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The disc plough price in India starts from INR 62,000* and goes up to INR 76,000*. These disc plough models are compatible with 35 – 150 HP tractors. 56 Disc Ploughs are available on Tractorkarvan. The popular models are Sai Agro 5 Bottom Disc Plough, Fieldking Mounted FKMDP-5, and Swan Agro NSMDP – 5, among others.
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About Disc Plough

A disc plough machine is a tillage implement meant for different soil functions like breaking, raising, turning, and mixing soil.

There are different models of disk ploughs available in the market. We have listed 51 Disc Ploughs from top brands like Fieldking Implements, Farmking Implements, Swan Agro Implements, Sai Agro Implements, and Landforce Implements, among others, on Tractorkarvan.

Uses of Disc Plough

  • It is used to process the rocky areas and open the new fields.
  • It is beneficial in dry, trashy, and hard field conditions.
  • It also is helpful in soils where scouring is a primary concern.
  • These tillage implements also break, invert, and cut furrow pieces.

Advantages of Disc Plough

  • Disc ploughs are highly useful for deep ploughing.
  • The disc plough is meant to work fine even after a significant part of the disc is worn out in coarse soil.
  • It operates efficiently in loose soil and does not even clog.
  • The cost of maintaining a disc plough is low compared to MB ploughs.
  • Although the work is almost similar, a major difference between disc plough and disc harrow is that the disc plough is a primary tillage implement while disc harrow is a secondary tillage implement.

Types of Disc Plough

  • Bullock-drawn disc plough
  • Tractor-driven disc plough
  • Standard disc plough
  • Vertical disc plough
  • Harrow plough
  • Cylindrical plough

Disc Plough Parts

A tractor-driven disc plough is divided into many parts. The various components of a disc plough include:

  • Disc blades
  • Plough frames
  • Rear furrow wheels
  • Bearings
  • Scrapers

Disc Plough Price in India 2024

The starting price of a disc plough on Tractorkarvan is INR 62,000* and can go as high as INR 76,000*. Disc plough price in India is available in an affordable range and can easily fit the budget of small farmers. You can buy the disc plough of your choice by visiting the separate disc plough page on Tractorkarvan. Moreover, you may also learn the 2 disc plough price, 3 disc plough price on Tractorkarvan.

The popular models of disc plough available includes Fieldking FKMDPD-2, Swan Agro NSMDP 5, and Shree Umiya URDP M 40, among others. They are compatible with tractors such as Powertrac Euro 55, Swaraj 963 FE, and New Holland Excel 9010.

Why prefer Tractorkarvan for Disc Plough?

On Tractorkarvan, you can buy and sell disc ploughs quickly. Here we have listed all popular models from top brands like Fieldking. We have also provided detailed specifications, prices, features, and benefits of Disc Plough on our website. Moreover, they are affordable and can be attached to 35 HP to 150 HP tractors.

You can also compare different disc plough models with the use of Compare Implements feature. Besides, you can also buy any disc plough model of top brands with the help of a loan facility offered at Tractorkarvan.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Disc Plough Implements

1. What is the price of disc plough in India 2024?

The disc plough price in India 2024 ranges from INR 62,000* to INR 76,000*.

56 models of Disc Plough are available at Tractorkarvan.

Disc ploughs are attached to tractors, and with the help of separately mounted large steel discs the furrow slices are inverted and broken down.

The tractor HP range required to operate a disc plough is between 35 HP and 150 HP.

You can find the updated information on disc plough at Tractorkarvan.

You can buy disc plough on easy EMIs at Tractorkarvan.

A disc plough is used for breaking, raising, turning, and mixing soil.

The types of disc ploughs are MB plough and Hydraulic Reversible MB plough.

A standard disc plough is a series of independently mounted tilted disc blades on a frame backed by wheel.

You can use disc plough in rooted and rocky areas.

The five components of disc plough are a plough frame, a disc blade, a bearing, a rear furrow wheel, and a scraper.

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