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35+ cultivator implements are available for sale on Tractorkarvan. The cultivator machine price in India ranges from INR 25,000 to INR 3 lakhs, and they are compatible with 25 – 120 HP range tractors.

In ancient times, the process of cultivation was done with the help of two horses. But in the 20th century, the tractor cultivator became the substitute for horses and did the cultivating task in the farmlands more efficiently.

Tractor cultivator is one of the primary tractor implements contributing significantly to agricultural gains. Along with rotavators, this farm equipment is widely used across the country. An agriculture cultivator was founded as the rotary cultivator tractor tool. It was discovered in 1912 by Arthur Clifford Howard at Gilgandra, New South Wales, Australia.

A tractor cultivator machine is one of the necessary farming tools. A cultivator machine is a tool used to prepare the soil and remove the weeds. So, it is a must-have implement for farmers. If a farmer cannot buy a new soil cultivator machine, he can go for a used tractor cultivator to fulfil his farming needs.

At Tractorkarvan, users will get all the details regarding different models, including Fieldking cultivators, Lemken cultivators and Shaktiman cultivators. The details include tractor cultivator price, mini cultivator price, features, specifications, and more.

Tractor Cultivator Uses in Agriculture

A cultivator machine is manufactured to churn the soil near a crop as it grows and removes weeds. The primary function of a cultivator is to keep a seedbed ready for the crop that needs to be planted, and buries crop remains in the soil and control weeds. The agriculture cultivator combines and mixes the soil to ensure the plantation has sufficient nutrients and water to grow well.

An agriculture tractor cultivator is primarily used in the farmlands to combine the soil around the crops to destroy weeds and promote growth. An agriculture cultivator machine is used with a tractor to prepare a proper seedbed for a crop, which warms the soil before the plantation. Even if a farmer is using a mini cultivator machine with a small tractor, its main purpose is to combine the soil and control the weeds to ensure the crop has adequate nutrients for better productivity.

Popular Tractor Cultivator Models in India

In this section, the users will learn about different cultivator models manufactured by various brands. Cultivator machines also come equipped with homemade ATV cultivators for tilling your small orchards and gardens.

Tractorkarvan has a list of all types of cultivators suitable for your farm. Here, customers can learn about different cultivator machines of top brands. Some popular cultivator models from leading brands include Fieldking Heavy Duty FKSLODEF 11, Lemken Achat 70 - 3/9 and Shaktiman Cultisol SCT 7.

Tractor Cultivator Price in India 2023

The first thing farmers consider while buying a tractor cultivator is its price. So, Tractorkarvan is here to fulfil the farmer's needs as it offers the best quality cultivators at an affordable rate. Get complete details about different agriculture cultivators and tractor cultivator prices only at Tractorkarvan. The cultivator machine price in India ranges from INR 25,000 to INR 3 lakhs*.

Tractorkarvan always works for the betterment of Indian farmers. To assist the farmer friends, Tractorkarvan offers a compare implements tool to help compare two different cultivator models in a similar HP range. For example, you can compare models of different brands like Lemken Achat 70 - 3/6 and Fieldking Extra Heavy Duty FKSLOEHD-9.

Also, comparisons can be made between models of the same brand, like Fieldking Extra Heavy Duty FKSLOEHD-7 and Fieldking Double Coil Tyne FKDCT 7. So, stay tuned with Tractorkarvan for key information regarding tractor cultivators in India.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for Tractor Cultivators?

At Tractorkarvan, farmers will get all the details of different cultivator models of various brands. Here, users can check tractor cultivator prices, buy used agriculture cultivators, compare agriculture tractor cultivators, and many more. Tractorkarvan offers all the cultivator machines that suit farmers' budgets. So, farmers can purchase the tractor cultivator that suits their pocket.

Users looking to buy popular implements can explore Tractorkarvan. Here they will get tractor cultivator prices, mini cultivator prices, and more right at their fingertips.

Tractorkarvan offers complete customer satisfaction. Users with queries regarding tractor or tractor cultivators can contact us to resolve their queries instantly.

Additionally, they can sell their agriculture cultivators or buy a used one here at Tractorkarvan. Many brands like Fieldking, Shaktiman, John Deere and Mahindra manufacture a range of implements such as soil and small cultivator machines. Users can get complete information about any type of cultivator with ease.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Cultivator Implements

1. What is the price of a cultivator in India 2023?

The cultivator price available on Tractorkarvan is affordable.

You can buy a cultivator on easy EMIs at Tractorkarvan.

Cultivator comes with many advantages, like combining and mixing the soil to ensure the plantation has sufficient nutrients and water to grow well.

Popular cultivator models include Fieldking Heavy Duty FKSLODEF 11, Lemken Achat 70 - 3/9 and Shaktiman Cultisol SCT 7.

You can find the updated information about the cultivator on Tractorkarvan.

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