Yodha Implements

The Yodha implement price is affordable, and they are compatible with 18 HP to 50+ HP tractors. 38 Yodha implements are available on Tractorkarvan. The popular ones are Yodha Laser Land Leveler, Yodha Heavy 7 feet rotavator, and Yodha Multi-crop thresher.
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Yodha Super Seeder (With Tyne) 7 Feet Super Seeder Implement
Super Seeder (With Tyne) 7 Feet
Super Seeder
50+ HP
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Yodha Multi Crop Thresher Thresher Implement
Multi Crop Thresher
35+ HP
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Yodha Straw Reaper Straw Reaper Implement
Straw Reaper
Straw Reaper
50+ HP
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Yodha Gyro 7 Feet Rotavator Implement
Gyro 7 Feet
7 Feet Rotavator
30+ HP
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Yodha Haramba Thresher Thresher Implement
Haramba Thresher
35+ HP
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Yodha Light 5 Feet Rotavator Implement
Light 5 Feet
5 Feet Rotavator
30+ HP
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Yodha Gyro 6 Feet Rotavator Implement
Gyro 6 Feet
6 Feet Rotavator
30+ HP
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Yodha Roto Seeder 6 Feet Roto Seed Drill Implement
Roto Seeder 6 Feet
Roto Seed Drill
40+ HP
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Yodha Implement Types

About Yodha

The popularity of Yodha implements is a result of their commitment to quality, affordability and meeting the needs of a diverse group of farmers. They deliver excellent performance. They are able to handle a variety of tasks quickly and efficiently.

Yodha offers a wide range of implements to choose from, so farmers can find the right implement for their specific needs. Their category ranges from tillage, sowing & planting and land preparation to harvesting. As the brand has strong roots in the agricultural field, it can easily fulfil bulk orders of any product and specifications.

The production process of the company takes the help of innovative techniques to offer its products at competitive prices. The Yodha implement price is reasonable, considering its top-notch features and key benefits. Check out the following sections to learn more about Yodha implements:

Yodha: An Overview

Yodha implements are manufactured by the SAECO Group. It is among the most popular business houses in Ludhiana. The SAECO Group is known to manufacture agricultural implements, steel wire rods and steel ingots. The brand’s agricultural implements have gained widespread recognition within the farming community for their dependable performance, top-notch quality and precise delivery of services.

Its tractor implements align seamlessly with the demands of both the national and international markets. With over five decades of experience, coupled with unwavering dedication and exacting precision, Yodha Implements has consistently maintained its position as a leader in the industry.

USP of Yodha Implements

Yodha implements have gained popularity for several reasons:

  • Yodha implements are made from high-quality materials and are built to last. They can withstand even the most demanding conditions.
  • They are known for their reliability. These implements are well-designed and manufactured, and they rarely break down.
  • Yodha implements are often priced competitively, making them accessible to a broad range of farmers, including small and medium-sized farmers.
  • Yodha typically adheres to quality control standards in the manufacturing process, along with extensive testing and stringent quality assurance.
  • Yodha offers excellent customer support in India via an extensive dealer sales and service network.

Popular Yodha Implements in India

Yodha offers a range of popular implements designed for various farming tasks. Some of the well-known Yodha implement models include:


A rotavator, also known as a rotary tiller, is an agricultural implement that is used to prepare the land for planting. Its blades break up the soil and create a fine tilth ideal for planting seeds.

  • Yodha Heavy 7 Feet: This 7 feet rotavator is one of the most popular rotavator models from the Yodha brand. Its working width is 2134 mm, and it has a multispeed gearbox.
  • Yodha Gyro 6 Feet: It is a popular model in the 6 feet rotavator category. This model has a working width of 1829 mm and a maximum working depth of 100-127 mm.
  • Yodha Heavy 5 Feet: This is one of the best rotavator models in the 5 feet rotavator category. It has a working width of 1524 mm and a maximum working depth of 100-127 mm.

Super Seeder

Super seeders are typically used to plant a variety of crops, including wheat, rice, soybeans, and maise. They are also used to plant cover crops and forage crops.


Threshers are used to separate grain seeds from the stalks and husks. The popular Yodha threshers include.

Yodha Implements Price in India 2024

The Yodha tractor implements price in India is in an affordable range. For a detailed price list of Yodha Implements, users can visit Tractorkarvan.

Our website also offers a convenient feature that enables users to compare implements from the same brand or across multiple brands. To utilise this comparison tool and gain further insights into the Yodha implements price in India, users can reach out to Tractorkarvan for comprehensive information.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for Yodha Implements?

Tractorkarvan is a leading platform dedicated to assisting farmers in gaining comprehensive knowledge about various types of agricultural implements all in one place. This portal houses extensive information about a variety of farm implement models available in India.

In addition to providing the most up-to-date information, Tractorkarvan also offers a valuable service to farmers – facilitating the purchase of their preferred agricultural implements through affordable loans. This loan service aims to enable farmers to acquire the implements of their choice, whether they be Yodha Implements or those from other brands, at reasonable interest rates.

Frequently Asked Questions On Yodha Implements

1. In which price range are the Yodha implements available?

Yodha implements price in India 2023 is available in an affordable price range.

The tractor HP range to operate Yodha implements is between 18 HP and 50+ HP.

You can finance any models of Yodha implements on EMIs at Tractorkarvan.

We have listed the rotavator, thresher and super seeder implements of the Yodha brand on Tractorkarvan.

You can get the updated information on Yodha implements at Tractorkarvan.

Disclaimer: The product information and other details provided on this page is as made available by the Yodha and otherwise available in the public domain. Users should contact the nearest agriculture implement dealer to know about the latest features and prices. Prices and EMI shown by TractorKarvan are generic in nature – Exact price and EMI will depend on variants, discounts, interest rate, duration, frequency, and other factors. Please click Get On Road Price or Buy on Installments or visit your desired product's brand dealer for more information on Price and EMI. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.


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