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The laser leveler price in 2024 range is INR 1.25 lakhs* - 4.75 lakhs*. They require a 35 HP - 105 HP range tractors. 36 laser land leveler are listed on Tractorkarvan. The popular models are Fieldking Eco Planer FKLLLEF-10, Garud Rhino, and John Deere LL4237, among others.
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About Laser Land Leveler

Precision land levelling is the first step towards efficient water use, and a laser land leveler is one such device. It is a land preparation tool that precisely smoothens the uneven land surface. It does so with the help of a rotating laser leveller. 

A laser land leveller for a tractor comprises a bucket and a blade that acts as a distributor and a soil cutter. It spreads the irrigation waters evenly. It is an advanced technology for crop management, water saving, good agronomic, and the highest possible yield. 

A laser land leveler for tractor is a technologically advanced version of land leveler implement used for land levelling. Many models of laser level machine for tractors are available in India.

Benefits of Laser Land Leveler in Agriculture

The land surface levelled with the help of a laser land leveler significantly impacts the germination of seed, crop yield, water, and moisture. The key benefits are:

  • It saves irrigation water up to 35 per cent.
  • It reduces weed in the field by 40 per cent.
  • It enlarges the farming area by 3.5 per cent, as a result, increases operational efficiency.
  • It raises the crop yield or productivity by 50 per cent.
  • It reduces the time spent on levelling the farmland by 10 per cent.
  • It saves fuel and electricity used in irrigation and labour costs.

Parts of Laser Land Leveler Machine

A laser level machine consists of different parts, and these are:

  • Laser beam receiver
  • Laser emitter
  • Laser eye
  • Two-way hydraulic valve
  • Tripod Stand
  • Grade rod
  • Scraper unit
  • The control box on the tractor

How Does a Laser Land Leveler Work?

A laser land leveler works in following manner

  • First, a laser beam is transmitted by the laser transmitter.
  • Second, the transmitted laser beam is intercepted by the laser receiver atop the levelling bucket.
  • Third, the control panel on the tractor interprets the signal and operate the hydraulic control valve,
  • Fourth, the bucket picks up the loosened soil and releases lower in the field.

Best Laser Land Leveler Machine in India

Many models of laser land leveller implements are in the market, but the farmer is looking for the best. The Eco Planner series from Fieldking is among the best in the market. Some popular models are Eco Planer FKLLLEF-7, Eco Planer FKLLLEF-8, and Eco Planer FKLLLEF-10.

Besides, you can also find laser land levelers of other top brands on Tractorkarvan. These are from brands like Garud, Landforce, Sonalika and John Deere. We have listed some of the popular models from these brands below:

Garud Rhino: It is compatible with 55-60 HP tractors and has bucket sheet of 8 mm.

Landforce Sports LLS3A/B/C: It is compatible with 50 HP tractors and has a bucket sheet of 8 mm.

Sonalika Laser Leveler: It is compatible with 50 HP tractors and has a bucket sheet of 10 mm.

John Deere LL4237: It is compatible with 50+ HP tractors and has a bucket sheet of 10 mm.

Laser Land leveller Price in India 2024

The laser level price in India on Tractorkarvan is between INR 1.25 lakhs* and INR 4.75 lakhs*. The laser land leveler price depends on the brand and model you choose. It would be best if you always preferred a model that delivers maximum performance at an affordable price.

The laser level machine price also varies across states. For example, laser leveler price in Punjab is different from laser land leveler price in UP. You can check the updated laser level price on Tractorkarvan.

Why Prefer Tractorkarvan for Laser Land Leveler Implement?

Tractorkarvan is an online platform that provides information on popular implements like laser land leveler machines in one place. To do your search for a laser land leveller easy, we have developed a separate agricultural laser land leveller page detailing all the information on price, specifications, and dealers. Moreover, you can also buy and sell laser land leveler on our platform.

You can even compare two laser land leveler machines with the help of compare implements feature to know the best laser leveler machine within your budget.

Visit Tractorkarvan for further queries on the Laser Land leveler machine. Our customer care team is available 24X7 to resolve your questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Laser Land Leveler Implements

1. With which HP category tractors is a laser land leveler compatible?

A land leveler is compatible with 35 – 105 horsepower range tractors.

The laser land leveler implement is available on Tractorkarvan at a price range of INR 1.25 lakhs* to INR 4.75 lakhs*.

The widely preferred laser land leveler machines are from the Fieldking brand and are available on Tractorkarvan.

A land leveler machine is helpful in land development, flood irrigation, weed control, and so on.

Fieldking Eco Planer is one of the most popular laser land leveler in India.

A laser land leveler smoothens uneven land for agricultural purposes.

A laser land leveler generally has a working width of 2000 mm and a height of 600 mm.

A farmer uses a land leveler and a laser land leveler to level the land.

Some states like Haryana in India provide subsidy on laser land leveler.

You can purchase a laser land leveler on EMI options at Tractorkarvan.

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