John Deere 4WD Tractors

John Deere 4WD tractor price is reasonable compared to their modern features and benefits. John Deere 4x4 HP ranges from 28 HP to 120 HP on Tractorkarvan. 16 John Deere 4WD tractors are listed on Tractorkarvan. Some popular John Deere 4WD tractor models are John Deere 5050 D 4WD and John Deere 5045 D Power Pro 4WD Puddling Special.
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John Deere 4WD Tractors

4WD Tractors By Brands

John Deere 4WD models are among the most popular tractors on our platform. These vehicles are best suited for slopes and rough terrain. As 4WD tractors power all tyres, they have enhanced traction. Farmers prefer John Deere 4WD tractors for diverse farm applications like slashing, crop protection, tillage, and loading.

John Deere is known for powerful engines that can not only operate in rugged terrain but can also pull heavy loads. Another key concern of farmers is safety, which is appropriately addressed by John Deere 4WD tractors. They come packed with secure systems and parts. Go through the following sections to learn more about John Deere 4WD tractors.

Unique Features of John Deere 4WD Tractors

John Deere 4WD tractors offer following benefits that make them better than 2WD farm vehicles:

  • The life of a 4WD transmission system is longer as the load gets distributed between the rear and front axles.
  • Because of its higher towing capacity and durability, a 4WD tractor can be used for more functions than a two-wheel drive model.
  • They come with advanced hydraulic technology that can lift heavy loads.
  • These tractors are made of top-quality steel, which makes them highly durable.
  • John Deere 4WD tractors have exceptional haulage stability and reduced front lifting with heavy loads. It is because of the heavier front axle.

Applications of John Deere 4WD Tractors

A four-wheel drive tractor is a better option in the long run. Its key applications are as follows:

  • John Deere 4WD tractors work best in muddy, wet and harsh farmlands.
  • These tractors have powerful engines, which are perfect for challenging farming operations like puddling and haulage. For this reason, they are compatible with heavy-duty attachments like a Puddler, Power Harrow and Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough.
  • They can easily lift heavy tractor implements to make farming productive and smooth.
  • These tractors are recommended for farms with steep inclines and declines as they offer additional torque/power.

Popular Models of John Deere 4WD Tractors

There are several John Deere 4WD tractors available on Tractorkarvan. The most popular models include:

John Deere 4WD Tractors Price in India 2024

John Deere tractor 4X4 price is variable depending on their features and technology. The powerful engine and durability of these vehicles justify the price. Thus, one will find the John Deere tractor 4X4 price within a reasonable range.

At Tractorkarvan, you can get John Deere 4WD tractors in easy instalments. You can also use the compare tractor feature on our platform to compare the prices and features of different tractor models.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for John Deere 4WD Tractors?

Tractorkarvan is a trusted platform for getting crucial information on all the latest tractors. In addition, you can learn everything about farm equipment, including tractor tyres. We have farm vehicles in every price range. You can easily check out a tractor model that fits your budget and needs.

In addition, we have second-hand John Deere tractors for farmers who are low on budget. Explore Tractorkarvan right now to get details on John Deere tractor dealers near you.

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Frequently Asked Questions on John Deere 4WD Tractors

1. What is the price of John Deere 4WD tractors in India 2024?

John Deere 4WD tractor price is within a reasonable range on Tractorkarvan.

Tractorkarvan is the best platform to get financing options for purchasing John Deere 4WD tractors.

The popular models of John Deere 4WD tractors are John Deere 5050 D 4WD, John Deere 5045 D Power Pro 4WD Puddling Special and John Deere 5310 Trem III 4WD.

John Deere 4WD tractors are preferred for a variety of farm operations like slashing, tillage and loading.

Tractorkarvan is the perfect place to get the latest and updated information about John Deere 4WD tractors.


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