Power Harrow Implements

The power harrow price ranges from INR 1.40 lakhs* to INR 2.30 lakhs*. They can be hitched to 30 HP tractors to 250 HP tractors. 43 Power Harrows are listed on Tractorkarvan. The popular Power Harrow models are Fieldking FKRPH 5, Lancer Uranus UM 230, and John Deere PH5017, among others.43 Power Harrows are listed on Tractorkarvan.
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Shaktiman M120-250 Power Harrow Implement
Power Harrow
80-100 HP
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Jadhao Layland JL FOX PH 1500 Power Harrow Implement
JL FOX PH 1500
Jadhao Layland
Power Harrow
55 HP
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Lancer Uranus UM 230 Power Harrow Implement
Uranus UM 230
Power Harrow
60-120 HP
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Garud GPH17514 Power Harrow Implement
Power Harrow
45 HP
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Shaktiman H160 400 Power Harrow Implement
H160 400
Power Harrow
120-170 HP
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John Deere PH5017 Power Harrow Implement
John Deere
Power Harrow
60+ HP
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Shaktiman Regular SRP175 Power Harrow Implement
Regular SRP175
Power Harrow
65-80 HP
Price starts ₹1.84 Lakh
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Shaktiman Light SRPL 150 Power Harrow Implement
Light SRPL 150
Power Harrow
55+ HP
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Lemken Perlite 5-200 Power Harrow Implement
Perlite 5-200
Power Harrow
65-75 HP
Price starts ₹3.85 Lakh
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Power Harrow By Brands

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About Power Harrow

Power Harrow is a secondary tillage implement that uses a tractor's PTO power to loosen the soil and make it fit for sowing and planting. Power Harrow comprises multiple sets of tines that counter-rotate along a vertical axis. It gives the soil a smoother and granulated look yet levelled appearance, as needed for seeding and planting.

Many Power Harrow models are available in the market at a price that can be afforded even by small farmers. Some of the popular models available on Tractorkarvan are Shaktiman Regular SRP 150, Fieldking FKRPH – 5, Lemken Perlite 5-200, Lancer Uranus UM230, John Deere PH5017, and Maschio Gaspardo Delfino DL 1300.

How Power Harrow Prepares Land for Plantation?

The steps involved in preparing the land for plantation using a power harrow are:

  • Inverting the soil
  • Breaking soil clod
  • Refining the soil
  • Distributing the soil evenly
  • Creating the seed bed

Power Harrow and its Benefits to Agriculture 

  • It is suitable for breaking up even the most compacted soil surface
  • It makes the soil appear levelled though granular but is fit for sowing seeds.
  • It helps raise the aeration of the soil and brings surface uniformity.
  • It cultivates the ground with perfect precision.
  • It is also helpful in eliminating even the tiniest weed.
  • It can work in all soil conditions and pulverises the soil.

Popular Power Harrow Models on Tractorkarvan

There are several Power Harrow models in the market, and we have listed them on Tractorkarvan. The power harrow models of top brands such as Shaktiman, Fieldking, Maschio Gaspardo, Lancer, Jadhao Layland, and Lemken are covered on the website. The popular among these models are as follows:

  • Shaktiman Power Harrow H-160: It is compatible with 120 - 170 HP tractors such as John Deere 6110B and John Deere 6120B. It has a working width of 3000 mm – 4000 mm.
  • Fieldking Power Harrow FKRPH-11: This model has a working width of 2600 mm and is compatible with 100-125 HP tractors.
  • Maschio Gaspardo Power Harrow Delfino DL 1300 Power: The Delfino DL 1300 has a working width of 1300 mm and is compatible with 30-100 HP range tractors such as Mahindra 275 DI SP Plus and New Holland 5630 TX Plus.
  • Lancer Uranus UM230: It has a working width of 2200 mm and is compatible with 60 – 120 HP tractor such as Indo Farm 4110 DI 4WD.

Power Harrow Price in India 2024

Power Harrow price in India starts from INR 1.40 lakhs* and can go up to INR 2.30 lakhs*.  You can also purchase the Power Harrow on EMI at Tractorkarvan. The monthly EMI starts at as low as INR 4,004.

The price of a power harrow depends upon the model and brand you choose. On Tractorkarvan, we ensure you get your farm's best and most affordable power harrow.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for the Power harrow?

Farmers are looking for an online platform to get all the details about all brands tractors and implements in one place. For your convenience, we have created a separate Power Harrow page detailing all the information on specifications, price, features, and dealers.

Moreover, you can also buy and sell power harrow on our platform. Not only this, but Tractorkarvan also offers loan facilities at easy and low EMIs, so that you are free of your financial worries to buy a cost-effective power harrow. 

You can even compare two different models of Power Harrow using the compare implements feature available on the portal.

Contact us on Tractorkarvan for further queries on power harrow. You will get an instant answer to all your questions related to power harrow.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Power Harrow Implements

1. What is the price of Power Harrow?

The power harrow price in India 2024 ranges from INR 1.40 lakhs* to INR 2.30 lakhs*.

The popular Power Harrows include Shaktiman H-160, Fieldking FKRPH-11, and Maschio Delfino DL 1300 Power.

You can purchase a Power Harrow on EMI at Tractorkarvan.

Tractorkarvan is a trustworthy platform to purchase a Power Harrow.

A Power Harrow is used to loosen the soil and make it fit for sowing and planting.

The power harrow, with its multiple blades rotating on vertical axes, tills the soil horizontally. As a result, soil structure is maintained for sowing the seeds.

A power harrow is used to cultivate the soil up to 2-3 inches before bringing the soil to a good tilt.

A cultivator relies on the tractor's forward speed to till the soil. On the other hand, a power harrow is driven by the PTO power of the tractor to till the soil.

Yes, harrowing follows ploughing in crop cultivation. The first step is ploughing, and the second step is harrowing with the help of a power harrow.

It can be used, but there is a risk of blocking the power harrow, ripping turf grasses, and creating an uneven field.

Disclaimer: The product information and other details provided on this page is as made available by the respective brand and otherwise available in the public domain. Users should contact the nearest agriculture implement dealer to know about the latest features and prices. Prices and EMI shown by TractorKarvan are generic in nature – Exact price and EMI will depend on variants, discounts, interest rate, duration, frequency, and other factors. Please click Get On Road Price or Buy on Installments or visit your desired product's brand dealer for more information on Price and EMI. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.


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