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Sonalika is one of the most reputed brands in India. The brand has been a pioneer in technology and innovation for the agri-ecosystem.
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Sonalika Harvesters

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Sonalika Samrat Combine Harvester
Combine Harvester
Self Propelled | 101 HP
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Sonalika Tractors

Sonalika Tiger DI 50 Tractor
Tiger DI 50
52 HP 2WD
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Sonalika Mahabali RX 47 Tractor
Mahabali RX 47
50 HP 2WD
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Sonalika Tractor Implements

Sonalika Challenger HD 9 feet Rotavator Implement
Challenger HD 9 feet
9 Feet Rotavator
80+ HP
Price starts ₹1.35 Lakh
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Sonalika Shred Master Shredder Implement
Shred Master
45+ HP
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Sonalika Jaguar SLLWM-6 Mulcher Implement
Jaguar SLLWM-6
45+ HP
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Sonalika Challenger alpha 5 feet Rotavator Implement
Challenger alpha 5 feet
5 Feet Rotavator
45-50 HP
Price starts ₹1.02 Lakh
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About Sonalika

Sonalika is a farm mechanization expert that has kept farmers at the centre of any development. Their goal is to allow farmers to move towards a prosperous future. Sonalika understands harvesting is a huge challenge because of labour shortages and wages. Farmers use harvester machines to collect and reap matured crops from the field. This is why Sonalika harvesters are packed with heavy-duty engines to obtain more power in fields. 

The combine harvesters of the brand are versatile machines that can easily separate grains from the chaff. They do not affect the grain quality, which is a crucial quality of a harvester. Harvesting involves different stages like cutting, threshing and winnowing of grains. Small-scale farmers do not need to rely on manual labour or multiple machines to perform all these operations. Sonalika harvesters offer the best outcomes in minimum time.

Go through the upcoming sections to learn more about the features, benefits and the Sonalika harvester price in India.

Unique Features of Sonalika Harvesters

Sonalika harvesters are amongst the best agricultural machinery in India. Indian farmers widely use them because of their high efficiency and robust build quality. These harvesters reduce the workload of farmers by performing multiple harvesting tasks. They have been a great help to Indian farmers because of their unmatchable effectiveness and productivity.

Sonalika harvesters play a crucial role in increasing farmers' profits by reducing labour costs and time involved. Below is the list of the primary features of Sonalika harvesters that make them stand out from the competition:

  • Sonalika harvesters are highly fuel-efficient and economical, thus allowing significant savings for farmers.
  • They are available in multi-crop types, ideal for harvesting crops like Wheat, Barseem, Corn, Moong, Paddy, Toor Dal, maize, Dhania and Soyabean.
  • These harvesters are powerful machines with high-power engines suitable for different agricultural tasks and varying soil conditions. However, fuel consumption is minimal.
  • The brand also offers optional 4-wheel drive models to provide improved traction in wet and semi-wet fields.
  • They come with vital features like adjustable height and speed, making them perfect for different crops.

Key Benefits of Sonalika Harvesters

Sonalika is the recipient of several awards for its top-quality products as well as services. For example, the famous Deming Prize has been awarded to the brand for its excellent management system. In addition, Sonalika has a vast and strong distribution network that offers quality after-sales services to customers.

Thus, Sonalika is rightly considered a reliable brand providing high-quality agricultural machines to farmers and assisting them in improving their efficiency and income.

Sonalika harvesters are a treat for Indian farmers. They have been using these machines to derive the utmost productivity in the field. Check out the primary advantages you gain from using Sonalika harvesters:

  • These harvesters offer uninterrupted yield at the most suitable time. A great output is possible when the resources are aptly allocated and used.
  • They are highly efficient in preventing the loss or wastage of grains. It results in the maximum amount of crop yield.
  • Sonalika harvesters are known to produce high-quality crop yields. The better the grain quality, the more its price will be.
  • They allow farmers to prepare the field in a shorter time for the next cropping season.
  • These machines reduce the total production cost of crops by preparing them in a short time.
  • Sonalika harvesters not only prevent the wastage of grains but also ensure the safety of farmers.

Popular Models of Sonalika Harvesters

Users can get the details of all Sonalika harvesters on Tractorkarvan in few clicks. Indian farmers commonly prefer these models because of their modern features, outstanding build quality and reasonable price. They can easily carry out time taking and complex harvesting operations. The multi-crop harvesters of the brand can be employed for harvesting different types of crops efficiently.

Sonalika harvesters are equipped with powerful engines to make harvesting operations quicker and smoother. They ensure the grains remain unbroken and clean after their processing. Below is the most popular Sonalika harvester model in India:

  • Sonalika Samrat: This self-propelled wheel-type combine harvester has a power output of 101 HP. It has a fuel tank capacity of 365 litres, while the grain tank is 2.5 cubic meters.

Sonalika Harvester Price in India 2023

A Sonalika harvester is a top choice for the Indian farming community. The price of these harvester models is highly reasonable, considering the top-level benefits they offer. Thus, they are a cost-effective choice for Indian farmers. The Sonalika harvester price in India 2023 is entirely justified by its top-level specifications and durability.

You can obtain all details related to the Sonalika harvester price in India 2023 on Tractorkarvan. Users can also get a loan to buy Sonalika harvester models in case of budget issues. Moreover, you can compare two harvester models on Tractorkarvan using the compare harvester tool.

In addition, the price may differ from one state to another because of the difference in government taxes and subsidies. The reasonable Sonalika harvester price in India is another reason for its popularity, which is why farmers prefer it the most among other brands. To know the on-road price of Sonalika harvesters, contact Tractorkarvan at once.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for Sonalika Harvesters?

Tractorkarvan is the most reliable platform for users searching for a source to learn about or buy mini combine harvesters or rice/paddy harvesters. Here, users can get all the crucial information on Sonalika harvesters, such as Sonalika harvester price, features, benefits, etc., right at their fingertips.  Tractorkarvan also provides loans at reasonable interest rates to help the farmers buy their favourite self propelled harvesters.

So, contact Tractorkarvan for updated information on harvesters of other top brands like Mahindra harvesters and John Deere harvesters.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Sonalika Harvesters

1. What is Sonalika Harvester price in India?

The Sonalika harvester price is highly reasonable in India.

Sonalika harvesters are popular because of their high efficiency and robust build quality.

Tractorkarvan provides updated details about Sonalika Harvesters in India.

The most popular model of Sonalika harvesters is Sonalika Samrat.

You can easily buy Sonalika harvesters in easy instalments via Tractorkarvan.

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