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Cellestial 4WD tractor price in India 2023 is affordable. Cellestial 4x4 HP ranges from 27 to 55 horsepower. 3 Cellestial 4WD tractors are available on Tractorkarvan. These are Cellestial 27 HP, Cellestial 35 HP, and Cellestial 55 HP.
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Tractors in India HP EMI Starts at
Cellestial 35 HP 35 HP Get More Details
Cellestial 27 HP 27 HP Get More Details
Cellestial 55 HP 55 HP Get More Details
Data Last Updated On: 22-Jun-2024

Cellestial 4WD Tractors Models

Cellestial 35 HP Tractor
35 HP
35 HP 4WD
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Cellestial 27 HP Tractor
27 HP
27 HP 4WD
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Cellestial 55 HP Tractor
55 HP
55 HP 4WD
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About Cellestial 4WD Tractors

Among the most popular tractors on our platform are the Cellestial 4WD tractors, highly favoured by Indian farmers for their exceptional performance on rugged terrain. These electric tractors operate efficiently, thanks to their 4WD system that supplies power to all tyres, resulting in enhanced traction.

Cellestial 4WD tractors are a top choice for a diverse range of farm applications, such as tilling, crop protection, and haulage. Their versatility and reliability make them a preferred option for farmers seeking robust tractors for various agricultural tasks.

The company's 4WD tractors boast impressive performance and are equipped with cutting-edge technology. These tractors come with various efficient engines that provide high torque and exceptional fuel efficiency. Read the following sections to learn more about Cellestial 4WD tractors:

Unique Features of Cellestial 4WD Tractors

Cellestial 4WD tractors are generally favoured over their two-wheel drive counterparts. With power transmission to all four wheels, these tractors exhibit superior performance and reduced slippage. The collaborative effort of front and rear tyres propels the tractor forward, enhancing its overall stability.

The following key features will help you see why Cellestial 4WD tractors are better than 2WD tractors:

  • The 4WD transmission system of a Cellestial 4WD tractor has a prolonged lifespan due to the distribution of the load among all its tractor tyres.
  • These tractors feature a heavier front axle, effectively preventing front lifting when carrying heavy loads.
  • The Cellestial 4X4 tractors can effortlessly handle a wide variety of tractor implements. Examples include Land Levelers and Puddler.
  • They are highly versatile and can be efficiently utilised for demanding agricultural, commercial, and haulage tasks.
  • Due to more grip and traction, they are fit for adverse field conditions like uneven, muddy, and wet fields.

Applications of Cellestial 4WD Tractors

Cellestial tractors are designed to cater to the requirements of Indian farmers. Investing in four-wheel drive tractors proves to be profitable in the long term. These tractors have versatile applications, including:

  • Due to their enhanced stability, these tractors are well-suited for farms with rugged terrains and steep slopes.
  • Unlike 2WD tractors that may lose balance under heavy loads, Cellestial 4WD tractors are designed to prevent such incidents.
  • They are versatile models that are perfect for a range of heavy-duty applications. Examples are harvesting, planting, ploughing, cultivating, and spraying.
  • These tractors are ideal for large-scale farming operations and have become indispensable tools for maximising productivity and efficiency in the field.

Popular Models of Cellestial 4WD Tractors

Cellestial tractors are known for their reliability and durability. These models are the most popular among farmers:

  • Cellestial 27 HP: It is among the leading Cellestial mini tractors that generate a maximum power of 27 horsepower. This model is highly efficient for heavy-duty tasks in the field. Due to its 4-wheel drive capability, it works efficiently on challenging terrains.
  • Cellestial 55 HP: The power output of this model is 55 HP. Thus, it is best suited for heavy-duty operations such as sowing and soil preparation.
  • Cellestial 35 HP: This 35 HP tractor is known for its exceptional traction. Therefore, it is ideal for wet farmlands.

Cellestial 4WD Tractors Price in India 2023

Cellestial offers a range of 4WD tractors with various features, catering to different price categories. Their powerful engines and reliable performance make them well worth the price. Cellestial 4WD tractors are reasonably priced, and Tractorkarvan provides convenient options for purchasing with hassle-free tractor loans.

With the compare tractors feature on Tractorkarvan, users can directly compare the prices and specifications of any two tractor models.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for Cellestial 4WD Tractors?

Tractorkarvan is a comprehensive platform that provides essential information on the latest tractors. Farmers can access detailed insights on various tractors, including tractor videos. No matter your budget or requirements, you can easily find a suitable tractor model as we offer a wide range of options.

For those with budget constraints, we have listed second-hand tractors. Do not hesitate to explore Tractorkarvan now to discover details about nearby Cellestial tractor dealers and find the perfect match for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions On Cellestial 4WD Tractors

1. What is the on-road price of Cellestial 4WD tractors in India 2023?

Cellestial 4WD tractor price is within a reasonable range on Tractorkarvan.

Tractorkarvan is the best platform to get financing options for purchasing Cellestial 4WD tractors.

The popular models of Cellestial 4WD tractors are Cellestial 27 HP, Cellestial 55 HP and Cellestial 35 HP.

Cellestial 4WD tractors have better traction and grip compared to 2-wheel drive tractors.

Tractorkarvan is the perfect place to get the latest information about Cellestial 4WD tractors.


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