Popular Harvesters in India

More than 20 popular harvests are available for sale on Tractorkarvan. These popular harvesters HP ranges from 60 – 101 horsepower. They are top brands like Kartar, John Deere and Preet, among others.
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John Deere W70 Combine Harvester
John Deere
Combine Harvester
Self Propelled | 100 HP
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Preet 849 Mini Combine Harvester
Mini Combine Harvester
Self Propelled | 76 HP
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Case IH Austoft 4000 Sugarcane Harvester
Austoft 4000
Case IH
Sugarcane Harvester
Self Propelled | 174 HP
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Shaktiman 3737 Tejas Sugarcane Harvester
3737 Tejas
Sugarcane Harvester
Self Propelled | 173 HP
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Shaktiman 3737 Sugarcane Harvester
Sugarcane Harvester
Self Propelled | 173 HP
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Swaraj 8200 Combine Harvester
Combine Harvester
Self Propelled | 100 HP
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Swaraj 8100 EX Combine Harvester
8100 EX
Combine Harvester
Self Propelled | 101 HP
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Mahindra HarvestMaster H12 Tractor Combine Harvester
HarvestMaster H12
Tractor Combine Harvester
Tractor Mounted | 57 HP
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Harvester Brands

Popular Harvesters

The farm machinery has been a great friend of farmers. On the one hand, they help reduce manual effort and time. On the other hand, they help save time and money, increasing productivity and profitability. Of all the farm machineries, harvester machines have been of great use to farmers, particularly during harvest season. They are now widely accepted and used by farmers to harvest different crops like paddy, wheat, maize, and so on.

The harvester machine comes with many useful features and benefits. The foremost is their design, which is meant to perform different functions in one single operation. By performing functions like cutting, threshing, winnowing, cleaning, and bagging in one single operation, they help save time, effort and money.

There are many harvester machines, such as combine harvesters, mini combine harvesters, sugarcane harvesters, and rice/paddy harvesters, present in the market. These machines have been classified per their uses and application. Besides, they are from top brands like Preet, Kartar, Malkit, Case IH, Shaktiman, and more.

However, there are several harvesters only which are popular among farmers and have huge sales volumes. The best thing is that all the popular harvester models of major brands are listed on Tractorkarvan. You can check the specifications and harvester machine price list in India 2023 on the website.

Some of the popular harvester models available on Tractorkarvan are the Class M460 Crop Tiger 40 Multi-crop combine harvester, Preet 849 Maize Special mini combine harvester, and Shaktiman 3737 Sugarcane harvester, among others.

Popular Tractor Harvester Models in India

The popular harvester machine models listed on Tractorkarvan belong to different harvester types, such as self-propelled and tractor-mounted harvesters.

Self-propelled harvesters: These harvesters do not require any farm vehicle to pull them. Rather they are equipped with their own engine HP to perform the harvesting functions. Most of the popular harvester models are self-propelled types. Some of the popular ones are:

Tractor-mounted harvesters: These harvesters are mounted before the tractors to perform the harvesting tasks. These are customized harvesters. The popular harvester under this category is Preet 649 TMC, which is equipped with a 60 -75 HP engine.

Popular Harvester Models Price 2024

The popularity of harvester machines depend upon the sales volume and demand in the market. They are demanded, one, they are rich in features, and second, they are affordable. So, all the popular harvester model prices fall in the affordable range. These can be easily afforded by farmers with the help of government subsidies. They can also buy these popular models on EMI options.

Tractorkarvan for Popular Harvester Machines

Tractorkarvan provides a separate segment for popular harvester machines. These models come with complete specifications and prices. Customers can also use the compare harvester tool to compare the price and specifications of two popular harvester models. Explore Tractorkarvan now and get the best harvester machine per your harvesting need and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions on Popular Harvesters

1. How many popular harvesters are listed on Tractorkarvan?

More than 20 popular harvester models are listed on Tractorkarvan.

To know the price range of popular harvesters in India, contact Tractorkarvan.

The popular harvester models in India are Swaraj 8100EX, John Deere W70, Preet 7049 AC Cabin, and many more.

The list of popular harvester models in India is available on Tractorkarvan.

Subsidy on popular harvester models differs from place to place. To learn more, contact Tractorkarvan.

Disclaimer: The product information and other details provided on this page is as made available by the respective brand and otherwise available in the public domain. Users should contact the nearest agriculture harvester’s dealer to know about the latest features and prices. Prices and EMI shown by TractorKarvan are generic in nature – Exact price and EMI will depend on variants, discounts, interest rate, duration, frequency, and other factors. Please click Get On Road Price or Buy on Installments or visit your desired product's brand dealer for more information on Price and EMI. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.


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