Mini Combine Harvester

The Mini combine harvester price in India 2024 is affordable and cost-effective. It requires power in the range of 70 - 80 HP. 2 Mini combine harvesters are listed on Tractorkarvan.
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Mini Combine Harvester

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Preet 849 Mini Combine Harvester
Mini Combine Harvester
Self Propelled | 76 HP
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Preet 849 Maize Special Mini Combine Harvester
849 Maize Special
Mini Combine Harvester
Self Propelled | 76 HP
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About Mini Combine Harvester

A mini combine harvester is one of the most affordable and demanded farm machines in India. They are compact in size and require less horsepower compared to full-size combine harvesters. They can perform multiple tasks like paddy harvesting, maize harvesting, etc. Mini harvesters are simple to operate and flexible and are designed to work in small fields. When it comes to working, these machines are by no means mini because they are high-performing and effective machines on the field. The best mini harvester in India includes Preet 849 Maize Special and Preet 849.

Let’s learn more about mini harvesters, such as its key features, popular models, mini harvester price in India 2024 and more.

Key Features of Mini Harvesters

Mini combine harvesters can be operated easily and are made for small fields. They can be used for multiple crops such as maize, wheat and paddy. Some of the key features are:

  • They are compact in size yet powerful.
  • They have smaller tyres as required to operate in narrow field tracks.
  • They can be easily manoeuvred and are flexible to operate.
  • They come with a power of 70 – 80 HP.
  • They are generally self-propelled types.
  • They come with a liquid cooling system and air cleaner.
  • Mini harvester price is within the buying range of small farmers also.

Popular Models of Mini Combine Harvesters

Preet 849 Maize Special

  • This mini combine harvester is specially designed for harvesting maize.
  • It comes with a high torque reserve, low maintenance cost and a simple design.
  • It has a perfectly designed header to meet productive and efficient harvesting.
  • This Preet 849 model comes with sharp blades and hardened edge stalk rollers for durability.
  • It has a large grain tank capacity, which ensures long working hours without interruptions.
  • It comes with oil-immersed brakes ensuring low maintenance and high reliability.
  • It has a heavy-duty gearbox with five speeds collar shift gears.

Preet 849

  • This Preet 849 model is India’s most popular and ideal mini harvester machine.
  • It can be used to harvest crops like wheat, paddy, soybean, etc.
  • It is designed to give high performance and return on investment.
  • It has a broad cutter bar covering more cutting area.
  • This mini combine harvester has a comfortable, cushioned seat for the driver for more comfort.
  • It has a broader canopy providing extra cover to the operator.
  • Preet 849 is easy to move with less hydraulic power steering.
  • It has a long-length straw walker for the complete exit of straws.

Mini Combine Harvester Price 2024

The mini combine harvester machine price in India is reasonable and is set keeping in mind the income of the farmers of India. It can be easily afforded by average Indian farmers. If they can’t afford it, they can buy it on EMI with the help of a loan facility available at Tractorkarvan. You can even check the mini combine harvester price list in India 2024 on our portal.

Additionally, you can compare two mini combine harvesters of different brands to make a purchase decision. For this purpose, we have designed the Compare Harvesters tool for our platform.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for Mini Combine Harvesters?

Tractorkarvan has gained farmers’ trust within a short span of time as we have information for all those looking to buy a mini combine harvester or any other harvester model. We provide complete specifications of each model of mini combine harvester for your reference. Within a few clicks, you can also get the mini combine harvester price of all models. You can also avail of a loan facility to buy it on easy EMIs. Visit Tractorkarvan today and get the best deal on popular harvesters for your fields.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Mini Combine Harvester

1. What is the HP range of a Mini Combine Harvester?

The power required to run Combine harvesters is 70 - 80 HP.

You can get updated information on Mini Combine Harvesters at Tractorkarvan.

The best Mini Combine Harvesters brand is Preet.

Some popular models of mini combine harvesters are Preet 849 Maize Special and Preet 849.

Tractorkarvan is the best platform to get financing options for purchasing Mini Combine Harvesters.

The mini combine harvester price in India is affordable.

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