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Tractor Trolley price in India 2024 starts from INR 60,000*. Tractor Trolley is compatible with tractors of 12 HP to 120 HP. We have listed 45 tractor trolleys on Tractorkarvan. The popular tractor trolley models are Landforce TRA 9, Fieldking FKAT4WNT-E-9T, and many others.
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Jagatjit JGAT4WNT-12 Tractor Trailer Implement
Tractor Trailer
90-105 HP
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Machino MMN-TPT-H Tractor Trailer Implement
Tractor Trailer
12+ HP
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Fieldking 3 Way FKAT2WT-E-5TON Tractor Trailer Implement
Tractor Trailer
50-70 HP
Price starts ₹2.81 Lakh
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Machino MTL-NT-5M Tractor Trailer Implement
Tractor Trailer
50+ HP
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Fieldking FKAT2WT-E-10TON Tractor Trailer Implement
Tractor Trailer
90-120 HP
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Krishiking KKNTT-5 T Tractor Trailer Implement
Tractor Trailer
50-70 HP
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Landforce TRB 9 Tractor Trailer Implement
Tractor Trailer
45+ HP
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Jagatjit JGAT4WNT-5 Tractor Trailer Implement
Tractor Trailer
50-65 HP
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Fieldking FKAT2WT-E-9TON Tractor Trailer Implement
Tractor Trailer
70-90 HP
Price starts ₹2.48 Lakh
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Tractor Trailer By Brands

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About Tractor Trailer

The Tractor Trolley or trailer is a versatile implement widely used in India. It is solely used for haulage in the agriculture and commercial sectors. It can be easily attached to a tractor and used to transport a diverse range of commodities, from agricultural produce to sand and bricks. Its simple design and operation make it a valuable asset, helping to reduce transportation costs and resulting in significant savings.

Tractor trolleys are available in different sizes and varying loading capacities. The popular brands offering tractor trolleys in India are Fieldking, Landforce, Sai Agro, and many others.

Applications of Tractor Trolley

  • It is used to transport grains and other agriculture produce from the field to the nearest storage or market faster, saving time and cost.
  • One major usage of a tractor trolley is that it carries the harvested sugarcane from the field to the sugar mills.
  • In the commercial sector, it is used to haul commodities like bricks, sand, etc., for construction purposes.
  • It is also used to transport materials and goods to different industries.

Tractor Trailer Types in India

Tractor trolleys are broadly divided into two types: Tipping type and Non-tipping type (standard type).

  • Tipping Type: The tipping type tractor trailer, also known as a hydraulic tractor trolley, comes with a hydraulic mechanism and auxiliary valve, allowing the trailer to tip for unloading its content. It will enable faster unloading of bulky materials such as soil. They are available in both two-wheel and four-wheel variants.
  • Non-Tipping Type: Unlike the tipping type, non-tipping tractor-trailers do not tip and dump their load. However, they are widely preferred because of their low cost and less maintenance. They are widely used for hauling materials that do not need to be dumped, such as tools, seeds, fertilizers, bags of grains, and agriculture produce, etc. They are also available in both two-wheel and four-wheel variants.

Tractor Trolley Sizes in India

The size of a tractor trolley varies based on its capacity and tractor HP compatibility. The capacity and HP compatibility of different categories of tractor trailers are listed below:


Capacity (in CFT)

HP Compatibility

Mini Tractor Trolley


Less than 36

Medium Sized Tractor Trolley


30 to 40

Standard-size Tractor Trolley


40 to 55

Large-sized Tractor Trolley




Popular Tractor Trailer Brands in India

Fieldking Tractor Trailer

The Fieldking tractor trailers are available in both tipping type and non-tipping type. They are equipped with high-grade hubs, axles & bearings, improving durability and reliability. These tractor trolleys are well-designed for towing and loading stability. Some popular tractor trailer models offered by Fieldking are Fieldking 3 Way FKAT2WT-E-3TON and Fieldking FKAT4WNT-E-9T.

Landforce Tractor Trailer

Landforce tractor trailers are manufactured using the finest quality of raw materials and possess a heavy-duty structure, resulting in low maintenance costs and a longer life span. They are also available in both tipping and non-tipping type. Some popular models offered by the brand are Landforce TRB 5 and Landforce TRAM 2.

Machino Tractor Trailer

Machino tractor trailers are available in tipping and non-tipping type. The tipping-type trailers come with two tyres, whereas the non-tipping type comes with four tyres. They can be attached easily to a wide range of tractors ranging from 12 to 70+ HP. Some popular models offered by the brand are Machino MTL-TP-5M and Machino MTL-NT-5M.

Tractor Trolley Price in India 2024

The tractor trolley price in India starts from INR 60,000*. Please note that the cost of a tractor trailer varies depending on its size and type. While you can find lots of vendors providing assembled trolleys, we recommend you go for a trolley from a famous brand. The brand offers better build quality, durability, and reliability.

Why Choose Tractorkarvan for Tractor Trailer?

Tractorkarvan is a reliable platform that provides complete information regarding different tractor-trolley models in one place. Here, you will get the latest prices and specifications for various tractor-trailer models from many popular brands. In addition to this, you can also choose from a second-hand tractor trailer listed on our portal's used implements page.

We also provide loans on tractor-trailers at competitive interest rates, allowing you to purchase your preferred model on easy EMIs.

Moreover, you can also use the compare implements tool to compare two tractor-trailer models of the same or different brands, such as Fieldking 3 Way FKAT2WT-E-3TON, Landforce TRAM 5, and many others.

Frequently Asked Questions On Tractor Trailer

1. What is the price of tractor trailer in India?

The tractor trailer price in India starts from INR 60,000*.

45 tractor trailer models are available at Tractorkarvan.

A tractor trailer is compatible with 12 to 120 HP tractors.

A tractor trailer is used to transport a diverse range of commodities in agriculture and commercial sectors.

Tractor trailers are available in two types: tipping type and non-tipping type.

Yes, you can buy a tractor trailer on easy EMIs from Tractorkarvan.


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