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AutoNxt 4WD tractor price in India 2023 is affordable. AutoNxt 4x4 comes with 20 HP range. 1 AutoNxt 4WD tractors is available on Tractorkarvan.

AutoNxt is offering modern electric tractors in India as a solution to the challenges of the agricultural sector, like pollution and increasing fuel costs. Farmers can save a considerable amount of money on fuel costs. Also, the company has developed AutoNxt 4WD tractors so that you can carry out all the challenging tasks like a traditional tractor.

The AutoNxt 4WD tractor is counted among the most popular tractors in the market. These tractors are best suited for steep slopes and rough terrain. It is mainly because all four tyres receive power to assist in moving the tractor forward. This is why 4WD tractors are in high demand, as they can complete tasks faster due to their greater power output and traction.

AutoNxt has provided powerful engines so its tractors can operate in rugged terrain and pull heavy loads. With attractive designs and the latest technologies, AutoNxt tractors are perfect for farming in India. Go through the following sections to learn more about AutoNxt 4WD tractors:

Unique Features of AutoNxt 4WD Tractors

AutoNxt 4WD tractors are known for generating better grip and traction on the ground, even in uneven, muddy, or wet fields. Due to this, there is lesser slippage that allows efficient work in challenging conditions. The following benefits will help you see why AutoNxt 4WD tractors are better than 2WD farm tractors:

  • AutoNxt 4WD tractors can operate bigger, heavier tractor implements than two-wheel drive tractors.
  • Being versatile in nature, they can perform a wide range of tasks, including hauling, harvesting, spraying, cultivating, and planting.
  • As the load is distributed between the rear and front axles, the lifespan of a 4WD transmission system is extended, resulting in increased durability and longevity.
  • The remarkable hauling stability and reduced front lifting of AutoNxt 4WD tractors are attributed to incorporating a heavier front axle in their design.
  • These tractors are fitted with robust tractor tyres that are highly resistant to damage, ensuring their long-lasting durability.

Applications of AutoNxt 4WD Tractors

AutoNxt tractors have been designed, keeping the needs of Indian farmers under consideration. A 4WD tractor is a better choice in the long run as it works well in all soil conditions. Following are the essential applications of AutoNxt 4WD tractors:

  • AutoNxt 4WD tractors are best suited for harsh operating conditions like muddy and wet farmlands.
  • They produce a high tractive force to operate efficiently with heavier loads, making them perfect for large-scale farming applications.
  • Due to their improved manoeuvrability and handling, they are suitable for tight spaces and field corners.
  • They can work with a diverse range of implements to maximise productivity on the field. Examples include Box Blade and Rotavator.

Popular Models of AutoNxt 4WD Tractors

The most popular models from AutoNxt include:

  • X20H4: Autonxt X20H4 is a 20-horsepower tractor known for its exceptional power and reliability. Thus, this AutoNxt mini tractor is perfect for varying soil conditions.
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Autonxt 4WD Tractors

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AutoNxt 4WD Tractors Price in India 2023

AutoNxt 4WD tractors belong to a wide price range based on their features and technology. The powerful engine and durability of these tractors justify the price. Thus, the AutoNxt 4WD tractor price is within a reasonable range.

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