Golden Punjab Implements

Golden Punjab implement price in India is highly reasonable for Indian farmers. They are compatible with 30 – 75 HP tractors. 29 Golden Punjab implements are available on Tractorkarvan. Some of the popular models are Golden Punjab Light Duty GP-60, Golden Punjab GP09 and Golden Punjab Harambha Thresher GP03, among others.
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Golden Punjab Straw Reaper GP15 Straw Reaper Implement
Straw Reaper GP15
Golden Punjab
Straw Reaper
50+ HP
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Golden Punjab Double Fan Paddy Thresher Thresher Implement
Double Fan Paddy Thresher
Golden Punjab
35+ HP
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Golden Punjab Light Duty GP-70 Rotavator Implement
Light Duty GP-70
Golden Punjab
6 Feet Rotavator
45-50 HP
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Golden Punjab 6 Feet Paddy Thresher Thresher Implement
6 Feet Paddy Thresher
Golden Punjab
35+ HP
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Golden Punjab GPZSD 15 Zero Till Implement
Golden Punjab
Zero Till
55-60 HP
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Golden Punjab GP11 Happy Seeder Implement
Golden Punjab
Happy Seeder
60+ HP
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Golden Punjab Heavy Duty GP-80 Rotavator Implement
Heavy Duty GP-80
Golden Punjab
6 Feet Rotavator
50-60 HP
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Golden Punjab Light Duty GP-90 Rotavator Implement
Light Duty GP-90
Golden Punjab
7 Feet Rotavator
65+ HP
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Golden Punjab GP19 Roto Seed Drill Implement
Golden Punjab
Roto Seed Drill
35+ HP
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Golden Punjab Implement Types

About Golden Punjab Implement

In 1965, S. Dara Singh Ghandial founded the Punjab Group of companies in Ferozpur. It included three companies, out of which Super Punjab Agrotech Implements is an expert in manufacturing a variety of implements for tilling, reaping and harvesting. The Group has a total of 200 employees who believe in solid customer care, quality check, active growth and development and maximising productivity.

Key Features of Golden Punjab Implements

Golden Punjab implements stand out in the market with their advanced features and capabilities. Let us explore some of the unique attributes that make Golden Punjab implements a preferred choice among farmers:

  • The company is a member of several key organisations, including the India Society of Agri. Engineers (ISAE) Corporate Membership, Punjab State Agriculture Implements Manufacturer Association and Engineering Exports Promotion Council (EEPC).
  • Its products are tested and approved by different top-ranking testing centres like North Eastern Region Farm Machinery Testing Centre, Northern Region Farm Machinery Testing & Training Institute and CCS Haryana Agriculture University Hissar.
  • The brand focuses on incorporating modern technology and engineering advancements into its implements. Thus, they are efficient, user-friendly and capable of delivering exceptional performance.
  • Due to robust construction and sturdy components, these implements can withstand the challenges of regular agricultural tasks.
  • Golden Punjab provides comprehensive support services to assist farmers in optimising their equipment usage, troubleshooting issues and ensuring the longevity of their products.

Popular Golden Punjab Implements

Golden Punjab has gained popularity for producing a range of reliable agricultural implements. They cater to the diverse needs of farmers. Some of its popular implements include:


Rotavators belong to the tillage category. They help break up the soil, mix residues and prepare a fine seedbed for planting.

Happy Seeder

It is among the most popular sowing & planting implements in India. Happy seeders help in sowing the next crop without the need to remove the residue, reducing the labour-intensive task of stubble management.

  • Golden Punjab GP09: This model works with 50+ HP tractors. It has 36 blades and 9 tynes.
  • Golden Punjab GP11: It is compatible with 60+ HP tractors. The tillage width of this model is 2108 mm.


Threshers are used to separate grains from the harvested crop, such as wheat, rice, barley and more. This harvesting implement automates the process that was traditionally done manually.

Golden Punjab Implement Price in India 2024

Golden Punjab implements are available at economical prices. When purchasing Golden Punjab implements from Tractorkarvan, you will get outstanding value for your money.

At Tractorkarvan, we offer the option to buy Golden Punjab farm implements with convenient EMIs. The monthly instalment is typically affordable, making it easier to purchase without straining your budget.

In addition, you can use the compare implements feature to compare Golden Punjab implements with other brands like Shaktiman Implements and Fieldking Implements. It allows you to weigh the benefits and features of each brand before making your final choice.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for Golden Punjab Implements?

Tractorkarvan is a reputable platform that provides comprehensive information about various tractor implements. Our dedicated page on Golden Punjab implements presents a wide range of popular products with prices and detailed specifications. This page serves as a convenient reference for selecting your preferred agricultural implement.

At Tractorkarvan, you can explore a diverse selection of Golden Punjab implements tailored to your farm requirements and budget. We strive to offer the best deals on Golden Punjab tractor implements, ensuring you find the perfect match for your agricultural needs.

Visit Tractorkarvan today to discover the ideal Golden Punjab implement and seize the best offers.

Frequently Asked Questions On Golden Punjab Implements

1. What is the price of Golden Punjab implements?

The price of Golden Punjab implements is highly reasonable in India.

Golden Punjab implements are compatible with 30 – 75 HP tractors.

We have listed popular Golden Punjab implement types like rotavators, threshers and super seeders on Tractorkarvan.

You can finance any model of Golden Punjab Implements on EMIs at Tractorkarvan.

Popular Golden Punjab Implements on Tractorkarvan include Golden Punjab Light Duty GP-60, Golden Punjab GP09 and Golden Punjab Harambha Thresher GP03.

Tractorkarvan is the perfect place to get the latest and updated information about Golden Punjab implements.


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