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2 Soybean harvester machines are listed on Tractorkarvan. The soybean harvesting machine price is reasonable and cost-effective. They require a 100 HP engine to operate.
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John Deere W70 Combine Harvester
John Deere
Combine Harvester
Self Propelled | 100 HP
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John Deere W70 SynchroSmart Combine Harvester
W70 SynchroSmart
John Deere
Combine Harvester
Self Propelled | 100 HP
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Soybean Crop in India

Soybean is a crop that contains high protein. It is widely used to process edible oil and milk in India. It is also known as the ‘golden bean’. Rajasthan and Maharashtra are the leading states in soybean production. The cultivation and harvesting of soybean is a complex one. With the advent of the soybean harvester, the task has become much easier, more effective, and more profitable. John Deere is a leading brand that manufactures soybean harvesters in India.

Many models of specialized soybean harvesters are available for sale. The popular ones are John Deere W70 and John Deere W70 SynchroSmart.

Benefits of Soybean Harvesters

Soybean harvesters in India are used to cut Soybean crops. They are specialized machines to harvest soybean. They are designed to meet the demand of small and large farmers. They can cut, harvest, and thresh soybean in a single operation. They are fitted with equipment to separate clean soybean from stalks. Usually, these harvester machines are Combine Harvesters. The following list shows their key benefits:

  • Reduce human effort to save time, money, and labour.
  • Made with quality steel to perform for the long term.
  • Low maintenance cost means more savings for farmers.
  • They increase the productivity of soybean farming.
  • Gives clean seeds by separating soybeans from the stalk.
  • Increase the profitability of farmers by saving labour costs.
  • The separated stalk is converted to organic manure to increase soil fertility.

Popular Models of Soybean Harvesters

Soybean harvesting machines are widely preferred when it comes to harvesting golden beans. They come in many popular models; these include:

John Deere W70

  • It is a 100 HP multi-crop combine harvester used for harvesting soybean.
  • It comes with a fuel-efficient turbocharged engine.
  • It is ergonomically designed to give extra comfort to the operator.
  • Due to its specially crafted beater grate, the threshing and separation efficiency is increased.
  • It comes with a high ground clearance of 415 mm.

John Deere W70 SynchroSmart

  • It is a 100 HP multi-crop harvester.
  • It features a self-cleaning radiator to extend the life of the engine.
  • The effective suction duct releases foreign material on the surface.
  • It comes with a sunshade cabin for the operator, enabling longer work hours without fatigue.

Soybean Harvester Price in India 2023

It is observed that the soybean harvester machine price in India fits the budget of most farmers. However, this pricing can change depending on the features of the particular model as well as the location of the customer. It goes without saying that one has to pay extra for top-notch features. Tractorkarvan offers the soybean harvester price list in India 2023 to help users make a suitable purchasing decision. If there is a lack of budget, one can easily get soybean harvesters on easy EMI options offered by Tractorkarvan.

Using the compare harvesters feature, users can compare the prices and features of multiple soybean harvester models based on their category or brand.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for Soybean Harvesters?

It is the need of the hour that farmers have quick access to all the key information related to agricultural tools. It is crucial for them to consider all the options before settling on a model. We at Tractorkarvan help in this regard by offering a catalogue of soybean harvester models. It covers all significant details like specifications and prices. There is a separate section on popular harvesters to help users get relevant information quickly. Go through the website to get the best deal on top soybean harvesters from leading brands.

Frequently Asked Questions on Soybean Harvester

1. What is the HP range of a Soybean Harvester?

The power required to run Soybean harvesters is 100 HP.

You can get updated information on Soybean Harvesters at Tractorkarvan.

The top Soybean Harvesters brand is John Deere.

Some popular models of Soybean harvesters are John Deere W70 and John Deere W70 SynchroSmart.

Tractorkarvan is the best platform to get financing options for purchasing Soybean Harvesters.

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