands, to earn better profits in less time. Swaraj harvester price may seem to be expensive for small farmers, but it offers huge profits by reducing time and labour costs.

Swaraj Combine Harvester Models

Swaraj offers three harvester models in India. Users can get the details of all three harvesters on Tractorkarvan within a few clicks. The three Swaraj harvester models are listed below:

  • Swaraj 8100 EX: This Swaraj self-propelled combine harvester's horsepower is 101 HP. It has a grain tank capacity of 2140 litres.
  • Swaraj Pro Combine 7060 Track: This Swaraj combine harvester has a horsepower of 72 HP. Its grain tank capacity is 750 kg.
  • Swaraj B525: The engine horsepower of this Swaraj Tractor-Mounted Combine Harvester is 50 HP. Its cutter bar width is 3657.6 mm.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Swaraj Harvesters

1. What is Swaraj Harvester price in India?

Explore Tractorkarvan to know the Swaraj Harvester price in India.

Swaraj Harvester HP range is 50 to 101 horsepower.

3 Swaraj Harvesters are listed on Tractorkarvan.

Tractorkarvan offers updated information on Swaraj Harvesters in India.

Subsidy on Swaraj Harvesters varies from place to place. Contact Tractorkarvan for further details.

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