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The tractor front tyre price in India 2024 generally starts from INR 3,000* and goes up to INR 12,000*. There are 98 tractor front tyres available on Tractorkarvan. The popular front tyres are MRF 6.00-16 Shakti Life – TT, CEAT 6.00 – 16 Vardhan, and Birla 7.50 – 16 Shaan.
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Tyre Size
APOLLO 6.50-16 Krishak Gold Steer Tyre
6.50-16 Krishak Gold Steer
Front TyreSize - 6.50 X 16
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CEAT 5.20-14 Aayushmaan F2 Tyre
5.20-14 Aayushmaan F2
CEAT Tyres
Front TyreSize - 5.20 X 14
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BKT 7.50-16 Commander Twin Rib Tyre
7.50-16 Commander Twin Rib
BKT Tyres
Front TyreSize - 7.50 X 16
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MRF 6.00-16 Shakti Life Plus - TT Tyre
6.00-16 Shakti Life Plus - TT
MRF Tyres
Front TyreSize - 6.00 X 16
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MRF 9.5-24 Shakti Life - TT (F) Tyre
9.5-24 Shakti Life - TT (F)
MRF Tyres
Front TyreSize - 9.50 X 24
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MRF 7.50-16 SHAKTI SUPER - TT Tyre
7.50-16 Shakti Super - TT
MRF Tyres
Front TyreSize - 7.50 X 16
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MRF 9.5-20 Shakti Life - TT (F) Tyre
9.5-20 Shakti Life - TT (F)
MRF Tyres
Front TyreSize - 9.50 X 20
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APOLLO 5.00-15 Krishak Premium Steer Tyre
5.00-15 Krishak Premium Steer
Front TyreSize - 5.00 X 15
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MRF 6.00-14 SHAKTI LIFE - TT Tyre
6.00-14 Shakti Life - TT
MRF Tyres
Front TyreSize - 6.00 X 14
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Front Tractor Tyre

The tyres are an indispensable part of any vehicle. Two types of tyres - front and rear - are available in the market. Both tyres have different functions to perform. A tractor front tyre is responsible for easy steering, while a rear tyre is meant to provide stability and good grip.  35–40 per cent of the weight should be put on the front of the tractor or its front axle.

We have listed 98 front tyres on its website, along with their specifications and tractor front tyre prices. The popular front tyres include MRF 6.00-16 Shakti Life – TT, Apollo 6.00 – 16 Krishak Premium CR, CEAT 6.00 – 16 Vardhan, Birla 7.50 – 16 Shaan and JK Shresth 7.50 – 16.

Characteristics of Front Tyres

·        Tractor front tyres complement the rear tyres.

·        Without front tyres, the vehicle cannot turn in the required direction. In other words, the pair of front tyres are the steering tyres of the vehicle.

·        A mini tractor usually has lesser dimension front tyres than those in a full-size one.

·        Front tyres are generally small, so the operator has a clear front view. Smaller front wheels seem to go faster as they move at a high RPM.

·        Front tyres are ribbed to improve the vehicle's cornering, directional response and turning.

Tractor Front Tyres Size

A front tyre comes in multiple sizes per the needs of Indian farmers and the type of vehicle used by them.   In general, a front tyre comes in five standard sizes. These are 5.20-14, 6.00-16, 6.50-16, 6.50-20, and 7.50-16.

Depending upon the size, many front tyres are available. These front tyres are made by major tyre manufacturing companies such as CEAT Tyres, MRF Tyres, Apollo Tyres, BKT Tyres, and so on.

Popular Tractor Front Tyre Models in India

A tyre's popularity depends on price, specifications, durability, easy steering, etc. Some of the popular front tyres listed on our platform are:

  • MRF 6.00-16 Shakti Life – TT
  • MRF 6.00 – 16 Shakti Super – TT
  • MRF 7.50 – 16 Shakti Life Plus – TT
  • Apollo 6.00 – 16 Krishak Premium CR
  • Apollo 6.00 – 16 Vajra Super
  • CEAT 6.00 – 16 Vardhan
  • CEAT 6.00 – 16 Aayushmaan F2
  • Birla 7.50 – 16 Shaan
  • JK Shresth 7.50 – 16  
  • JK Sona 5.00 – 15 
  • Ralco 7.00 – 19 Mahashakti RL – 4004
  • BKT 6.00 – 16 Commander Twin Rib

How to Buy the Right Tractor Front Tyre?

Buying the right tyre for the front position is a major decision and farmers are often confused. The foremost thing is determining the right tractor front tyre size.  To simplify, we have created a separate page on Tractor Front Tyres. You must follow the steps below to determine the right front tyre. 

  • Visit our website and hover the mouse over the ‘Tyres’ option at the header.
  • From the menu, click on ‘Front Tractor Tyres’.
  • Apply the filter per ‘Tyre Size’ and ‘Brand’.

And there is a tailor-made view of the right front tyre of your choice. 

Choosing the right front tyre can affect the vehicle's speed, traction, productivity, and fuel efficiency.

Tractor Front Tyre Price in India 2024

The tractor front tyres price ranges between INR 3,000* and INR 12,000*.  The tractor front tyre price is usually lower than the rear tyre. You can find the most affordable front tyre on our website. It can easily fit the budget of a small farmer in India.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for buying Front Tyre Online?

If you want to buy a front tyre, you are at the right place. Here, you get a budget-friendly deal on all sizes of front tyres. Besides, you also get complete information on front wheel tractor tyres, including their specification and price. We also have a loan facility for you, which you can avail of and pay in easy EMIs. Users directly get all tyres of top brands on our website. You can easily compare tyres from different tyre brands using our platform.

Frequently Asked Questions on Front Tractor Tyre

1. What is the price of a front tyre in India?

The tractor front tyre price in India ranges from INR 3,000* to INR 12,000*.

Front tyres are generally small in size, so the operator has a clear front view.

Some popular Indian brands of front tyres are CEAT Tyres, MRF Tyres, Apollo Tyres and BKT Tyres.

You will find all the top front tractor tyres on Tractorkarvan.

Yes, front tractor tyres are available at Tractorkarvan.

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