Electric Tractors in India

Electric Tractor price in India starts from INR 5 lakhs*. The Electric tractors HP ranges from 11 HP to 55 HP. 12 Electric tractor models are listed on Tractorkarvan. Some popular Electric tractor models in India are Sonalika Tiger Electric, HAV 45 S, Autonxt X35H2, and more.

The invention of electric tractors is a revolutionary step towards sustaining climate change and the environment. These tractors produce zero emissions and are one of the best farm mechanisation solutions to support utility operations & agriculture.

Electric tractors in India are gaining massive popularity because of their affordability and benefits. Moreover, the electric tractor price in India 2023 is in the budget of farmers. These tractors ensure high performance and power without affecting the environment. They are manufactured using the latest EV technology.

Electric tractors have several advantages over traditional gasoline tractors as they have low maintenance, low operating cost and better manoeuvrability.

Besides, it helps large companies and small farmers minimise their carbon footprints while offering optimum efficiency, performance, and durability. Some popular brands offering electric tractors in India are Sonalika, AutoNxt, Cellestial, and HAV.

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Tractors in India HP EMI Starts at
Sonalika Tiger Electric 11 HP ₹14,286/Month
Cellestial 27 HP 27 HP More Details
Cellestial 35 HP 35 HP More Details
Cellestial 55 HP 55 HP More Details
HAV 45 S1 44 HP ₹18,969/Month
HAV 50 S1 48 HP ₹22,248/Month
HAV 50 S1 Plus 48 HP ₹26,672/Month
HAV 55 S1 51 HP ₹26,692/Month

Electric Tractors

What are Electric Tractors?

The electric tractors are manufactured with the latest electric vehicle (EV) technology which runs on electrical power instead of diesel or petrol. The performance of these tractors is like that of diesel tractors; however, the carbon emission is negligible, resulting in zero pollution and sustaining the environment.

Electric tractors have gained much popularity in significantly less time because of the rise in diesel prices, which disturbs the poor farmers' budgets. Farmers facing losses due to climate change and natural disasters should go for electric tractors as they are a profitable investment in the current scenario. These tractors come at affordable prices, ensuring a profitable business investment.

Electric Tractors – Key Features

  • They are equipped with rechargeable batteries that store and supply electric power to the engine to perform a particular task.
  • They are equipped with electric motors, offering optimised power and high energy efficiency for farming and light-hauling operations.
  • Some electric tractors come with regenerative braking technology, which produces electrical energy by converting the kinetic energy during braking, ensuring more efficiency.
  • Most tractors, such as Sonalika Tiger Electric, offer an electromobility concept and provide 100% torque at 100% time.
  • Unlike diesel tractors, these tractors have zero noise, thus helping to reduce noise pollution in the surrounding areas.
  • The battery capacity of electric tractors comes in the range of 250-350 A. It takes around 4 hours to charge with the fast-charging system and around 10 hours at home.
  • They are equipped with oil-immersed brakes, providing safety to the operators and better control on different terrains.
  • They are equipped with big-size tyres ensuring better traction and stability on uneven terrains.

Where can Electric Tractors be used in India?

Electric tractors are eco-friendly and can be used in farming lands, horticulture farms, and greenhouses to haul products to the warehouses from the farm and move products within the warehouses.

These tractors are low in maintenance and have minimal operating costs because of the absence of complex engine components and engine oil.

How Electric Tractors Work?

Electric tractors run on battery power instead of fuel. They require a charging station or the farm's electricity supply and even a solar engine to charge the battery. After that, the battery supplies the power to the motor, which is further used to operate the wheels with the help of gears and axles. The motors provided in these tractors are strong and generate optimum torque and power with less consumption of energy.

These tractors are equipped with electronic and computer components, which automate and monitor the tractor's functioning and provide real-time data and analysis. As a result, the functioning of these tractors is automated by the technology installed in them.

Why Prefer Electric Tractors over Diesel Tractors?

There are several reasons which show why electric tractors are preferred over diesel tractors. Some of them are listed below:

  • Eco-Friendly Tractors: These tractors produce less carbon emissions, thus helping in the sustainability of the environment and climate change.
  • Lower Emissions: Electric tractors produce less carbon emission compared to diesel tractors. The carbon emission percentage is 80% lower than the normal diesel tractors, making them low-emission tractors.
  • Affordable Price: The electric tractor price in India is budget friendly. Thus, it is a profitable investment for farmers.
  • Low Maintenance: The cost of maintenance is low because of the absence of complex engine and engine oil.
  • Integration of Renewable Energy: These tractors require renewable energy to charge the batteries that provide power to the electric motor. Thus, the reduced carbon emission helps to keep the environment clean, and there is no shortage of energy sources.
  • Minimum Noise Pollution: These tractors do not create any noise, unlike diesel tractors, thereby keeping their surroundings noise free.
  • Increased Efficiency: These tractors can provide consistent power because they don't depend on combustion engines and don't require idle or warm-up time. Therefore, they are highly efficient in energy usage and productivity.

Popular Electric Tractor Models in India

Some popular electric tractor models in India are listed below:

  • HAV 45 S1 : It is a 4-wheel drive tractor with 44 HP engine. It has a lifting capacity of 1800 kg.
  • AutoNxt X45H2 : It is a 2WD tractor with 45 HP engine. It has a lifting capacity of 1800 kg.
  • Cellestial 55 HP : It is a 4WD tractor that delivers a power output of 55 HP.
  • Sonalika Tiger Electric: It is a 2-wheel drive tractor with an 11 HP engine. It has a lifting capacity of 500 kg.

Why Choose Tractorkarvan for Electric Tractors India?

Tractorkarvan is an online platform designed to provide complete information regarding Electric tractors in India. The portal contains the details of several electric tractor brands, which are widely preferred in India. Here, you can get the details like electric tractor prices, different electric tractor models, benefits, and more.

Moreover, the portal also offers affordable loan options on electric tractors. So, if your budget is low and you want to purchase an electric tractor, then go for a tractor loan. You may explore the website to learn more about different electric tractor brands, such as Sonalika, HAV, AutoNxt, and Cellestial.

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Frequently Asked Questions on Electric Tractors

1. What is the price of Electric tractors in India?

The Electric Tractor price in India starts from INR 5 lakhs*.

The Electric tractor's HP ranges between 11 HP to 55 HP.

There are 12 electric tractor models listed on Tractorkarvan.

Sonalika Tiger Electric, HAV 50 S1, Autonxt X35H2, etc., are the popular Electric tractor models in India.

Yes, you can buy Electric tractors on EMIs from Tractorkarvan.


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