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4+ tractor combine harvesters are listed on Tractorkarvan. The tractor combine harvester price is reasonable for farmers. The power range required to operate the machine is 60 - 75 HP.
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Mahindra HarvestMaster H12 Tractor Combine Harvester
HarvestMaster H12
Tractor Combine Harvester
Tractor Mounted | 57 HP
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Preet 649 TMC Tractor Combine Harvester
649 TMC
Tractor Combine Harvester
Tractor Mounted | 60-75 HP
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Swaraj B525 Tractor Combine Harvester
Tractor Combine Harvester
Tractor Mounted | 50-60 HP
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Landforce TDC-3900 Tractor Combine Harvester
Tractor Combine Harvester
Tractor Mounted | 55-60 HP
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Standard TSC-513 Tractor Combine Harvester
Tractor Combine Harvester
Tractor Mounted | 101 HP
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Mahindra HarvestMaster H12 4WD Tractor Combine Harvester
HarvestMaster H12 4WD
Tractor Combine Harvester
Tractor Mounted | 57-65 HP
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About Tractor Combine Harvester

A tractor combine harvester is a customized multi-crop harvester. They are mounted on tractors to operate the harvester machine. It requires PTO HP to drive the capacity of the machine. The tractor-mounted harvester is feature-rich and compatible. Top brands like Preet, Mahindra and Swaraj offer some of the best-quality tractor combine harvesters in the market. This farm equipment is meant to harvest paddy crops in soft and wet fields. Besides, the tractor combine harvester makes the harvesting task easy, thus reducing time and effort.  

Many models of tractor combine harvesters are available for sale in the market. These are from major brands like Preet, and the most popular model is Preet 649 TMC. Other top models include Mahindra HarvestMaster H12, Swaraj B525 and Mahindra HarvestMaster H12 4WD.

Key Features of Tractor Combine Harvesters

The tractor combine harvesters are easy to operate and are preferred in extensive fields with loose soil. They can be used to harvest all types of crops, like wheat, soybean, etc. Some of the key features are:

  • They have a faster unloading system.
  • They have high-capacity hydraulics.
  • They have a simple design and low maintenance.
  • They can be used easily in any soil conditions.
  • They come with high-ground clearance.

Popular Models of Combine Harvesters

Preet 649 TMC

Preet 649 has earned the reputation of being the most reliable tractor combine harvester in India. The following are its key features:

  • It requires power in 60 – 75 HP ranges to run.
  • The total number of cylinders in the engine stands at 4.
  • It has a liquid-cooled cooling system to prevent engine overheating.
  • The concave adjustment in the threshing mechanism is mechanical type.
  • The overall weight of the machine is 7010 kg.
  • It has a working width and length of 5250 mm and 8400 mm, respectively.
  • It has a high ground clearance of 500 mm.
  • For complete threshing, it has a long length thresher.
  • It comes with the reduction option of single stage and double stage.
  • The blades of the machine for crop cutting are of the best quality.
  • It has a large sieve area of 1.8 square meters (upper) and 1.2 square meters (lower) for cleaning grains.

Tractor Combine Harvester Price 2023

The tractor combine harvester machine price in India is cost-effective and can be afforded by average Indian farmers easily. On Tractorkarvan, you get the tractor combine harvester price list in India 2023. The price list contains the prices of all popular tractor harvester models. You can even finance the tractor combine harvester using the loan facility available at Tractorkarvan.

You can even compare the price and specifications of two different tractor multi-crop harvesters with the help of compare harvesters feature on the portal. Moreover, you can compare it brand-wise and even category-wise.

Why Choose Tractorkarvan for Tractor Combine Harvesters?

Tractorkarvan is a trusted portal for tractors, farm implements, tractor tyres, and harvesters. It is a one-stop online destination for those looking for authentic and curated information regarding all tractor combine harvester models. Here, you get the complete specification and tractor combine harvester price in a few clicks. Moreover, we understand the farmer’s condition in India. Hence, we have made available a loan facility so that you can buy it and pay it back in easy EMIs later. Log in to Tractorkarvan and get the best deal on popular harvesters of major brands like Preet.

Frequently Asked Questions On Tractor Combine Harvester

1. What is the HP range of a Tractor Combine Harvester?

The power required to run Combine harvesters is 60 - 75 HP.

You can get updated information on Tractor Combine Harvesters at Tractorkarvan.

The top tractor combine harvester brands include Preet, Mahindra and Swaraj.

Some popular models of tractor combine harvesters are Preet 649 TMC, Mahindra HarvestMaster H12, Swaraj B525 and Mahindra HarvestMaster H12 4WD.

Tractorkarvan is the best platform to get financing options for purchasing Tractor Combine Harvesters.

Disclaimer: The product information and other details provided on this page is as made available by the respective brand and otherwise available in the public domain. Users should contact the nearest agriculture harvester’s dealer to know about the latest features and prices. Prices and EMI shown by TractorKarvan are generic in nature – Exact price and EMI will depend on variants, discounts, interest rate, duration, frequency, and other factors. Please click Get On Road Price or Buy on Installments or visit your desired product's brand dealer for more information on Price and EMI. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.


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