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The thresher price in India 2024 is affordable and compatible with 18 - 65 HP tractors. 60 tractor threshers are available for sale on Tractorkarvan. The popular models are Swan Agro Paddy Thresher, Swaraj P-550, Jangeer 3800, and Mahindra Wheat Thresher Haramba, among others.
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About Thresher

A tractor thresher is one of the essential tractor implements, contributing to cleaning the grain. Along with straw reaper implements, it is widely used for nationwide threshing operations. This farm equipment offers a high harvest rate for a range of crops. A tractor threshing machine is counted among the most important harvesting equipment.

At Tractorkarvan, there is all the info related to different models, including Mahindra threshers, Swan Agro threshers, Golden Punjab Thresher, Manku Thresher, and Swaraj threshers. The information includes paddy thresher machine price, features, specs, and more.

Uses of Thresher Machine

  • A thresher machine is used for threshing grain and removing seeds from husks and stalks.
  • A tractor thresher is used for separating grains from the chaff of different crops like soyabean, maize and wheat.
  • A thresher machine is designed to offer improved production quality and increased farming output.  

Components of Threshing Machine

The main components of threshing machines, among others, includes drive pulley, fan or blower, spikes, feeding chute, flywheel, concave, towing hook, frame, sieve – upper and lower, suspension lever, can pulley and shutter plate.

Types of Thresher Machines

Threshers can be classified according to the crop, function, and cylinders. Accordingly, the types of threshers are given below:

As per crops, it can be categorised as

  • Multi-crop threshers
  • Single-crop threshers

As per functional components, it can be classified as

  • Axial flow
  • Regular, and
  • Drummy.

As per threshing cylinders, it can be categorised as

  • Rasp Bar type
  • Beater type or Hammer mill
  • Spike tooth type
  • Syndicator

Key Benefits of Thresher Implement

A thresher machine is packed with advanced components and modern features. Its key benefits are:

  • This implement is technologically advanced for ensuring better work efficiency on farms.
  • It increases not only agricultural output but also reduces physical labour.
  • A thresher prevents grain loss to offer quality crop seeds.
  • These machines are multifunctional and easy to operate.
  • A thresher uses tractor power resourcefully to save both fuel and operational costs.

Popular Thresher Models in India

All available thresher machines of top brands in India are listed on Tractorkarvan. Some popular thresher models include:

  • Mahindra Wheat Thresher Harmaba : This wheat thresher machine from Mahindra is compatible with 35+ HP tractors.
  • Swaraj P-550: This Swaraj thresher can be attached to 40 HP tractors and the multi crop thresher machine price of Swaraj is affordable.
  • Swan Agro Paddy Thresher: It is compatible with 40+ HP tractors. The paddy thresher machine price of Swan Agro is affordable.
  • Reinforce Wheat Thresher: This wheat cutting machine is compatible with 35+ HP tractors.
  • Manku Haramba Thresher Deluxe: This thresher from Manku can be easily attached to 35+ HP tractors and the price of wheat thresher machine is affordable.

Thresher implements are compatible with tractors like Mahindra Arjun Novo 605 DI-PS and Sonalika Tiger DI 50.

Thresher Price in India 2024

A multi crop thresher machine price in India is reasonable and can be easily afforded by Indian farmers.  Tractorkarvan fulfils the farmer's needs by offering the best quality paddy thresher machine price, which is reasonable. Get full details about agriculture threshers and multicrop thresher prices only at Tractorkarvan.

In addition, Tractorkarvan provides a compare implements tool to help compare two different thresher models in a similar HP range. For example, you can compare models of different brands like, Lancer Maize Shelter LTH 1 and Mahindra Basket Thresher. You may also check the paddy thresher price of different models on Tractorkarvan.

In addition, comparisons can be made between models of the same brand, like Mahindra Wheat Thresher (With/without Hopper) and Mahindra Maize Sheller cum Dehusker.

Factors Affecting Thresher Machine Price

  • Brand: A paddy thresher price differs from brand to brand. For instance, a Mahindra thresher price will be different from Lancer thresher.
  • Size: The thresher machine price also varies as per the size. For instance, a mini paddy thresher price will be less than a full-size thresher machine price.
  • Capacity: A large-capacity thresher machine will have a greater price than a small-capacity thresher machine.

Besides, a paddy thresher price also fluctuates as per the season. There is also a huge difference in the prices of a traditional thresher machine and modern thresher machine.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for Thresher?

We at Tractorkarvan have ensured that all popular implements from top brands like Kartar implements,  Lancer implements, Swan Agro implements, and Swaraj implements are listed as per your need. We have covered all the details about the specifications of each thresher, keeping in mind its efficiency, ability to work in all weather conditions, and affordability. We have also provided the paddy thresher price on the portal. The objective is to give you the best thresher to boost farm productivity.

Also, we offer complete details on valuable implements, including disc harrow, rotavators and 

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Frequently Asked Questions on Thresher Implements

1. Which popular Thresher implement models are available on Tractorkarvan?

Popular Thresher implements like Swan Agro Paddy thresher, Swaraj P-550, and Mahindra Wheat Thresher Haramba are available on Tractorkarvan.

The thresher equipment available on Tractorkarvan is compatible with 18 - 55 HP tractors.

The thresher on Tractorkarvan is available at a highly affordable price point.

The famous thresher brands in the market are Mahindra, Lancer, Swan Agro and Swaraj.

You can buy a thresher implement on easy EMIs at Tractorkarvan.

60 models of Thresher machines are available for sale on Tractorkarvan.

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