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The ripper machine price starts at INR 88,000* and is compatible with 55 – 110 HP range tractors. Two models of ripper machines are available on Tractorkarvan.
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Implements in India Price Starts at
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Fieldking FKR-5 ₹88,973
Data Last Updated On: 17-Apr-2024

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Fieldking FKR-7 Ripper Implement
65-110 HP
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Fieldking FKR-5 Ripper Implement
55-65 HP
Price starts ₹88,973
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About Ripper

A ripper machine is a tillage implement attached to a tractor to rip the soil. Ripping is used after sowing but without disturbing the plants too much. The tine of the advanced ripper machine breaks up the dense layer of earth to create perfect soil conditions with minimal force. A ripper can penetrate the soil surface up to 40 cm.

The ripper is an ideal farm equipment for loosening and aerating the soil without disturbing the organic matter lying at the top of the soil. 

Ripper Machine Price on Tractorkarvan

The ripper machine price in India starts at INR 88,000*. You can also finance the ripper machines with easy EMI options. The starting monthly EMI of financing a ripper machine like Fieldking FKR-5 is as low as INR 2,083.

Popular Models of Ripper Machines

Ripper machines are one of the popular implements for tilling a farmland and many models of it are available in the Indian market. One such model is Fieldking FKR-6 Ripper, which is compatible with 65 –110 HP range tractors such as John Deere 6110B.  

Benefits of Ripper Machine for Agriculture

The advance and modern ripper machine come with various benefits, the most common being reducing time and labour costs. Some of the essential benefits are as follows:

  • It creates an ideal soil condition without applying too much force.
  • The ripper machine loosens and aerates the soil without disturbing the organic matter of the soil top.
  • It can perform various farm operations like ripping, digging, and tearing.
  • Besides, it can cut the weed roots underneath the soil surface.
  • A ripping machine is especially useful in penetrating a hardpan layer as it gives the roots access to unhindered soil water underneath the soil layer.

Ripper Equipment – Components and Types

The Ripper machine comes fitted with functional components making it an excellent implement for tillage. The essential parts of it are:

  • Ripper tynes
  • Teeth
  • Arms
  • Roller or crumbler
  • Prime mover
  • Hydraulic drive

Two types of ripper machines are there. These are the tractor-mounted ripper and tow-type ripper

Working of a Ripper Machine

The ripper machine has one or more shanks with a reinforced steel tooth on the end that is drawn into the ground to rip it up. The tooth comes with a wear-resistant protective covering and a replaceable tip.

The modern ripper equipment comes with hydraulic drives to raise and lower the teeth, change the ripping angle of the tooth tip, change the spacing between teeth, and control the position of arms.

Ripper Machine and its Advantages

A ripper machine comes with certain advantages, and these are:

  • It lessens the compaction effect.
  • A ripper machine is ideal for breaking larger soil clods.
  • A tractor ripper is safely capable of piercing soil up to 40cm.
  • It is equipped with remote adjustment to control the operating width, angle, and depth of ripping.

Why prefer Tractorkarvan to Buy a Ripper Machine?

If you are looking for ripper equipment, Tractorkarvan is the right place. You get detailed information about rippers' specifications, prices, and features here. Besides, you can compare different ripper machine models using compare tractor implements feature and buy the best ripper of your choice.

Finally, if you have any questions related to Ripper Machine, visit Tractorkarvan and get answers to all your questions. You can also check other tillage implements like Disc Harrow, Subsoiler and Cultivator.

Frequently Asked Questions on Ripper Implements

1. What is the price of a Ripper?

The Ripper price in India starts at INR 88,000*.

In India, the ripper has many uses, and the essential benefits are loosening and aerating the soil, minimizing soil compaction, destroying weed roots, and so on.

The famous ripper company in India is Fieldking.

The popular ripper includes Fieldking FKR-5 and Fieldking FKR-6 rippers.

Tractorkarvan is a trustworthy platform for purchasing a ripper.

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