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Lancer implements price in India 2024 is reasonable. 118 Lancer implements are listed on Tractorkarvan. They are compatible with tractors of HP range between 10 to 150 horsepower. The popular implement types from Lancer brand include Rotavator, Power Harrow, and Mulcher, among others.
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Lancer HL 125 Rotavator Implement
HL 125
4 Feet Rotavator
25-55 HP
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Lancer Jupiter JM 240 S Mulcher Implement
Jupiter JM 240 S
55-60 HP
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Lancer Yugam YM 200D Super Seeder Implement
Yugam YM 200D
Super Seeder
55-85 HP
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Lancer Dhanush LRP 250 Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough Implement
Dhanush LRP 250
Hydraulic Reversible MB Plough
50-60 HP
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Lancer Uranus UM 300 Power Harrow Implement
Uranus UM 300
Power Harrow
70-120 HP
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Lancer Maximo Bold MB 280 Rotavator Implement
Maximo Bold MB 280
9 Feet Rotavator
90-130 HP
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Lancer Master 280 Rotavator Implement
Master 280
9 Feet Rotavator
80-100 HP
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Lancer Master 180 Rotavator Implement
Master 180
6 Feet Rotavator
45-100 HP
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Lancer MP 90 Rotavator Implement
MP 90
3 Feet Rotavator
12-25 HP
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Lancer Implement Types

About Lancer

One of the most common names in the agricultural industry, which is known for optimising farming operations through its cutting-edge equipment, is Lancer. Lancer Implements has managed to offer a broad range of premium agricultural machines at an affordable price in different segments, such as for seeding and planting, soil preparation, crop residue management and harvesting.

Lancer implements are aimed to revolutionise the agricultural equipment industry, where the company offers cutting-edge, state-of-the-art implements which easily meet the needs of modern farmers. Lancer farm implements are easily available, and with such as diverse product range, it is highly unlikely that there is any implement left to incorporate. Lancer implements continue to make way for increased productivity and efficiency.

Key Features of Lancer Implements

  • Lancer implements are easily compatible with tractors ranging from 10 to 150 HP engines.
  • With cutting-edge technology and optimised farming capability, these implements are widely preferred.
  • Every implement has predefined quality standards that ensure its highest quality.
  • With the diverse agricultural landscape of the country, Lancer implements offer customised solutions to the farmers.
  • Lancer implements have the necessary reliability and durability, recognising the demanding conditions of agricultural activities.
  • Lancer Implements have a well-established network of dealers and service centres across the country, ensuring prompt assistance and easy access to spare parts.

Popular Lancer Tractor Implements

Lancer implements are among the most durable and reliable tractor implements and are highly sought after in the Indian market. With the company offering a broad range of implements, let us look at some of the popular implements from the company:


Rotavators, alternatively known as rotary tillers, are agricultural implements designed specifically for the crucial task of preparing the seed bed prior to planting and sowing.

Lancer Rotary Tiller (Rotavator) MAXIMO BOLD Series: This series of implements offered by Lancer Implements is specifically designed for heavy-duty tasks and boasts an impressive working width, making it an ideal choice for large-scale farmers. With its sturdy structure and improved support, this equipment excels in deep tillage, surpassing the performance of other rotary tillers.

One of the popular models of this series is Lancer Maximo Bold MB 300 rotavator, which is a 10 feet rotavator and is compatible with 100 – 130 HP tractors.

Lancer Rotary Tiller (Rotavator) MP Series: This series caters to the needs of small-scale and hobby farmers, making it an ideal choice. Additionally, this machine is used during extensive application in inter-row cultivation across various regions. Many farmers rely on this equipment for efficient operations in small paddy fields, specifically, those used for wet cultivation.

One of the popular models of this series is Lancer MP 90 rotavator , which is a 3 feet rotavator and is compatible with 12 – 15 HP tractors.

Power Harrow

Lancer Uranus UM Series: The UM Series power harrow is specifically engineered to provide durability and reliability for small and medium-sized farms. This power harrow caters to professional needs and is well-suited for pairing with tractors of lower power and weight. This ensures that it performs just as well as higher-category models. Equipped with a single-speed gearbox, it operates at 540 RPM for tractors of that specification.

Lancer Uranus UM 300 is useful for tillage purposes and is fully compatible with a tractor ranging between 70 and 120 HP.

Lancer Kenchua KM Series: The subsoiler implement is designed to cover a range of 130 to 290 centimetres and is compatible with tractors ranging from 55 to 160 horsepower. It is primarily constructed using new materials, ensuring a strong and durable structure. The shank and point of the subsoiler are made from high-strength materials and feature a smooth finish, effectively minimising the strain on the tractor.

Lancer Kenchua KM 200 subsoiler falls under the tillage category and is compatible with 90 – 130 HP.

Lancer Implement Price in India 2024

The price of the farm implement is determined by the model and features you select. These implements are technologically advanced and are easily available with easy-to-use features. They have high popularity among Indian farmers, and thus the Lancer implements price are economical. All the Lancer implements available on Tractorkarvan offer immense value for money.

At Tractorkarvan, you have the option to buy Lancer farm implements with convenient EMIs. The monthly instalment is typically affordable, making it easier for you to make the purchase.

You can use compare implements feature to compare Lancer implements with other brand implements, such as  Shaktiman, Lemken, and Fieldking, among others.

Why choose Tractorkarvan for Lancer Implements?

Tractorkarvan is a reputable platform that specialises in providing information about a wide range of Lancer farm implements. We have dedicated a specific page to Lancer implements, where you can access comprehensive details such as prices and complete specifications for all popular implements under the Lancer brand. This page serves as a convenient resource for you to select your preferred agricultural implement. Our portal offers a variety of Lancer implements to suit your specific farming requirements and budget. For the most advantageous deal on Lancer tractor implements, we invite you to visit Tractorkarvan.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Lancer Implements

1. Which popular implement types from the Lancer brand are available on Tractorkarvan?

We have listed the rotavator and mulcher implements of the Lancer brand on Tractorkarvan.

You can finance any models of Lancer implements on EMIs at Tractorkarvan.

You can get the updated information on Lancer implements at Tractorkarvan.

Tractorkarvan is a trustworthy portal to buy any Lancer implement.

Lancer implements price in India 2024 is available in affordable price range.

The tractor HP range to operate Lancer implements is between 10 HP to 150 HP.

Disclaimer: The product information and other details provided on this page is as made available by the Lancer and otherwise available in the public domain. Users should contact the nearest agriculture implement dealer to know about the latest features and prices. Prices and EMI shown by TractorKarvan are generic in nature – Exact price and EMI will depend on variants, discounts, interest rate, duration, frequency, and other factors. Please click Get On Road Price or Buy on Installments or visit your desired product's brand dealer for more information on Price and EMI. Please refer to our Privacy Policy for more details.


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