Preet 6049 NT 4WD

EMI starts from ₹ 17,210/Month
Brand Preet Tractors
No. Of Cylinder 3
HP Category 60 HP
Gear Box Synchromesh
Brakes Multi Disc Oil Immersed

Key Specifications of Preet 6049 NT 4WD

Tractor HP
Tractor HP
60 HP
Wheel Drive
Wheel Drive
Gear Box
Gear Box
Power Steering
Lifting capacity
Lifting capacity
2400 KG

About Preet 6049 NT 4WD

Preet 6049 NT 4WD price in India has been set within a reasonable range. Preet 6049 NT 4WD HP is noted to be 60 horsepower.

One of the most reputable Indian tractor manufacturers, Preet, comes with another exceptional model called Preet 6049 NT 4WD, which looks incredible and features outstanding specs.

Preet tractors are known for being perfect for all kinds of farming operations. It is the ideal choice if you are searching for popular tractors capable of meeting your expectations regarding power, capacity, smoothness, and sturdiness.

This model is an outstanding option for use in agricultural settings. It is compatible with many farm tools, simplifying and improving agricultural productivity. Moreover, Preet 6049 NT 4WD HP is a beast when it comes to power, as it belongs to tractors under 60 HP category.

The Preet 6049 NT 4WD price in India is reasonable considering its features. Read on to learn about this tractor in detail.

Preet 6049 NT 4WD Key Features

Those interested in using their tractor in an effective and trouble-free manner will find that this Preet tractor is the ideal option. It comes equipped with cutting-edge features like:


  • Preet 6049 4WD HP is 60 horsepower. This power output is generated at an engine rated RPM of 2200 indicating that this tractor can do heavy farm task with ease and will consume less fuel. It is because greater the horsepower generated at lesser the engine speed; the lesser will be the fuel consumption.
  • It has a 4-stroke diesel engine with 3 cylinders. It indicates that this tractor is a fuel-efficient tractor, and the working of engine in the tractor is highly refined.
  • It is equipped with a dry-type air filter. A dry type of air filter does not allow particulate matters to enter the internal combustion process of the tractor’s engine. As a result, the engine works smoothly, and its life is prolonged.
  • A liquid-cooled cooling system given in the tractor ensures that the heat is dissipated effectively, and the engine overheating does not happen during long hours of farm work.
  • The bore/stroke is 105/118 mm. A higher bore/stroke ratio means more intake of fuel and air into the internal combustion engine. As a result, the torque generated is higher enhancing the pulling capabilities of the tractor. This tractor can pull heavy implements like Ripper and Front End Loader with ease.
  • The fuel pump type is Multicylinder Inline (BOSCH). This fuel pump type ensures that more power stroke is generated per revolution providing smooth torque output.


  • This model comes with a synchromesh gearbox. Due to the continuous meshing of gears with the help of a synchroniser, the transmission in this tractor is very smooth with less vibrations and noise. As a result, the transmission is highly efficient in this gearbox type.
  • The transmission system consists of a dual clutch. A dual clutch (two clutch plates in a single gear) does not require the tractor to stop to run the PTO implement. As a result, the gear shifting is easy in this tractor.
  • It has 12 Forward + 12 Reverse gears. A higher gear speed reducing options means this tractor can be used for wide range of farm applications.
  • It has a forward speed range of 0.48 to 30 km/h and a reverse speed range of 0.41 to 22.95 km/h.

Power Take-Off

  • It comes with dual speed PTO of Standard type (540 RPM) and Economy type (540 ERPM). These features that tractor can operate with PTO implements like Happy Seeder and Super Seeder without consuming too much of fuel.
  • It also has the option of Independent PTO (PTO). It means that this tractor can operate PTO independently of the motion of tractor just with the help of PTO gear given in the tractor.


  • It has a 2400 kg lifting capacity; that is, it can easily lift heavy implements like cutter mixer feeder and laser land leveler.
  • It offers 3-point linkages suitable for Category II-type implement pins.
  • It has Automatic Draft & Depth Control (ADDC) for hydraulic controls. As a result, implements attached to this tractor runs smoothly maintaining the proper depth and draft.

Brakes & Steering

  • The tractor comes with multi-disc oil-immersed disc brakes. This type of brakes ensures less slippages and prolongs the life of brakes as they are actively immersed in oil.
  • It offers power steering enabling the operator to control the direction of the tractor with ease and precision. It acts like an additional comfort to the operator while operating the tractor for various farm applications.

Wheel Drive & Tyres

  • The front tyres measure 280/70 R 18. A comparatively larger front tyres given in the tractor ensures proper traction in the field.
  • The rear tyres measure 360/70 R 28. A larger rear tyre ensures that the weight distribution is better. It also ensures better gripping on road and muddy fields.
  • It is a 4-wheel-drive tractor. In this tractor, the power from the engine is transmitted to all the four wheels. As a result, there is no problem of turning in this tractor and is ideal for puddling.

Preet 6049 NT 4WD Key Benefits

  • The engine is powerful, fuel-efficient, and dependable, making it an excellent choice for big and small farms.
  • Even while traversing rugged terrain, its hydraulic system guarantees a smooth operation.
  • Preet 6049 NT 4WD is 4200 mm in length and 1455 mm wide. The size is ideal for a tractor of this much horsepower making it work on multiple farm applications.
  • The battery is 12 V, 88 Ah, while the alternator is 12 V, 42 A.  As a result, the operator can operate the tractor in night without any difficulty.
  • It comes with a huge fuel tank capacity of 67 litres ensuring that tractor is able to do heavy farm task without worry of refuelling.

