Powertrac RDX Series Tractors

The Powertrac RDX Series tractor price in India is affordable, and they come with 35 HP to 40 HP range engines. 2 Powertrac RDX Series tractors are listed on Tractorkarvan. Some popular tractor models in the Powertrac RDX series are Powertrac 439 RDX and Powertrac 434 RDX, and more.

Powertrac RDX Series is the latest offering from Escorts Kubota, the pioneer of farm mechanisation in India. The Powertrac RDX tractors with extra power are diesel savers and rotavator specialists.

The RDX tractors with heavy-duty bumpers are one of the safest tractors. The 2WD tractors are available in the market under 40 HP range. They are widely preferred among other Powertrac Series, such as DS Series, ALT Series, Euro Series and Powerhouse series, among others.

Tractorkarvan has listed 2 models of Powertrac RDX Series tractors, viz., Powertrac tractor 439 RDX and Powertrac 434 RDX tractor. You can find both the tractor models of the RDX series listed on Tractorkarvan with complete specifications. Check below the Powertrac RDX Series tractor price list in India 2023.

Characteristics of Powertrac RDX Series Tractors

The RDX Series tractors, like other tractor series from Powertrac, are European-designed and based on the frugal engineering technology of India. The RDX tractors are one of the most popular tractors in India. The key features of RDX Series tractors are:

  • One of the heavy-duty tractors under 40 HP range.
  • Heavy-duty bumpers for maximum safety while working on fields.
  • Government-certified No.1 diesel savers tractors in India.
  • Powerful and efficient engines due to the use of AVL technology.
  • Equipped with Quick Release Coupler to connect the trolley with the circuit without risk.
  • Change gears easily with the 8F + 2R Constant Mesh gearbox.
  • Efficient hydraulic system based on Sensi 1 technology for heavy lifting.

Popular Powertrac RDX Series Tractor Models

Escorts Kubota manufactures two tractor models of the RDX Series. They are one of the best models under 40 HP tractors category. These are:

  • Powertrac 439 RDX– Delivers a power output of 40 HP. It is available at an affordable price range.
  • Powertrac 434 RDX– Delivers a power output of 35 HP. It is available at an affordable price range.

Powertrac RDX Tractor Price in India 2023

The horsepower and features of a tractor are the major determiners of the price of tractors in India. Besides, the on-road price differs from state to state. In general, the Powertrac RDX tractor's price is affordable and pocket friendly.

If the RDX Series tractors do not fit your budget, Tractorkarvan is here to help you. We have a loan facility that you can avail of to buy an RDX tractor and pay it back in easy EMIs.

Buying Powertrac RDX Series Tractors on Tractorkarvan

Buying a Powertrac tractor RDX Series online has become much easier with Tractorkarvan – a one-stop solution to your tractor needs. We have created a separate page on Powertrac RDX Series that contains complete information on RDX series tractors' specifications and features. You can get information on Powertrac tractor 439 RDX price and Powertrac 434 RDX price.

Understanding the income limitations of Indian farmers, we also have the facility of buying second-hand Powertrac RDX Series tractors. Moreover, you are not required to go anywhere in search of RDX series tractors, as we have provided a list of dealers selling Powertrac RDX tractors. You only need to visit Tractorkarvan to get the RDX tractor of your choice near you. Now, find an RDX tractor fulfilling your farming needs in your locality with ease.

Get the best deal on Powertrac RDX Series tractors by visiting Tractorkarvan. Contact us for more information.

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Tractors in India HP EMI Starts at
Powertrac 434 RDX 35 HP ₹13,685/Month
Powertrac 439 RDX 40 HP ₹13,832/Month

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Frequently Asked Questions on RDX Series

1. How many tractor models of Powertrac RDX Series are available on Tractorkarvan?

Two models of Powertrac RDX Series tractor are available on Tractorkarvan.

The price of RDX Series tractors is reasonable and cost-effective.

The RDX tractors are available in the 35 HP and 40 HP ranges.

You can buy Powertrac RDX tractors online and on easy EMIs at Tractorkarvan.

You can get the updated information on the Powertrac RDX Series tractors at Tractorkarvan.


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