Brand Swaraj
Model Name Swaraj 8200
Category Combine Harvester
Harvester Power 100 HP
Power Source Self Propelled
Crop Multi Crop

About Swaraj 8200

Combine Harvester Swaraj 8200 is a 100 HP self-propelled harvester machine. You will get the most affordable Swaraj 8200 combine harvester price on Tractorkarvan.

Swaraj 8200 is one of the best combine harvesters in the market. It has minimum grain loss because of more sieve area and straw walkers. It is considered an effective harvester because it offers two blower speeds that improve cleaning adjustment. In addition, it is highly fuel-efficient, making it cost-effective for farmers. It is equipped with unique features like less turning radius and more ground clearance. Keep reading the upcoming sections if you want to know more about Swaraj 8200 combine harvester.

Swaraj 8200 Self-Propelled Combine Harvester Key Specifications

Swaraj has gained immense popularity among Indian farmers. Swaraj 8200 is known for maximum operator comfort because of fewer vibrations. Its key features are:

Engine & Performance

  • It is a 100 HP self-propelled harvester, which offers an engine-rated RPM of 2200 RPM.
  • The engine type is a direct injection engine with a turbocharged intercooler.
  • The cooling system of this harvester is liquid-cooled to keep the engine cool and prevent overheating.
  • This harvester comes with a fuel tank capacity of 245 litres.


  • The brakes provided in this harvester are dry type, providing an effective braking experience.
  • This harvester's forward and reverse speed ranges between 1.97 – 23.25 km/h and 4.93 – 10.38 km/h, respectively.

Dimensions & Weight

  • The Swaraj 8200 has a total weight of 7400 kg.
  • The length and width of this harvester are 8960 (Working) / 12210 (Transport) mm and 6160 (Working) / 3160 (Transport) mm, respectively.
  • This Swaraj harvester's height and ground clearance are 3960 mm and 385 mm.

Cutter Bar Mechanism & Grain Outlet

  • It has a cutter bar width of 4200 mm.
  • It has a cutting height range of 35 mm.
  • The harvester's reel height can be adjusted with the help of hydraulics.
  • The grain tank capacity of this machine is 2.5 cubic meters.

Threshing Mechanism

  • The diameter and width of this threshing drum are 600 mm and 1274 mm, respectively.
  • The threshing speed is 525 – 1125 RPM.
  • The threshing speed of this harvester can be controlled by a mechanical variator.

Cleaning System

  • This Swaraj harvester's upper and lower sieve area are 2.21 sq m and 1.5 sq m., respectively.
  • It comes with a mechanical roto speed adjustment.


  • The front tyres of this harvester are 18.4/15 - 30, 14 PR, and the rear tyres are 9.00 - 16, 16 PR.

Swaraj 8200 Self-Propelled Combine Harvester Key Benefits

  • It is the 1st in smart E technology and is equipped with advanced features.
  • It provides best-in-class grain quality. It means the grain cleanliness is the best in class and offers the least grain loss.
  • This Swaraj harvester has higher Acreage.
  • Due to less vibration, it ensures additional comfort for the operator.
  • Due to more sieve area and straw walker, the loss of grain is minimum.
  • It features 2 blower speeds to adjust the cleaning mechanism better.
  • It is a fuel-efficient harvester machine.
  • It has a higher ground clearance with less turning radius.
  • The maintenance cost is low due to the doorstep service and dedicated relationship manager.

Swaraj 8200 Self-Propelled Combine Harvester Price 2023

The Swaraj 8200 Self-Propelled Combine Harvester price is within the budget of most Indian farmers. It has been purposefully set at a reasonable level so that a large number of farmers can buy this machine. You will find the best price on our website.

Use the Compare Harvesters tool to compare the Swaraj 8200 price and features with similar models like Swaraj 8100 EX.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for Swaraj 8200 Self-Propelled Combine Harvester?

Most farmers look for a digital platform that provides everything farming related in a single place. Whether it's a self-propelled combine harvester or any other harvester, you will find all the crucial information on our portal. Users will be able to finance Swaraj 8200 combine harvester in instalments. Visit Tractorkarvan and find the best deal on popular harvesters offered by top brands like Mahindra Harvesters, Kartar Harvesters, New Holland Harvesters and John Deere Harvesters.

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Key Specifications of Swaraj 8200

Cabin Sunshade Sunshade
Wheel Structure Wheel Type
Engine Model MCVNC35TI110CE4
Engine Type Direct Injection with Turbocharged Intercooler
Cooling System Liquid Cooled
Engine Hp 100 HP
Engine Rated Speed 2200 RPM
Fuel Tank Capacity 245 L
Brakes Drum type
Theoretical Traveling Speed Forward- 1.97-23.25 km/h, Reverse- 4.93-10.38 km/h
Main Dimensions
Weight 7400 kg
Length 8960 (Working) / 12210 (Transport) mm
Width 6160 (Working) / 3160 (Transport) mm
Height 3960 mm
Minimum Ground Clearance 385 mm
Cutter Bar Mechanism
Working Width 4200 mm
Cutting Height Range 35 mm
Reel Height Adjustment Hydraulic
Grain outlet
Grain Tank 2.5 Cu m.
Threshing Mechanism
Diameter Of Threshing Drum 600 mm
Width Of Threshing Drum 1274 mm
Speed 525-1125 RPM
Speed Adjustment By Mechanical Variator
Concave system
Clearance Adjustable Mechanical
Cleaning system
Upper Sieve Area 2.21 Sq m.
Lower Sieve Area 1.5 Sq m.
Rotor Speed Adjustment Mechanical
Tyre size
Front 18.4/15 - 30, 14 PR
Rear 9.00 - 16, 16 PR
Straw walker
No Of Straw Walker 5
No Of Steps 6

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Frequently Asked Questions on Swaraj 8200

1. What is the HP of the Swaraj 8200 self-propelled combine harvester?

The Swaraj 8200 self-propelled combine harvester delivers a power output of 100 HP.

The threshing drum width of this machine is 1274 mm.

Tractorkarvan provides updated information on Swaraj 8200 self-propelled combine harvester.

The overall weight of this machine is 7400 kg.

You can purchase Swaraj 8200 self-propelled combine harvester on easy EMIs at Tractorkarvan.

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