MRF Tyres

MRF Tyres is one of the safest and most reliable tyres brands in India. Also, MRF tractor tyres price list is available on Tractorkarvan.
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MRF Tyres

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Tyre Position
Tyre Size
MRF 8.00-16 KRISHI - TT Tyre
8.00-16 Krishi - TT
MRF Tyres
Front TyreSize - 8.00 X 16
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MRF 6.50-20 Shakti Life - TT Tyre
6.50-20 Shakti Life - TT
MRF Tyres
Front TyreSize - 6.50 X 20
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MRF 6.00-16 SHAKTI 3-RIB - TT Tyre
6.00-16 Shakti 3-Rib - TT
MRF Tyres
Front TyreSize - 6.00 X 16
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MRF 18.4-30 Shakti Life - TT Tyre
18.4-30 Shakti Life - TT
MRF Tyres
Rear TyreSize - 18.40 X 30
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MRF 11.2-28 Shakti Life - TT Tyre
11.2-28 Shakti Life - TT
MRF Tyres
Rear TyreSize - 11.2 X 28
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MRF 16.9-28 Shakti Super - TT Tyre
16.9-28 Shakti Super - TT
MRF Tyres
Rear TyreSize - 16.90 X 28
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MRF 5.25-14 Shakti Life - TT Tyre
5.25-14 Shakti Life - TT
MRF Tyres
Front TyreSize - 5.25 X 14
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MRF 6.00-14 SHAKTI LIFE - TT Tyre
6.00-14 Shakti Life - TT
MRF Tyres
Front TyreSize - 6.00 X 14
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MRF 8.00-18 Shakti Life - TT Tyre
8.00-18 Shakti Life - TT
MRF Tyres
Rear TyreSize - 8.00 X 18
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About MRF Tractor Tyres

MRF tyres are the best because they are trusted by farmers and used for varied applications on farm fields. MRF Tyres offer more than 70 models of tractor tyres. These models come in different sizes and cover front tyres and rear tyres.

MRF offers nine series of tractor tyres. These are Shakti Series, Krishi Series, Pahalwan Series, and Farm Muscle Series, among others. Tractorkravan, a digital platform, has listed 77 models of MRF tractor tyres covering both front and rear tyres.

The popular models listed on our portal include MRF 13.6-28 Shakti Life Plus – TT, MRF 6.50-16 Shakti Super – TT, and MRF 13.6-28 Shakti Xtra – TT, among others.

MRF Tyres – History and Presence

MRF Tyres is the abbreviated form of Madras Rubber Factory. It was started in 1946 as a toy balloon manufacturing unit by K.M. Mammen Mapillai. It ventured into tyre manufacturing in the late 1960s in collaboration with Mansfield Tire & Rubber Company based in Ohio, USA. It is one of the oldest tyre manufacturing companies in India.

MRF Tyres is the largest tyre manufacturing company in India. It has headquarters in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. Today, it has a worldwide presence and produces many tyres, including tractor tyres, car tyres, truck tyres, and many more. Also, it is among the top 15 tyre manufacturing companies worldwide. There are ten tyre manufacturing units of MRF Tyres in India.

MRF is a good brand that continues to lead the Indian tyre industry with an estimated market share of 28 per cent. In the agricultural tyres segment, it is one of the leaders in tractor tyres with a 22 per cent market share. If you are searching for tractor front tyre price MRF or MRF tractor trolley tyre price on the Internet, we are here to help you.

Key Features of MRF Tractor Tyres

MRF tractor tyres are the most trusted and reliable brand. The tyres are popular among Indian farmers as MRF is good for the long term. Some of the key features are:

  • Broader lugs to give better traction.
  • Efficient grip and smooth ride.
  • All-weather tread patterns.
  • The wide array of tyre options available.

The MRF tractor tyres are also known for their varied applications. MRF is better than other brands as its tyres are used for puddling, haulage, crop sowing, land preparation, and many more. Also, the long life of MRF tyres makes them a fan favourite.

Popular Models of MRF Tractor Tyres

MRF tractor tyres are available in many sizes for front and rear tyres. MRF's most famous front tyres are 6.00 X 16 Shakti Life – TT, 6.00 X 16 Shakti Super – TT, 7.50 X 16 Shakti Life Plus – TT, 6.00 X 16 Shakti 3- Rib – TT, etc.

The most popular MRF tractor tyres in the rear position are 13.6 X 28 Shakti Life Plus – TT, 14.9 X 28 Shakti Life Plus – TT, 12.4 X 28 Shakti Xtra – TT, 7.50 X 16 Tractor Trailer – 707 – TT, etc.

MRF Tractor Tyre Price in India

If you are looking for the MRF tractor front tyre price list, you have arrived at the best place. The best thing about MRF tractor tyres is that they are loaded with features. At the same time, the MRF tractor tyre price is within the range of every Indian farmer. It is a domestic brand and understands Indian farmers well. Hence, almost all tractor tyres from MRF are within a price range that Indian farmers can afford. 

Why choose Tractorkarvan for buying MRF Tractor Tyres?

We at Tractorkarvan have listed all affordable and popular MRF Tractor Tyres on our website. You can use the compare tyres feature to compare MRF tractor tyres with other brands like CEAT, Good Year, BKT and Apollo. Log on to Tractorkarvan to know more about MRF tractor tyres, MRF tractor tyres price list, and many more.

Frequently Asked Questions on MRF Tyres

1. Who is the chairman of MRF Tyres?

The chairman of MRF tyres is K.M. Mammen.

MRF tractor tyres are known for their safety and reliability. You can buy it for your farms from Tractorkarvan.

MRF tractor tyres come in many sizes, and the popular tyre sizes include 13.6 X 28, 14.9 X 28, 12.4 X 28, and 6.00 X 16.

The most popular tractor tyre from the MRF brand is Shakti Life.

Yes, the MRF tyres are known for their durability and affordability.

You can buy MRF tractor tyres on EMI from Tractorkarvan.  

Disclaimer: The above-mentioned information about the tractor tyre brands is furnished to the best of our knowledge as made available by MRF and otherwise available in the public domain. All MRF model tyre options may not be available at all the tractor tyre dealers. We recommend that you contact and check with your nearest MRF Tyre dealer about your required MRF tyre before visiting to the showroom for a purchase.


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