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Tractor tyre price in India 2024 usually ranges from INR 5,500* to INR 50,000* The tractor tyres are of two types: front tyres and rear tyres. Tractorkarvan has more 248 tractor tyres of popular tyre brands like Apollo, BKT, CEAT and MRF.

Agricultural tractor tyres are an essential part of tractors. Without it, the tractors are incomplete. There are many tyres from different brands available in the market. Also, they come in different types and sizes. Accordingly, different models with unique features, specifications and prices are available for the farmers to buy the agricultural tyre of their choice.

Key Characteristics of Tractor Tyres

  • Their construct enables a tractor to operate on any surface.
  • The life of a tyre is approximately six to ten years..

Classification of Tractor Tyre in India

Depending upon the farmers' needs, the tractor tyres in India are classified by position and use.

  • As per the use, these can be classified into agricultural tyres, industrial tyres, and turf tyres.
  • As per position, two types of tyres are used in tractors: front tyres and rear tyres. The front and rear tyres come in different sizes.
  • As per tractor types, the tractor tyres can be classified ranging from 2WD mini tractor front tyre size to 4WD tractor rear tyre size.

Tractor Tyre Sizes in India

The following tyre size is best for tractors as they are highly common: 16.9-28, 14.9-28, 13.6-28 or 12.4-28.
The Standard Size of Tractor Tyres are listed below:

  • 2WD Mini Tractor Front Tyre Size – This mini size ranges from 4.75 X 14 to 5.00 X 15.
  • 2WD Mini Tractor Rear Tyre Size– The tyre size of this mini tractor ranges from 8.00 X 18 to 12.40 X 24.
  • 4WD Mini Tractor Front Tyre Size – This mini size of 4WD is available from 5.00 X 12 to 8.00 X 12.
  • 4WD Mini Tractor Rear Tyre Size – The tyre size ranges from 8.30 X 20 to 11.2 X 28 for these mini tractors.
  • 2WD Tractors Front Tyre Size – It is available in sizes ranging from 6.00 X 16 to 10.4 X 16.
  • 4WD Tractors Rear Tyre Size – The big tyre of these tractors is usually between 9.5 X 20 and 18.4 X 34.

The tractor tyre weight also differs as per its size. A heavy tractor tyre ensures better grip and traction compared to a light tractor tyre.

How to Know the Size of Tractor Tyres ?

A tractor tyre size comes in different formats, viz., standard and metric formats. A standard measure of it is written as 14.9 – 42, and in metric form, it is written as 520/85R42. Now the question is, "how do you read these formats?"

  • 14.9 - 42 format: 14.9 indicates the width of the tyre in inches, and 42 indicates the diameter of the wheel in inches. The 'dash' means it is a bias ply tyre.
  • 520/85R42 format: 520 indicates the width in mm, 85 is the aspect ratio, R means Radial tyre, and 42 is rim size expressed in inches.

Construction of Tractor Tyres

A tractor tyre construct is broadly classified into bias tyres and radial tyres.

Bias Tyres

  • Multiple plies of rubber are arranged from bead to bead in a diagonal pattern. As a result, the sidewalls and treads of the bias tyre function as one unit.
  • A bias tyre is durable and dependable, but radial tyres are generally preferred for most field applications.

Radial Tyres

  • It has a two-part construction; wherein the cord plies are set at 90 degrees to the direction of travel. Further, the under-tread area is enclosed around the tyre's circumference by radial belts of fabrics or steel.

  • Radial tyres offer the best ROI (return on investment) by saving fuel and mitigating the effects of soil compaction.

Depending upon the nature of the application required on the farm, a particular tyre construct is used or sought by farmers.

Popular Tractor Tyres Brand in India

Tractor Tyre Price in India 2024

The tractor tyres price in India ranges between INR 5,550* and INR 50,000*. The tractor tyre price depends upon the weight, size, brand, and tread pattern. A budget tyre brand is the cheapest. The cost of tractor tires is important for farmers as the Indian market is price sensitive.

We have listed almost 250 tractor tyres that can easily fit the pocket of even a marginal and small farmer. If you want to know the tractor front tyre price or rear tyre price, then contact Tractorkarvan.

Choosing the Right Tractor Tyre

Tractor tyres are essential but choosing the right tyre for your tractor is more critical. It should be affordable from a famous brand and come with top specifications and great features. Lastly and most importantly, the size should fit your tractor type – a mini-tractor or a full-size tractor.

We on Tractorkarvan have created a separate page on tractor tyres and segmented it into popular tyre brands, front tyres, rear tyres, and popular tyre comparisons. You need to:

  • Visit the tractor tyre page on Tractorkarvan.
  • Select the tractor brand and tractor model, and click the 'Search Tyres' button.
  • Click on any popular brand and apply the filter per Tyre Position and Size.

Tractor Tyres Comparison

On Tractorkarvan, you can compare tractor tyres of any brand and model. The comparison tool will give you complete information about the compared tractor tyre price, size, ply rating (PR) and rim size.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tractor Tyres

1. Which agricultural tractor tyres offer the best performance?

The best tyres for tractors in India are MRF Tyres, CEAT Tyres, BKT Tyres, and Apollo Tyres, among others.

You can buy any tractor tyre models on easy EMIs from Tractorkarvan.

Mini tyres of tractor are ideal for orchard farming; for example, a front tyre of 5.00 X 12 and a rear tyre of 11.2 X 24.

The average cost of tyres of a tractor ranges between INR 5,500 to INR 50,000.

Tractorkarvan has the best tyres brand, including CEAT, MRF, Apollo, Birla and Good Year.

Yes, Tractorkarvan is highly trusted for tyres in India.

Tractorkarvan is the best platform to get financing options for purchasing tyres.


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