MB Plough Implements

6 MB plough models are listed on Tractorkarvan. The MB plough price ranges between INR 32,000* to INR 48,000*. They are compatible with 45 – 100 HP range tractors.

Ploughs are the basic farm implement used to break the uncultivated field. There are two types of plough, namely disc MB plough and disc plough. A Mouldboard (MB) Plough is tractor-operated agricultural equipment that falls under the Tillage category. MB plough is primary tillage equipment that is operated mechanically for land preparation. It is one of the best ploughs and its size ranges from 100 mm to 250 mm. It works on both the right and left sides, and its bottom can be reversed with the help of a mechanically operated lever.

Tractor plough of top brands such as Fieldking implements are available at an affordable price on Tractorkarvan. The popular models of MB plough listed are Fieldking Mounted FKMBP36-2 and Fieldking Jumbo FKJMBP 36-4, among others. You can check the tractor plough price in India 2023 on the portal.

MB Plough and its Uses

A tractor-mounted MB Plough has many uses for farmers, some of which are listed below:

  • It is suitable for primary tillage in dry, trashy, and rugged land.
  • It contributes to well-turned furrows by retaining their mirror finish at all time
  • It does not leave an uneven surface in the field.
  • It is used for cutting trash and burying it completely.
  • It also turns green manure crops into decaying under the soil, adding humus to the soil. 
  • It helps turn and mix farmyard manure and compost.

Components of MB Plough

An MB plough comprises mouldboard, share, share point, shank, landside and frog, frame, and hitch system. Some of the components have been described briefly:

  • Share: The bottom of the plough that penetrates the soil to make a horizontal cut.
  • Mould Board: The curved part of the MB plough to lift and turn the slice.
  • Landslide: The flat plate transmits the rear side horizontal force of the plough bottom to the furrow wall.
  • Frog: The base of the plough bottom to which other parts are attached.

Popular MB Plough Models in India

There are several MB Plough models in the market, and the affordable popular models are

  • Fieldking Mounted MB Plough: It has two furrows and a tillage width of 710 mm. It is compatible with 45 – 95 HP range tractors such as Swaraj 735 FE and New Holland Excel 9010 4WD.
  • Fieldking Jumbo MB Plough: It is equipped with two furrows, has a tillage width of 700 mm, and can be attached to 50-110 HP range tractors such as Massey Ferguson 2635 and Powertrac Euro 55.

Various Types of MB Plough

One-way MB Plough: In this type, the furrow slice is thrown in the direction of the tractor travel and to one side.

Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough: These types are also called two-way mouldboard plough. It throws furrow slice to the left and right side of the direction of tractor travel.

MB Plough Price in India

The tractor plough price in India is affordable and can even be bought by marginal and small farmers. On Tractorkarvan, MB Plough from top brands like Fieldking is available at a reasonably compelling price because it requires a low maintenance cost. The MB plough price starts at INR 32,000.

You can also check the popular plough price and even compare the prices of two different tractor plow with the help of compare implements page.

Tractorkarvan for the MB Plough

Tractorkarvan is a one-stop platform where users can get detailed information on all types of tractor implements, including popular implements and MB plough implement. The information here includes the tractor plow prices and specifications. We know MB plough is critical to Indian farmers; hence, we have listed all essential mechanically operated MB ploughs from top brands like Fieldking on our website.

On Tractorkarvan, users can check ploughing machine prices, buy MB ploughs, compare MB ploughs, and many more. We also provide 24X7 customer care support to resolve queries related to MB plough. Visit Tractorkarvan to solve your questions instantly.

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Frequently Asked Questions on MB Plough Implements

1. What horsepower is necessary to operate a plough?

The horsepower necessary to operate an MB plough is 45 HP.

An MB plough in agriculture adds humus to the soil and helps turn, mix farmyard manure.

Fieldking MB plough is the best plough company.

The types of tractor plough are MB plough, Hydraulics reversible MB plough, animal drawn MB plough, and disc plough, among others.

A tractor plough is used to plough the uncultivated land and cut trash as well as bury it completely.

An MB plough is a tractor-operated farm equipment that readies the farmland for sowing by ploughing the uncultivated fields.

The maintenance of MB plough is low and can be maintained easily.

The size of MB plough ranges from 100 mm to 250 mm.

An MB plough comprises mouldboard, share, share point, shank, landside and frog, frame, and hitch system.

Yes, Tractorkarvan is a trusted online platform for offering the best MB Ploughs from top brands at an affordable price.

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