Preet 6049 NT 4WD Price in India 2023

The Preet 6049 NT 4X4 price makes it an excellent option if you are searching for a tractor capable of performing all the farming tasks. The Preet 6049 NT 4WD price is set within an affordable range. The on road Preet 6049 NT 4WD price in India may vary from state to state as it depends on state subsidies, different RTO taxes, etc. The 6049 tractor 4X4 price also depends on the implements and accessories purchased.

The Preet 6049 NT 4WD price is budget-friendly, and it will be easy on farmers’ pockets. The Preet 6049 NT 4WD price makes it one of the preferred tractor models by farmers in India. In addition, Tractorkarvan allows users to compare all tractor models to help them make an ideal decision.

Our compare feature can be used to determine which tractor suits your farming needs along with the budget. You may even compare Preet 6049 NT 4WD on road price with other models like Preet 6049 4WD and Preet 6049 to ensure that the Preet 6049 NT 4WD price is affordable.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for Preet 6049 NT 4WD?

Tractorkarvan is the leading name for accurate information on the latest tractors in India, and the firm offers customers a diverse selection to choose from. You will have no trouble finding the upcoming tractors for your agricultural purposes.

Tractorkarvan contains all the necessary information about tractors, be it tractor tyres or Preet tractor dealers. This Preet tractor is the perfect choice for farmers looking for a powerful and versatile tractor that can handle all kinds of farm work. You can read more about Preet 6049 NT 4WD features and specifications on Tractorkarvan.

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Preet 6049 NT 4WD Engine

No. Of Cylinder 3
HP Category 60 HP
Engine Type Four Stroke, Direct Injection
Engine Rated RPM 2200 RPM
Capacity CC 3066 CC
Air Filter Dry type
Cooling System Liquid cooled
Fuel Type Diesel
Bore / Stroke 105/118 MM
Fuel Pump Type Multicylinder Inline (BOSCH)

Preet 6049 NT 4WD Transmission

Clutch Dual
Gear Box Synchromesh
Gear Speed 12 Forward + 12 Reverse
Forward Speed 0.48-30.00 KM/H
Reverse Speed 0.41-22.95 KM/H
Brakes Multi Disc Oil Immersed

Preet 6049 NT 4WD Steering

Type Power Steering

Preet 6049 NT 4WD Power Take Off

PTO Speed 540 RPM, 540 ERPM, IPTO

Preet 6049 NT 4WD Fuel Capacity

Capacity 67 Litres

Preet 6049 NT 4WD Hydraulics

Lifting Capacity 2400 KG
3 point Linkage CAT-II
Hydraulic Controls ADDC

Preet 6049 NT 4WD Tyre Size

Wheel Drive 4WD
Front 280/70 R 18
Rear 360/70 R 28

Preet 6049 NT 4WD Dimensions And Weight

Wheel Base 2216 mm
Overall Length 4200 mm
Overall Width 1455 mm
Ground Clearance 300 mm
Turning radius with brake 3.9 M

Preet 6049 NT 4WD Electrical

Battery 12V, 88 Ah
Alternator 12V, 42 A

Preet 6049 NT 4WD Other Information

Additional Features Electronic meter, Bonnet Lock with key, Mobile charger point, Aerodynamic Bonnet.

TractorKarvan Take On Preet 6049 NT 4WD

Good Things
  • 4-Wheel Drive: The tractor has four-wheel drive, which offers stability in uneven terrain.
  • Powerful Tractor: The tractor comes with a 60 HP engine, making it a versatile and powerful tractor for any farm-related operations.
  • Feature Rich: Multi-speed PTO along with option of IPTO, power steering, big air cleaner and Mobile charging point.
Could be Better
  • A 4-cylinder engine could have been ensured more refined and powerful performance.

Preet 6049 NT 4WD Verdict By TractorKarvan

Preet 6049 NT 4WD offers several benefits, such as ADDC hydraulic system with Category II 3-point linkage system, liquid-cooled cooling system, Multicylinder Inline (BOSCH) fuel pump, otpion of Independent PTO and various others. If you are looking for power and versatility needed for regular tasks, then this tractor is worth considering.

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Preet 6049 NT 4WD User Reviews

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Isme gear shift karna asaan aur fast hai
Shaktishali tractor hai to kathin se kathin condition me bhi top performance deta hai. jyada cc ke engine se power ki kami nahi hoti. gearbox smooth hai jiske wajah se gear asaani se shift kar sakta hu. power steering ki madad se bina thake ise din bhar chala sakte hai
1 month ago | Vishwakarma Mahesh Prasad Gupta
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rating star icon 5/5
rating star icon 5/5
rating star icon 5/5
Value for Money
rating star icon 5/5
Style & Looks
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Frequently Asked Questions on Preet 6049 NT 4WD

1. What is the on-road price of Preet 6049 NT 4WD in India 2023?

The on-road price in India 2023 has been set within a reasonable range.

Tractorkarvan is the best platform to get financing options for purchasing Preet 6049 NT 4WD.

Preet 6049 NT 4WD HP is 60 horsepower.

The lifting capacity of this tractor is 2400 kg.

Tractorkarvan is the perfect place to get the latest information about Preet 6049 NT 4WD.

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