Post Hole Digger

The post hole digger price is in the range of INR 67,000* to INR 89,000*. A post hole digger implement is compatible with 30 – 90 HP tractors. On Tractorkarvan there are 19 post hole digger implements. The popular ones are John Deere PD0724, Rotoking Post Hole Digger, and Shaktiman SPDH1.
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John Deere PD0712 Post Hole Digger Implement
John Deere
Post Hole Digger
40-45 HP
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Shaktiman SPHD4 Post Hole Digger Implement
Post Hole Digger
40-55 HP
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Fieldking FKDPHDS-9 Post Hole Digger Implement
Post Hole Digger
40-45 HP
Price starts ₹67,872
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John Deere PD0709 Post Hole Digger Implement
John Deere
Post Hole Digger
35-40 HP
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Jadhao Layland JS 80 130/3 Post Hole Digger Implement
JS 80 130/3
Jadhao Layland
Post Hole Digger
30-90 HP
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Shaktiman SPHD1 Post Hole Digger Implement
Post Hole Digger
30-45 HP
Price starts ₹86,599
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Shaktiman SPHD2 Post Hole Digger Implement
Post Hole Digger
30-45 HP
Price starts ₹86,599
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Shaktiman SPHD5 Post Hole Digger Implement
Post Hole Digger
45-60 HP
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Rotoking Post Hole Digger Post Hole Digger Implement
Post Hole Digger
Post Hole Digger
30-90 HP
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Post Hole Digger By Brands

Other Implement Types

About Post Hole Digger

A post-hole digger machine is a sowing and planting equipment ideal for digging holes in any soil type. It has been able to save the effort and time of Indian farmers. A tractor post hole digger is one of the best tractor implements to dig a hole in the field. Many models of post-hole diggers are available in the market.

Tractorkarvan has listed several models of post hole digger machines for your convenience. They are from top brands like Jagatjit Post Hole Diggers, Rotoking Post Hole Diggers, Shaktiman Post Hole Diggers, John Deere Post Hole Diggers and Fieldking Post Hole Diggers.

Types of Post Hole Digger

There are mainly three types of tractor post hole diggers available in the market. These are:

  • Handheld Post Hole Diggers: These are also known as handheld power augers and are portable. They require either electric motors or gasoline to power them. These are ideal for digging medium-sized holes in hardened soils.
  • Manual Post Hole Diggers: Also known as clamshell diggers, these implements comprise two curved blades attached together. Since, they are operated by hand, thus they are ideal for digging holes in softer soils.
  • Tractor Post Hole Diggers: These are large machines and require a tractor to operate them. They are used to dig large holes in any type of soil.  

To choose a right post hole digger for your project depends upon the type of project – small, medium or large – and the nature of the soil.

Working of a Post Hole Digger

A post hole digger is a PTO-driven implement. It requires the PTO power of the tractor to provide the rotational force to dig larger holes. To make its working effective, raise the post hole digger as high as possible and then drive the blades into the soil.

To keep using the post hole digger implement effectively, it requires a proper maintenance. Before every use, you need to inspect the components of post hole digger thoroughly and after each use you need to clean the debris and dirt from the blade.

While operating a tractor post hole digger, safety precautions like wearing of hand gloves, sturdy footwear and eye protection is required.

Components of a Tractor Post Hole Digger

A tractor-mounted post hole digger has many parts without which it cannot dig a hole with a finished and well-defined circumference. The main components of post-hole digger are:

  • Frame: A solid body that holds the entire post-hole digger machine.
  • Blades: These are made of hardened material and have a swirl structure making it easy to dig a hole. They are easily replaceable.
  • Stabilizer System: It keeps the augur perpendicular to the ground and stabilizes it while moving the augur from one point to another.
  • Connecting rods: A connecting element that connects the bevel gear and the guarded shaft.
  • Bevel Gear: These are gears where the two shafts’ axes meet, and the gears’ tooth-bearing faces are shaped conically.

Tractor Post Hole Digger Benefits

Some key benefits of a tractor post hole digger are listed below:

  • A post hole digger digs a hole with a well-defined finished circumference.
  • It saves the time and labour of farmers.
  • It can be used in plantations, erecting electric poles, and pillars for fences.
  • It is easy to handle and has a low maintenance cost. 
  • This farm equipment is ideal for digging holes in any soil type.

Popular Post Hole Digger Models

  • Shaktiman SPHD1: It is compatible with 30 – 45 HP tractor. The Shaktiman SPHD1 is available at a starting price of INR 86,599.
  • Rotoking Post Hole Digger: The model Rotoking Post Hole Digger is compatible with 30 – 90 HP tractors.
  • Fieldking FKDPHDS –18: It is compatible with 50 – 55 HP tractors. The Fieldking FKDPHDS 18 is available at starting price of INR 78,221.
  • John Deere PD0718: The implement model John Deere PD0718 can be attached with 45 – 50 HP tractors.

Tractor Post Hole Digger Price in India 2024

The post hole digger price in India ranges from INR 67,000* – INR 89,000*. To buy a post-hole digger machine of your choice, you must visit Tractorkarvan, where we have created a separate page detailing its price and specifications.

Tractorkarvan offers a Compare Implements tool to assist in comparing post hole diggers of different brands. For example, the price and specs of Shaktiman SPHD2 can be compared with Shaktiman SPHD1. Models from different brands can also be compared, like Fieldking FKDPHDS-18 and John Deere PD0724.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for Post Hole Digger?

Tractorkarvan is a digital platform dealing with tractors and popular implements from top brands like Kartar Implements, Preet Implements, Mahindra Implements and John Deere Implements. Here you can buy, sell, and compare different models of post hole digger implements by top brands.

Moreover, you can also get complete information on leading implements like Disc Harrow Implement, MB Plough Implement, Rotavator Implement and Cultivator Implement. If you are still confused, explore our portal. We are available 24X7 for your support.

Frequently Asked Questions On Post Hole Digger

1. What is the starting price of the post hole digger machine available on Tractorkarvan?

The starting price of a post hole digger is INR 67,000*.

A post hole digger is ideal for digging a pit for fencing the field. An augur is suitable for multiple tasks.

A post hole digger can dig up to a maximum depth of 1300 mm.

A post hole digger machine listed on Tractorkarvan is compatible with 30 – 90 HP tractors.

You can buy a post hole digger on easy EMIs at Tractorkarvan.


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