Preet 4WD Tractors

There are 16 4WD tractors of Preet brand available on Tractorkarvan and the Preet 4x4 HP ranges from 25 HP to 100 horsepower.

Preet is a renowned brand for producing wide range of tractors, including 2WD and 4WD tractors. The 4WD tractors of the company are high in performance and come laced with innovative technology. Besides, the company also manufactures 4WD mini tractors and 4WD full-size tractors.

Features of Preet 4WD Tractors 

The Preet 4WD tractors comes with powerful engines, which delivers high torque and excellent fuel efficiency. This means that farmers can work for longer hours without worrying about fuel consumption, thereby maximizing their production output. 

Also, the Preet 4WD tractors are equipped with ergonomic seats, adjustable steering wheels, and a range of user-friendly controls, ensuring that the operator can work for long hours without experiencing any discomfort or fatigue. 

Unique Features of Preet 4WD Tractors  

Power is transmitted to all tyres in 4WD tractors, due to which they offer better traction than 2WD models. They are ideal for numerous farm applications because of the dynamic movement of all tyres. The following benefits will show why Preet 4WD tractors are better than 2WD farm vehicles:  

  • These tractors are designed specifically for rugged surfaces. Thus, they are ideal for muddy soil conditions. 
  • They have more attachment options that increase their overall productivity. 
  • A 2WD tractor can lose balance in cases of heavy loads. Such incidents do not occur in Preet 4WD tractors.   
  • Due to its higher power output, a 4WD tractor is suitable for numerous agricultural functions like mowing, haulage and loader operations. 
  • They deliver more power and high performance on the farm. 
  • They can be easily applied to heavy agricultural, commercial and haulage tasks. 
  • The 4X4 tractors can operate with all type of farm implements with ease. 
  • They are pricey but their valuable features offer excellent value for money. 

Applications of Preet 4WD Tractors 

Preet's 4WD tractors are built to perform heavy-duty tasks, and they require compatible implements that can handle tough jobs with ease. Here's a list of implements that are some compatible with Preet's 4WD tractors: 

Tillage: These tractors can operate tillage implements like hydraulic reversible MB plough and power harrow to till the field with ease. 

Haulage: The Preet 4WD tractors can also be applied for haulage purposes and can be attached with implements like tractor trolley

Puddling: These tractors are highly useful for puddling purposes and hence can be attached to puddler implements

Construction: When it comes to use of tractors for construction purposes, then look no beyond Preet 4WD tractors. 

Harvesting: During the post-harvesting phase for threshing and reaping the crop straws a tractor with high power is required. What best than Preet 4WD tractors which are easily compatible with straw reapers and thresher implements

Popular Models of Preet 4WD Tractors 

There are several Preet 4WD tractors listed on our platform. The most popular models are: 

  • Preet 7549 4WD: It is a 75 HP tractor that can easily perform heavy load applications. It is because of its high engine output.  
  • Preet 8049 4WD: It is an 80 HP tractor with optimum efficiency and comfort. Thus, it is perfect for long hours in the field.  
  • Preet 6549 4WD: It is a 65 HP tractor known for its exceptional traction. Thus, it is ideal for wet terrain.  
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Preet 4X4 Tractor Price 2023 

The price of a Preet 4WD tractor varies based on the model and specifications. On average, however, these 4WD tractors can cost anywhere from INR Rs. 6-12 lakhs* depending on the features and horsepower. Overall, Preet 4WD tractors offer a great blend of power and reliability at an affordable price point. 

Why Choose Tractorkarvan for Preet 4X4 Tractor? 

Tractorkarvan is a one-stop solution for Preet 4WD tractor. We have partnered with all the leading Preet tractor dealers to assist in the distribution of vehicles. Here on Tractorkarvan, you can find vast catalogue where you can find the specs of various new tractors, second-hand Preet 4WD tractors, customer reviews, product comparisons, and much more. We also assist farmers in accessing loans at the best rates for buying tractors. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Preet 4WD Tractors

1. What is the on-road price of Preet 4WD tractors in India 2023?

The Preet 4WD tractor price is within a reasonable range on Tractorkarvan. 

Tractorkarvan is the best platform to get financing options for purchasing Preet 4WD tractors. 

The popular Preet 4WD tractor models are Preet 10049 4WD, Preet 9049 AC 4WD and Preet 9049 4WD.

Preet 4WD tractors offer a higher farm yield than two-wheel drive tractors.  

Tractorkarvan is the perfect place to get the latest information about Preet 4WD tractors. 

You can buy the Preet 4WD tractor models on easy EMI on Tractorkarvan.