Land Leveler

The land leveler price in India 2024 ranges between INR 1.5 lakhs* and INR 11.50 lakhs*. They are compatible with 15 – 80 HP range tractors. 24 land leveler models are listed on Tractorkarvan. The popular models are Sai Agro RFB Land Leveler, Krishiking KKHDLL 6, and Vishwakarma LL Plus, among others.
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Machino MLS-HL-84 Land Leveler Implement
Land Leveler
40-50 HP
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Krishiking KKHDLL-7 Land Leveler Implement
Land Leveler
40-45 HP
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Vishwakarma LL Plus Land Leveler Implement
LL Plus
Land Leveler
35+ HP
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Farmking FK-LL7 Land Leveler Implement
Land Leveler
40-50 HP
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Machino MLS-HL-96 Land Leveler Implement
Land Leveler
50-60 HP
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Krishiking KKHDLL-9 Land Leveler Implement
Land Leveler
60-75 HP
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Machino MMN-LV-4 Land Leveler Implement
Land Leveler
20-25 HP
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Farmking FK-LL6 Land Leveler Implement
Land Leveler
30-40 HP
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Krishiking KKHDLL-8 Land Leveler Implement
Land Leveler
55-60 HP
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Land Leveler Implement By Brands

Other Implement Types

About Land Leveler

Land levelling is a key process in cultivation as it reduces the effort required in establishing crops and their care. This in turn increases yield. The implement used to prepare land is called a land leveler equipment. Many models of land leveler for tractor are available in the market.

A land leveling machine is rugged, simple, effective and economical tractor implement used for land levelling. Tractor leveler comes under the land preparation category. 

A land leveler machine is like its counterpart laser land leveler, except that latter, guided by laser, levels the land with precision.

Uses of Land Leveling Mahines

  • It smoothens the uneven land surface from its average height.
  • They are useful in levelling, grooming, and grading land.
  • It can be applied for land development and developing sports ground also.

Benefits of Agricultural Land Leveler

The agricultural land leveler has the following benefits:

  • It raises the yield and enables larger farming areas to increase operational efficiency.
  • It improves water coverage by reducing weeds. As a result, crop weeding requires less time.
  • It reduces man's effort and saves time and fuel consumption.
  • It helps prevent soil erosion caused by air and wind.
  • They are effective in wet and dry land and can operate in any soil type.
  • It is helpful in flood irrigation and, at the same time, saves irrigation costs.

Best Land Leveler Machine in India

Many models of land leveler machines are in the market and the best land leveler machines in India are:

Fieldking Land Levelers

The Fieldking Land Levelers are one of the best in the business and some of the popular models are:

  • Heavy Duty FKHDLL-6: It is compatible with 30 –35 HP tractors and has a cutting width of 1850 mm.
  • Heavy Duty FKHDLL-7: It is compatible with 40 –45 HP tractors and has a cutting width of 2150 mm.

Krishiking Land Levelers

The Krishiking Land Levelers are one of the popular land leveler implements and some of the best models are:

Sai Agro Land Levelers

The Sai Agro Land Levelers are one of the best land leveling machine brands in India. The popular models is:

  • Sai Agro RFB: This land leveler is compatible with 30 –35 HP tractor. It has a cutting width of 1850 mm.

All the popular models of different brands given above are compatible with tractors like Mahindra 265 DI XP Plus, Swaraj 742 XT, and Powertrac Euro 55.

If you want to buy these models from top brands like Fieldking implements, Vishwakarma implements, and Sai Agro implements, you can visit Tractorkarvan.

Procedure Involved in Land Leveling

The land levelling of uneven land is done in four steps as indicated below

  • Plough the farmland.
  • Mark the low and high areas in the farmland.
  • Transfer the soil from high area to low area.
  • Repair bunds or levees.

While levelling land, you must ensure that it is not overdone as it has its own disadvantages such as severe alteration of physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil.

Land Leveler Price in India 2024

The tractor leveler price ranges from INR 1.5 lakhs* to NR 11.5 lakhs*. Land leveler price depends upon the brand and model you are choosing. It would be best if you always preferred a model that delivers maximum performance at an affordable price.

On Tractorkarvan, you can choose the best and most affordable land leveler machine by comparing two different models of land leveler machine.

Tractorkarvan for Land Leveler Implement

Tractorkarvan is a platform that provides information on all popular implements, including land leveler machines in one place. To make your search for a land leveler machine easy, we have created a separate agricultural land leveler page detailing all the information on price, specifications, and dealers. Moreover, you can also buy and sell Land levelers on our platform. Tractorkarvan also offers loan facilities at easy and low EMIs to give you the financial freedom to buy a cost-effective Land leveler implement.

Visit Tractorkarvan for further queries on the Land leveler machine. Our customer care team is available 24X7 to resolve your questions.

Land Leveler Blogs

Frequently Asked Questions on Land Leveler Implements

1. What is the function of a land leveler?

The land leveler functions include smoothening uneven land for agricultural purposes, land development and sports ground.

The widely preferred land leveler machines are from the Fieldking brand and are available on Tractorkarvan.

A land leveler machine is helpful in land development, flood irrigation, weed control, and the development of sports grounds.

The major parts of land leveler are a levelling board, angle adjusting crew, wings for retaining soil, and 3-point hitch frame.

The main purpose of a land leveler machine is to smoothen the uneven land surface from its average height.

You can buy the newest model of Land Leveler in India at Tractorkarvan.

The Fieldking brand manufactures the best land leveler machines.

The most popular Land Leveler in India includes Heavy Duty FKHDLL-6, among others.

You can finance the land leveler machines on easy EMIs at Tractorkarvan.

The land leveler implement price in India 2024 ranges between INR 1.5 lakhs* and INR 11.5 lakhs*.

24 land leveler machines are available for sale on Tractorkarvan.

Disclaimer: The product information and other details provided on this page is as made available by the respective brand and otherwise available in the public domain. Users should contact the nearest agriculture implement dealer to know about the latest features and prices. Prices and EMI shown by TractorKarvan are generic in nature – Exact price and EMI will depend on variants, discounts, interest rate, duration, frequency, and other factors. Please click Get On Road Price or Buy on Installments or visit your desired product's brand dealer for more information on Price and EMI. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.


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