Harvester Machine in India

35+ harvester machines are available on Tractorkarvan. The harvester price in India 2023 is affordable on Tractorkarvan.

Harvester machines have been a boon for farmers. It is the single biggest thing that has changed how harvesting is done globally. Some popular models are Preet 987Kartar 4000 Multicrop and Shaktiman 3737 Tejas. The advent of this machine has brought down the losses involved during each stage of harvesting. As a result, it has saved time and money for Indian farmers, increasing their profitability.

Today, harvesters are used by almost every farmer in India. It has almost penetrated every corner of the country. This has been largely due to the subsidies provided by the Indian government. We at Tractorkarvan have listed a wide range of harvesters to give you multiple options to choose from. The harvester machine price is reasonable and can also be bought on easy EMIs. The top harvester brands available with us include Preet, Kubota, Kartar and John Deere.

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What is a Harvester?

A harvester is a farm machinery that is used to harvest crops and increase the crop yield by cutting the losses at each stage of harvesting. The different stages of harvesting are:

  • Gathering and cutting of crops
  • Threshing of crops
  • Cleaning of crops
  • Bagging the cleaned grain

All these stages or functions are covered in one operation using tractor-mounted or self-propelled harvesters.

Benefits of Harvesters

  • Harvesters help save time as multiple functions, like cutting, winnowing, etc., are covered in one operation.
  • They help save labour cost as it reduces the manual effort involved in harvesting.
  • This machine increases profitability by reducing the losses like shattering losses.
  • The final crop obtained is cleaned with the use of a straw walker.
  • Harvesters can be used for harvesting multiple crops, such as paddy, wheat, and maize.
  • They increase the overall productivity of crops.

Popular Harvester Brands in India

There are many top brands of harvesters in India. On Tractorkarvan, we have listed the top 5 harvester brands. A brief description is given below:

Preet Harvesters

Preet Harvesters is the leading manufacturer of combine harvesters in India. Its origin dates back to 1980. Today, it is the largest manufacturer of self-propelled combine harvesters. The harvester machines of the Preet brand are hugely popular and in great demand because of their reliability and affordability. The most popular harvester is Preet 987.

Kubota Harvesters

Kubota Harvesters has carved a space for itself in the farm equipment industry. Kubota is the best seller of paddy harvesters in India. The Kubota combine harvesters are known for their precision and speed. As a result, farmers enjoy long-run durability and profitability. The famous harvester model is Kubota DC-68G-HK.

Kartar Harvesters

Kartar harvesters are manufactured by Kartar Agro Industries. It was founded in 1965. Today, it is the leading manufacturer of combine harvesters. One of the most popular harvester models from the group includes Kartar 4000 Multi-crop AC Cabin.

John Deere Harvesters

John Deere Harvesters are from the famous tractor manufacturing brand John Deere. Like their robust and heavy-duty tractor models, the John Deere harvesters are also powerful, versatile, and heavy-duty machines. Its popular model Combine Harvester W70 is equipped with a 100 HP turbocharged engine.

Malkit Harvesters

Malkit Harvesters have wide acceptance among Indian farmers. They are known for supreme quality and dynamic features. Malkit harvesters offer precision operation, high fuel efficiency, long service life and optimum performance. The most famous model is Malkit 997 Self-propelled Combine Harvester.

Types of Harvester Machines

Harvesters can be classified based on usages/applications and the vehicle used to operate them. On a usage basis, it can be categorized into combine harvesters, sugarcane harvesters, rice harvesters, and mini combine harvesters.

On the basis of the vehicle used, they can be categorized as tractor-mounted harvesters and self-propelled harvesters.

  • Tractor mounted Harvesters: In this type, the harvester machine is attached to the tractor. The PTO of the tractor drives the capacity of the harvester. One of the popular tractor-mounted harvesters is Preet 649 TMC Combine Harvester.
  • Self-propelled Harvesters: These types of harvesters do not take power input from the tractor. Some popular models in this category are Kartar 4000 Multi-crop AC Cabin Combine Harvester and Case IH Austoft 4000 Sugarcane Harvester.

Harvester Machine Price in India 2023

The harvester machine price in India is reasonable and cost-effective. The price depends upon a host of factors and varies across the states of India. The harvester price in India starts at INR 5.50 lakhs and can go up to INR 27 lakhs. You can check the harvester price of all the popular models of top brands on Tractorkarvan. You can also buy the harvester machine on EMIs with the help of a loan facility offered at Tractorkarvan. Users can also take the help of the Compare Harvesters tool to compare the price and features of multiple harvesters.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for Harvesters?

Tractorkarvan is a one-stop portal for buying and selling tractors, farm implements, tractor tyres, and harvesters. The portal provides complete details about all the best harvester machines, including specifications, features, and prices. We have created a separate page for Harvesters that contain information about top harvester brands, popular harvester models, top categories of harvesters, and harvester types. You can even search harvesters by crop type. The page has been designed for your easy reference. Additionally, you can even buy harvesters with easy EMI options.  Visit Tractorkarvan to get the best deal on all popular harvesters today.

Frequently Asked Questions on Harvester Machine

1. What is the price range of harvester models in India?

The harvester price in India 2023 ranges between INR 5.50 lakhs and INR 27 lakhs.

The popular models available are Preet 987, Kartar 4000 Multi-crop AC Combine Harvester, and Malkit 997.

The two major types are self-propelled harvesters and tractor mounted harvesters.

You can finance the harvesters on easy EMIs at Tractorkarvan.

You can get the updated information on harvester machines at Tractorkarvan.