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Swan Agro implement price in India is highly reasonable for Indian farmers. They are compatible with 16 – 135 HP tractors. 57 Swan Agro implements are available on Tractorkarvan. Some of the popular models are Swan Agro NSE MBP-2, Swan Agro Mounted Offset NSEODH-12 and Swan Agro Super NSESU RT 150, among others.

Swan Agro Implements has emerged as a trusted brand dedicated to providing farmers with innovative and efficient agricultural solutions. Its implements have revolutionised the farming landscape by offering a diverse range of high-quality implements that enhance productivity, minimise labour, and optimise crop yields.

Swan Agro Implements are known for their high quality and durability. The brand uses high-quality materials and components in its machinery and has a strict quality control system in place.

With a range of implements available for categories like TillageHarvesting and Sowing & Planting, Swan Agro offers a comprehensive solution for farmers looking for high-quality and reliable equipment.

Let us check out their key details like Swan Agro implement price, features and benefits.

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Swan Agro Standard NSESS RT 125 Rotavator Implement
Standard NSESS RT 125
Swan Agro
4 feet Rotavator
30-35 HP
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Swan Agro Mounted Offset NSEODH-12 Disc Harrow Implement
Mounted Offset NSEODH-12
Swan Agro
Disc Harrow
30-40 HP
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Swan Agro Duster NSEDS RT 150 Rotavator Implement
Duster NSEDS RT 150
Swan Agro
5 feet Rotavator
35-45 HP
Price starts ₹89,000
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Swan Agro Light Duty NSE SS-2 Subsoiler Implement
Light Duty NSE SS-2
Swan Agro
60-75 HP
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Swan Agro Mounted Offset NSEODH-18 Disc Harrow Implement
Mounted Offset NSEODH-18
Swan Agro
Disc Harrow
60-70 HP
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Swan Agro NSMDP-3 Disc Plough Implement
Swan Agro
Disc Plough
65-80 HP
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Swan Agro Super NSESU RT 225 Rotavator Implement
Super NSESU RT 225
Swan Agro
7 feet Rotavator
60-65 HP
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Swan Agro Super NSESU RT 275 Rotavator Implement
Super NSESU RT 275
Swan Agro
9 feet Rotavator
70-75 HP
Price starts ₹1.60 Lakh
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Swan Agro Implement Types

About Swan Agro

Headquartered in Ludhiana, Punjab, Swan Agro is India's leading manufacturer of tractor implements. The brand is committed to research and development, and it is regularly innovating to improve its products. Swan Agro also strongly focuses on customer service, offering its customers a broad range of support services.

Swan Group has an experience of over three decades in the Automotive sector. It uses the gained knowledge for developing agricultural implements. Strict quality control is employed while manufacturing these products, ensuring they perform efficiently in all soil types. Swan Agro has developed the best R&D team to offer superior value via unparalleled farm machinery.

USP of Swan Agro Implements

Swan Agro offers a wide range of implements that cater to different farming requirements. From Disc Harrows and Subsoilers to MB Ploughs and Cultivators, their implements are designed to handle various crops and farming practices.

The versatility of Swan Agro Implements allows farmers to adapt to different field conditions and achieve optimal results. Following is the list of their unique features:

  • Swan Agro implements undergo rigorous testing to ensure durability and reliability. They can withstand the demanding conditions of farming operations. 
  • They offer precision and control via adjustable settings, depth control mechanisms, and precision components. The benefits include accurate seed placement, controlled tillage, and efficient crop management.
  • They come with ergonomic features and user-friendly designs to ensure farmers can quickly adapt to and utilise the implements effectively.
  • Swan Agro provides excellent after-sales support to its customers. This support ensures farmers can rely on their implements for uninterrupted operation and maximised productivity.

Key Benefits of Swan Agro Implements

Swan Agro implements offer a range of benefits to farmers, enabling them to improve their agricultural operations and achieve better outcomes. Following are some key benefits of using Swan Agro implements:

  • With features like precision seed placement, adjustable settings, and efficient crop management mechanisms, these implements help farmers optimise their time and resources.
  • These implements streamline tasks such as tillage, seeding, cultivation, and harvesting, reducing manual labour and minimising wastage.
  • They allow proper seed-to-soil contact, optimal nutrient distribution, and controlled weed management, ultimately leading to healthier and higher-quality crops.
  • Farmers can utilise their resources efficiently, ultimately improving profitability and sustainability.

Popular Swan Agro Implements

Swan Agro implements are durable, versatile, precise and user-friendly. These features make these implements a popular choice among farmers in India. Following are some of the popular Swan Agro implements:


A rotavator is an agricultural implement that is used for soil preparation and cultivation. It consists of rotating blades or tynes that break up, loosen, and mix the soil, preparing it for planting or other agricultural operations.

Disc Harrows

A disc harrow is used for soil tillage and seedbed preparation. It has a series of large circular metal discs mounted on a frame. The disc harrow is used mainly for breaking up and loosening compacted soil.

MB Ploughs

MB plough, also known as a Mouldboard plough, is used for primary tillage and soil turning. It is designed to break up and turn the soil for land preparation.

  • Swan Agro NSE MBP-2: It is compatible with a 35-40 HP tractor. This implement has a weight of 235 kg and a width of cut of 610 mm.
  • Swan Agro NSE MBP-3: It works with a 55-60 HP tractor. The weight is 350 kg, and its width of cut is 910 mm.
  • Swan Agro NSE MBP-4: This implement is compatible with 80-90 HP tractors. Its width of cut is 1210 mm, while the weight is 455 kg.

Swan Agro Implement Price in India 2023

The price of Swan Agro Implements in India can vary depending on the specific model, size and features. However, the Swan Agro implement price in India is highly reasonable when one considers its modern technology and advanced features. That's why they are counted among the most popular implements across the country. All the Swan Agro implements available on Tractorkarvan offer immense value for money.

You can also purchase Swan Agro farm implements on easy EMIs at Tractorkarvan. You can use compare implements feature to compare Swan Agro implements with other brand implements, such as Lemken implements , and Shaktiman implements.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for Swan Agro Implements?

Tractorkarvan is a trusted platform to learn about various Swan Agro farm implements. We have a separate page on Swan Agro implements where you can find all the popular implements of the brand with prices and complete specifications. This page is a ready reference for choosing your favourite agricultural implement. You can find all types of Swan Agro implement per your farm need and budget on our portal.

Visit Tractorkarvan to get the best deal on Swan Agro tractor implements.

Swan Agro Implement Blogs

Frequently Asked Questions on Swan Agro Implements

1. What is the price of Swan Agro implements?

The price of Swan Agro implements is highly reasonable in India.

Swan Agro implements are compatible with 16 – 135 HP tractors.

We have listed popular Swan Agro implement types like rotavators, disc harrows, cultivators, etc., on Tractorkarvan.

You can finance any model of Swan Agro Implements on EMIs at Tractorkarvan.

Popular Swan Agro Implements on Tractorkarvan include Swan Agro Super NSESU RT 150, Swan Agro Mounted Offset NSEODH-12 and Swan Agro NSE MBP-2.

Tractorkarvan is the perfect place to get the latest and updated information about Swan Agro implements.

Disclaimer: The product information and other details provided on this page is as made available by the Swan Agro and otherwise available in the public domain. Users should contact the nearest agriculture implement dealer to know about the latest features and prices. Prices and EMI shown by TractorKarvan are generic in nature – Exact price and EMI will depend on variants, discounts, interest rate, duration, frequency, and other factors. Please click Get On Road Price or Buy on Installments or visit your desired product's brand dealer for more information on Price and EMI. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.


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